Great Smelling Baby Body Washes to Try

There are a lot of baby shampoos and body washes available today, and that makes it hard to choose which one to use for your baby's bath. Here are some fantastic baby bath products to try in a variety of price ranges. These baby shampoos and body washes will leave your baby squeaky clean and smelling great!

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    California Baby Aromatherapy Shampoo & Body Wash

    California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
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    I like these shampoos & body washes from California Baby because they have a luxury scent and feel but they're not terribly expensive at $8-$10 per bottle. You can purchase them online, but it's also fairly easy to find them in stores like Target if you need to pick something up quickly for tonight's bath time. You can use each Aromatherapy Shampoo & Body Wash to clean baby from head to toe, and they're pretty good at cleaning up adults or other kids in the family, too....MORE My favorites are the Calming Botanical version (for baby) and the Tea Tree & Lavender variety (for family sharing). If you spend a lot of time at the pool or beach, the Swimmer's Defense shampoo is fantastic for washing chlorine and salt water out of baby's hair.

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    MD Moms Baby Silk All Over Clean Baby Hair and Body Wash

    MD Moms Baby Silk Body Wash
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    I love that MD Moms made their Baby Silk hair & body wash free of the harsh chemicals that are often found in baby cleansers, but they managed to maintain the lathery and clean-rinsing properties you're used to. Some natural shampoos and body washes don't lather well or rinse easily because the chemicals that usually make those things happen aren't necessarily good for baby. MD Moms created a great product that is free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, waxes and...MORE preservatives, and they packaged it in an easy to use 8-oz pump-top bottle that lasts for quite a while. You don't need a lot of this body wash to get baby cleaned up. This is a more expensive baby bath option, though, at about $18 for a bottle.

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    Otopia BabySoft Hair and Body Wash

    Otopia BabySoft Hair & Body Wash
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    Otopia's BabySoft shampoo and body wash is also free of sulfates, DEA, petroleum products and articificial fragrances, but I like that this company goes even further with their natural focus. Otopia strives for environmentally friendly packaging, works with sustainable farms in developing countries and uses certified organic ingredients whenever possible. More importantly, Otopia BabySoft hair & body wash will get baby clean and smelling wonderful. It's even a tear-free shampoo,...MORE which is nice if you're a little clumsy with the rinsing, like me. This product costs about $16 for a 10-oz pump-top bottle. It's widely available from several online stores, but not as widely available at brick & mortar stores.

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    Mayron's Baby Goods All Over Wash

    Mayron's Baby Goods Gentle Wash
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    This newcomer to the baby bath products market is best known for an amazing diaper cream. However, Mayron's Baby Goods All Over Wash is also worth a try in the bath. It's mild and natural, with no DEA or sulfates, and uses soy-, rice- and other plant-based cleansers. This product line was developed by actress Melanie Mayron (thirtysomething) and her father, who is a chemist. Mayron's Baby Goods All Over Wash costs $12 for an 8-oz bottle.