Great Shades of White Paint for the Bedroom

When it comes to bedroom walls, white is always right.

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There are those who believe that white is the last refuge of the timid or unimaginative. Or that white is boring and overly safe. In reality, white is a classic for good reason. White walls work with every decorating style, set off artwork and brighter accessories throughout the room, look clean and fresh, and open up a small space.

While it’s easy to decide that you are going to paint your bedroom walls white, it’s not so easy to choose a specific shade of paint. “White” covers a wide range from...MORE pure, brilliant white that’s too sterile and harsh for the bedroom, to slightly warm or cool shades that look fresh and beautiful on the walls. White with warm undertones gives the room a soft, cozy feel, while whites with a slight hint of pink are universally flattering to every skin tone. And white lightly kissed with other colors adds a bit of pizzazz to the walls without drawing attention away from your bed – the focal point of most bedrooms.

Here are 11 pleasing shades of white that work well in any bedroom. One of them is sure to be the right choice for your own space.

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    Dover White from Sherwin-Williams
    Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

    Dover White from Sherwin-Williams is a popular choice of designers, because it's close to a pure white with just a hint of yellow warmth. It flatters just about any space, looks classic and clean, and works with any decorating style. It's a great choice for trim, ceilings and doors as well as the walls.

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    Healing Aloe from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Depending on the light in your room, Healing Aloe from Benjamin Moore teeters on the edge between the softest shade of greenish gray and cool white. Regardless, it is a soft and beautiful color that takes on aspects of whatever other colors you pair it with. Use it in a palette of blues, or try it against deep browns or grays.

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    Joa's White from Farrow&Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow&Ball

    Here's a sophisticated off-white that is a bit dark to be entirely white, but too soft to be truly taupe. Joa's White from Farrow&Ball is a creamy, dreamy shade without any yellowish undertones. It's close to a perfect neutral, but veers slightly toward the cool side. It works well with other soft colors, such as gray, muted greens or blues, or light shades of brown.

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    Linen White from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Linen White from Benjamin Moore is like the softest wash of warm tan. Its yellow undertones give it depth and warmth, but aren't strong enough to draw attention away from the rest of your room. This is a great color not only for the walls, but also for trim or even the ceiling.

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    Benjamin Moore Paper White
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Slightly cool, but not at all chilly, Paper White from Benjamin Moore is a sophisticated and serene off-white that works well with any contemporary decorating style. Match it with deep grays, blues, or even touches of red. 

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    Pointing from Farrow&Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow&Ball

    If you're looking for the perfect ivory white paint, here's your color. Pointing from Farrow&Ball works well in just about any light intensity, isn't too bright or too drab, and has just enough character and depth to add interest to a room without being overpowering or drawing too much attention. Use it with other neutrals, medium-intensity warm hues, or dark colors such as navy or chocolate brown.

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    Simply White from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Pure, clean, serene. Simply White is Benjamin Moore's color of the year for 2016, and if it surprises you to see a shade of white step into the role usually played by more intense hues, then picture this clean, crisp, yet never sterile white on your own bedroom walls. You'll see right away why this simple white is the perfect choice wherever tranquility is desired.

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    Slipper Satin white paint Farrow&Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow&Ball

    This might just be the perfect white. It's just a little bit warm, but not too intense. The palest of blush undertones flatters every color of skin, and serves as the perfect backdrop to whatever other colors you use to decorate your room. Slipper Satin from Farrow&Ball is also a great choice for trim, baseboards, and even the ceiling. 

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    Smooth Stone

    Smooth Stone from Glidden
    Photo courtesy of Glidden

    It's just a step beyond white -- closer to the softest shade of gray -- and a perfect neutral without red or yellow undertones. Smooth Stone from Glidden is an excellent choice if you want a restful, hushed color on your walls that plays well with either a palette of other neutrals, or a brighter mixture of reds, blues, or greens.

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    White Dove from Benjamin Moore
    Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Soft, soothing, and tranquil, Benjamin Moore's White Dove is just barely cooled with a hint of gray. It's a clean, airy, and fresh white that opens up even a small room and looks classic and comfortable. It's neutral enough to work with any decorating style and really shows off artwork or bedroom collectibles.

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    White Tie from Farrow&Ball
    Photo courtesy of Farrow&Ball

    Like your favorite linen shirt, or parchment paper that's been bleached in the sun, White Tie from Farrow&Ball has a slight hint of warm yellow that keeps it cozy without the slightest hint of chilly sterility. This is a great shade to mix with contemporary deep grays, browns, or other strong colors.