30 Mailbox Ideas That Are Fun and Creative

house shaped mailbox

Brittany Bailey

Who says that your mailbox has to look blah? Unfortunately, we've seen far too many mailboxes that are in need of a bit of a makeover. And while it's tempting to put this type of project off in favor of tackling upgrades within the home, there's no reason to postpone the task any longer.

Checking the mail is a daily activity, after all, and we're major proponents of making everyday routines feel a bit more special. It turns out that there are actually many ways in which you can elevate your mailbox display to make both the box and post look more eye-catching and unique.

We've rounded up 20 of our favorite ideas below. Whether you're handy with spray paint or would prefer to take on a quick fix with duct tape, there's a project for everyone.

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    Delightful Decal

    monogrammed mailbox

    Julie Fiato

    A monogram decal and a coat of fresh paint livened up this mailbox in a snap. The homeowner chose to use the same paint color from her front door on the mailbox for a complementary look.

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    Sassy Stripes

    pink and white mailbox

    Hilary Prall

    Who says your mailbox can't feature a pop of pink? What about some sweet pink and white stripes? Thanks to some spray paint, this mailbox got a charming (and budget-friendly) makeover. Now the box really pops on snowy days!

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    Cheerful Yellow

    yellow mailbox

    Casey Finn

    Yellow is another welcoming, bright color that is perfect for a mailbox. If there's a hue that you love but wouldn't feel comfortable using on your front door, choosing it as your mailbox paint color can be a happy medium.

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    Plant Party

    flower pot mailbox

    The Homespun Hydrangea

    Make your day (and the postal worker's!) a bit more peppy by installing flower pots alongside your mailbox. This setup features a plant holder that the homeowner found at a yard sale; it fits over the mailbox perfectly.

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    Hack Your Mailbox Post

    mailbox ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    A Beautiful Mess used a mailbox post to anchor a free neighborhood library made from an old cement planter and a glass-front, house-shaped bookcase.

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    Duct Tape Designs

    duct tape mailbox

    Joyful Daisy

    Not feeling like tackling a paint project? You can still add colorful flair to your mailbox with duct tape, as we see above. Whether you opt for a bold neon or just create a fun pattern with neutrals is up to you. Bonus points if you choose to add an artistic design to the mailbox post, too!

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    Letters to Santa

    mailbox ideas

    Modern Glam

    Give your kids and your mail carrier something to smile about by decorating your front door with an extra mailbox like this bright red number labeled with Letters to Santa on this holiday front porch from Modern Glam.

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    Mod Digits

    diy mailbox makeover

    Living Letter Home

    This mailbox also features a cute flowery touch in the form of a pot attached to the back. Oversized, modern numbers are easy to read from the road, making everyone's lives simpler!

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    Go Big

    mailbox ideas

    Mary Patton Design

    While post-mounted mailboxes are normally reserved for the curbside, Mary Patton Design traded a wall-mounted model for a full all-black mailbox and post that is planted right outside the front door.

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    Crafty Touches

    cricut mailbox

    Darcy Clark

    If you have a Cricut machine, you can always use it to get crafty with numbers, too. This mailbox features vinyl cutout digits and was painted in a classic copper.

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    White Out

    mailbox ideas

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Michelle Boudreau Design chose a sleek white mailbox that blends into the all-white stucco facade of the home and allows the gold-toned number plate to shine.

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    Coastal Flair

    coastal mailbox

    Carolyn Braden

    Adorned with rope, this white mailbox has a bit of coastal flair, which is a perfect touch given its waterfront Florida location. Don't be afraid to take a cue from your home's natural surroundings when determining how to decorate!

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    Build It In

    mailbox ideas

    Brophy Interiors

    The stone wall in front of this Southern California home from Brophy Interiors has a stealth metal mailbox discreetly built into the surface.

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    Pretty Planter

    planter on mailbox

    Craft Box Girls

    Clearly mailboxes with planters are becoming fairly common! Part of the fun will be changing out the plant featured seasonally—it's a simple way to celebrate the changing weather and switch up your design, too.

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    Classic Copper

    copper mailbox


    Lining the base of your mailbox with flowerpots is another fun way to incorporate some pizzazz and color. This homeowner spray painted the base and post of her mailbox in a bold black hue which modernizes the setup.

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    Add Seasonal Decorations

    mailbox ideas

    Most Lovely Things

    The simple black mailbox on this front porch from Most Lovely Things works year-round but becomes a vehicle for seasonal decorating as the months pass. Seen here it's ready for the winter holidays thanks to some seasonal greenery clipped from the adjacent door garland.

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    Funky Lining

    yellow mailbox diy


    Would you believe this mailbox makeover cost less than $10? For less than the price of your favorite to-go salad, you can tackle a DIY that will majorly spruce up your front stoop. The donut craft paper that lines the inside of this cheerful, yellow mailbox is also giving us all the good vibes.

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    MCM Moment

    mid-century mailbox

    Carrie Waller

    Love midcentury modern furniture and decor? Go ahead and incorporate this style on the outside of your home, too, by going the vintage route. This fun brass mailbox is sure to catch everyone's attention. If you score a similar used piece (this one came from eBay) that could use some reviving, a little polish may be all it needs to shine.

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    Sweet Creatures

    octopus mailbox design

    Jamie Luoto

    Showcase your fun loving personality by making your mailbox uniquely yours. Here, an octopus-shaped design takes a standard white mailbox from plain to peppy!

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    Make It a Double

    double mailbox ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona upgraded the curb appeal of her home with a DIY mailbox area that accommodates double mailboxes for the home and guest house.

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    Subtle Details

    monogrammed mailbox

    Tonya Diehl

    If your style leans traditional, a monogrammed mailbox may be calling your name. We saw one earlier with a decal place right on the front flap, but you can easily add your last initial to the side of your mailbox if you prefer. The gold adds an understated but sophisticated touch.

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    Mix Materials

    mailbox ideas

    White Sands

    A weathered metal mailbox mounted on the stucco front wall of this Southern California home from White Sands adds texture to the facade that complements the intricately carved wooden door and Spanish architecture of the home.

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    Pretty in Pink

    colorful and bright mailbox

    Kelly Mindell

    Feeling extra bright and bold? Make your mailbox stand out with a sea of happy colors and other playful touches (like a lawn flamingo nestled by the mailbox post!).

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    Wooden Wonder

    wooden mailbox post

    Erin Longfellow

    If your mailbox post has seen better days and you're looking to construct a new one from scratch, you can definitely go the DIY route. This homeowner built her own wooden base with materials from the hardware store and details the process on her website.

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    Spell It Out

    mailbox ideas

    A Beautiful Mess

    A simple choice like spelling out the numbers above the simple white mailbox on this holiday house front porch from A Beautiful Mess makes it feel more personal and welcoming.

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    Mod Podge Masterpiece

    mod podge mailbox


    Even on days when the actual contents of your mailbox are less than thrilling (hello, Internet bills and junk mail!) you'll be happy to take a peak inside and be greeted with a festive Mod Podge lining. This lobster print paper is an excellent choice for a coastal-themed mailbox.

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    Happy Home

    house shaped mailbox

    Brittany Bailey

    What could be more adorable than a mailbox shaped like a mini house? It doesn't matter whether you have little ones living in your home, anyone is bound to appreciate this darling design. Paint yours so that it matches the exterior of your actual home or go in an entirely different direction with bright colors.

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    Number Trick

    mailbox with number plaque

    Serena Appiah

    If you don't want to adhere number decals directly to your mailbox, you can install an address plaque below, which is nice and handy. Place the numbers on both sides so that they're easily visible.

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    See Red

    mailbox ideas

    Fantastic Frank

    A tomato red mailbox adds a bright note of color to the front of this neutral toned modern cottage in Colorado from Fantastic Frank.

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    Bold Blue

    mid-century mailbox

    @modboxusa / Instagram

    We see another standout mid-century modern style mailbox in this sleek design that matches this home's blue front door perfectly.

How can I make my mailbox look good?

You can make your mailbox look good by choosing a classic design made from quality materials that will stand up to rain or shine like your friendly postal carrier. Unless you are going for a rustic weathered look, be sure that any added decorative elements such as paint or number decals are in good shape and haven’t faded in the summer sun or been battered by winter snow and winds. Keep the mailbox clean and freshly painted and any surrounding landscaping tidy and well manicured. 

How do you build your own mailbox? 

Building a mailbox is a simple DIY project for those with basic woodworking and construction skills. Keep in mind that DIY mailboxes must meet U.S. Postal Service size and construction standards. The USPS also has official guidelines concerning placement and installation of a new mailbox outside of your home.

What can I use as a mailbox? 

In addition to curbside mailboxes that meet USPS guidelines, some homes and apartments have door slots or wall-mounted mailboxes outside the door that are approved for use. If you want to move an existing mailbox from its current location, be sure to check out the USPS guidelines and to secure permission before proceeding.

How can I decorate a metal mailbox?

You can decorate a metal mailbox with spray paint, vinyl number or monogram decals, or line the inside with contact paper liner in a fun color or pattern. To update the look of a plain metal mailbox, consider adding a new mailbox post or decorating around your mailbox area with potted or planted flowers.