We'd Love to Lounge in Any of These 30 Great Rooms

great room with large bookshelves

Missy Stewart Designs

Whether you can't miss Sunday football, love hosting game nights, or simply can't resist hosting friends for an afternoon of lounging, you know that a great room is the perfect spot in which to enjoy all of these activities and more. Characterized by their high ceilings, welcoming feel, and family friendly atmosphere, great rooms are the it place to gather, if you're lucky enough to have one! If your great room could use a bit of extra oomph, read on to see just how special of a place it can be with the right furniture layout and decor. We've rounded up 30 of our favorite spaces for kicking back with fam and friends.

What Is a Great Room?

A great room is an expansive space in which to gather and enjoy leisure activities with friends and family. It is a multipurpose space that may serve as a joint family room, living room, and dining room. Common characteristics include high ceilings, exposed beams and stones, and working fireplaces.

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    Wonderful Warmth

    cozy great room with white sofas


    Sarah Saucedo didn't skimp on seating in her great room and opted for two small sofas that face each other so that the whole crew can easily interact, whether chatting by the fire or participating in family game night. While she kept her furnishings neutral, Sarah's vintage looking rug adds plenty of color and warmth to the space while maintaining the room's cozy factor.

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    Earthy Oasis

    great room with rattan lounger

    Bespoke Only

    A rattan lounger pays a nod to '70s design while contributing to this great room's natural, textural feel. Designed by Bespoke Only, the space is earthy looking and carefree.

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    Rustic Retreat

    great room with exposed beams and rustic design

    Cate Black for Etch Design Group

    Exposed beams add instant coziness to any space and shine in this industrial home's great room by Etch Design Group. Placing a large console behind the sofa adds to the room's rustic charm but also serves as an excellent spot to place platters of food when entertaining—because who wouldn't want to gather down here for movie night?

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    Grand Glowup

    great room makeover with plants and stone fireplace

    Val Malnar

    You won't believe how shockingly different Val Malnar's great room looks now compared to its pre-makeover state. Malnar's space is now light filled, cheerful thanks to pops of greenery, and full of personality. Open shelving is always an excellent way to showcase special trinkets, reads, or framed photos, as seen here.

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    Bold and Bright

    great room with black walls and abstract painting

    Christian Garibaldi for Karen B Wolf

    Great rooms often appear more rustic looking, but that's by no means a design rule—if you're feeling drawn to bold colors, go ahead and embrace them! This space by Karen B Wolf Interiors features modern touches including a black accent wall, a vibrant abstract canvas, and funky patterned curtains.

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    Nothing Wrong With Neutrals

    neutral great room

    Texas Home Photo for Charbonneau Interiors

    A more neutral space doesn't need to feel boring. Play up the color scheme by hanging eye-catching art, like the 3D pieces we see in this room designed by Charbonneau Interiors, and layer in plenty of decorative accents.

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    MCM Magic

    mid-century modern great room

    Adria Seracino

    Adria Saracino made her great room mid-century glam, with fun elements including a brass trunk that functions as a coffee table, an oversized velvet green chair, and patterned pillows. In lieu of a television, a piece of oversized art above the fireplace adds a soothing touch.

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    Something Sculptural

    great room with tradtional and ctraurrent elements

    Lissa Gotwals for Bartone Interiors

    Say hello to a show-stopping light fixture! This space by Bartone Interiors combines the best of classic great room style and modern influences—it's a cozy place to kick back but remains current thanks to the sleek coffee table and sideboard.

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    Cool Blues

    great room with calming colors

    Kyle J Caldwell for Bees Knees Interior Design Studio

    Sticking with softer hues makes your main gathering space feel nice and calming. Keeping accessories to a minimum draws attention to the architectural features of this room by Bees Knees Interior Design Studio—the arched walls and beautiful skylights.

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    Countless Chairs

    great room with various seating options

    Jeff Herr for James Farmer

    Don't be afraid to mix types of seating within a great room, as James Farmer has done in this space. We spot a sofa, a settee, accent chairs, and even a side chair. As long as you stick to a complementary color scheme, your room will look well-planned and not like a furniture store.

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    Mixed Metals

    european influenced room

    Charbonneau Interiors

    This great room illustrates the power of mixing metals—and adding glam elements! The designers at Charbonneau Interiors prove that subtle animal prints and European touches can shine in a great room when

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    Currently Lusting

    modern great room

    Studio KT

    This great room by Studio KT features many of our current favorite elements: ceramic vases, an oversized brass mirror, and sculptural abstract art. Together, they're a fab combo.

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    Family Friendly Function

    great room with muted colors

    Mountain Home Photo for Alisberg Parker

    You can't ever have too many side tables in a great room, given that it's a space where the entire family often gathers to eat and drink—just keep those coasters handy to prevent stains. This space by Susan Alisberg of Alisberg Parker Architects shows that pairing black pendant lights with more muted colors is a winning setup.

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    Well Curated Charm

    collected yet curated great room

    Dustin Peck for Southern Studio

    This great room by Southern Studio masters the collected look without appearing cluttered. The key to achieving this? Keeping accessories varied but intentional—organizing books in cohesive stacks and artfully grouping together picture frames will help you master this style.

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    Practical Poufs

    great room with yellow ottomans and leather chairs

    Katie Hedrick for TruDesign Colorado

    Small pouf ottomans like the fun yellow ones used by Tru Design Colorado are both peppy and multifunctional, serving as both foot rests and seating. Better yet, they can easily be transported to other rooms throughout the house as needed.

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    Sophisticated Shiplap

    classic great room with shiplap walls

    Jeff Herr for James Farmer

    Shiplap walls look lovely on their own, but don't be afraid to dress them up with an art piece—or several—as James Farmer did in this great room. Though we often associate shiplap with modern farmhouse design, it can be styled to look traditional, too, as we see here. The key is in the furnishings: classic wood pieces add a vintage vibe.

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    Simple Shelfie

    simply styled shelves in great room

    Rebekah Westover for Becki Owens

    If your great room has built ins, which many do, don't feel pressured to fill them up entirely. It's better to keep shelves looking sophisticated and simple, as we see in this room by Becki Owens, than crowding them with possessions that don't have much sentimental value.

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    Gray Days

    spotted area rug in great room

    Reena Sotropa

    Get a little spunky with your area rug if that's your thing! Reena Sotropa opted for a whimsical spotted print in this soft gray room.

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    Natural Touches

    colorful great room with wood table

    Michael Hunter for Kim Armstrong

    Bring the outdoors in with a carved wooden table like this one Kim Armstrong used. To keep the room leaning cheery and colorful, she went bright with textiles and decorative accents on the gray-blue sectional sofa.

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    Screening Room Chic

    great room with tv opposite from fireplace

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    If you don't want to mount your television above the fireplace but can't bear missing out on the big game, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—just get a bit creative with layout, as seen in this room by Maestri Studios. Make use of a small but substantial wall to set up your home theater.

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    Boho Beauty

    boho rug in great room with beams

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    If you love the boho look, don't think twice about adding some of its elements to your great room. A rug like the one Maestri Studio chose for this space is sure to capture your guests' attention—and feel extra cushy on the feet.

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    Bookish Getaway

    great room with large bookshelves

    Gracie Henley for Missy Stewart Designs

    This great room by Missy Stewart Designs is a book lover's dream! With no screens in sight, it makes for an ideal spot to curl up and read by the fire.

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    Comfy Cushions

    great room with ottoman as coffee table

    ChiChi Ubiña Photography for Alisberg Parker

    Using an ottoman as a coffee table, as designer Lauren Jayne did in this space by Susan Alisberg of Alisberg Parker Architects, is an excellent versatile choice for any room. However, it's especially smart in a room meant for large groups, as it can easily transition into extra seating when needed. Otherwise, it makes for the perfect serving area with a tray or two placed on top.

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    Orange Accents

    preppy great room

    John Neitzel for Right Meets Left Design

    This great room by Right Meets Left Design is preppy with a modern twist. If you're hesitant to commit to a vibrant sofa, opting for colorful accent chairs may appease you in the meantime.

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    Relaxing Hues

    gray and blue room with chandelier

    Miro Dvorscak for Charbonneau Interiors

    Bring the cabin aesthetic into your own home by hanging a sparkling pendant light that will remind you of nights under the stars. Charbonneau Interiors designed this space with blue gray tones that radiate relaxation.

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    All of the Lights

    great room with pendant lighting

    Jane Beiles Photography for Diana Weinstein

    Diana Weinstein made lighting the center of attention in this moody great room. In addition to featuring a trio of pendants overhead, the space also boasts wall sconces that can be turned on instead to cast a soft glow.

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    Open and Airy

    great room with glass cabinets

    Mackenzie Merrill for Interior Impressions

    Glass cabinets aren't just for books; they're also excellent for showcasing favorite objects (while protecting them from clumsy guests!) and contributing to an open look. Located right off the kitchen, this space by Interior Impressions is airy and serene.

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    Two Times the Tables

    great room with multiple coffee tables

    Jeff Herr for James Farmer

    Why settle for one coffee table when you can have two? James Farmer added two to this sunny great room, as an expansive space calls for extra furniture. Don't skimp and make guests have to venture too far from their seats to set down their plates.

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    Pink, Please

    pink and gray great room with glass chandelier

    Hulya Kolabas for Think Chic Interiors

    Why, yes, great rooms can certainly be glam if you'd like! This one by Think Chic Interiors is sweet yet simple. Pink and gray mesh wonderfully together, and the oversized glass chandelier finishes off the charming look.

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    Keep It Simple

    minimalist great room

    Will Brown

    Minimalists will appreciate how Will Brown designed this great room, which still features eye-catching elements: an artful lamp, purposeful greenery, and a few favorite accent pieces.