14 Sofa Table Ideas for Your Living Room

The ideal combination of style and storage space

sofa table ideas

Instagram / @modernhousevibes

What exactly is a sofa table? Well, in short, it’s that tiny little table that typically sits behind the couch in an open floor plan. It’s usually used for extra storage or to add visual interest in a space that leaves the back of the sofa visible—but it can also be a great way to create a sense of harmony between the living room and dining room area.

Below, we’ve rounded up cool—and practical—sofa table decor inspiration to help you drum up ideas of your own. Whether you’re looking for something minimal that’ll allow for slightly more storage in your space or you want something to help create some harmony in your open floor plan, these sofa table ideas are sure to put you on the right path.

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    Opt for a Light Beachy Feel

    Sofa table ideas

    D Burns Interiors

    If you’re worried about your sofa table making your space feel cluttered, consider going for a lighter colorway. A soft colored wood will offer a breezy, beachy feel while still giving you plenty of space for decor or storage.

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    Showcase Your Memories

    Sofa table ideas


    Whether you’ve been collecting memories from your travels, you have a decent book collection, or you just have a couple pieces of decor you want to highlight in your space, a simple sofa table is a great spot to lay out all those carefully curated pieces in one central space.

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    Create an Accessible Bar Cart

    Sofa table ideas

    Ballard Designs

    Sure, a bar cart might seem whimsical to some, but if you’re keen on an evening cocktail or tend to entertain quite frequently, having a designated spot for cocktail hour outside of your precious kitchen space is a gamechanger. Using a sofa table as a bar cart is even better—you don’t need to get up to make the second round!

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    Push It to the Limit

    Sofa table ideas


    Worried about a sofa table sticking out in your space? There’s no rule that says you can’t put one between your sofa and your living room wall! This’ll work out the best if you opt for a closed off table that’s just slightly higher than the back of your sofa—and it will look great against a backless futon, too.

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    Go Small

    Sofa table ideas

    Alvin Wayne

    Dealing with a living room on the smaller side? You don’t have to forego the visual appeal of a sofa table just because you’re lacking the extra floor space. Consider picking up a round coffee table and positioning it ever so slightly behind your couch for a side table/sofa table hybrid. You can always move it around to the back as needed.

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    Go for a Live Edge Wood

    Sofa table ideas

    Artisan Born

    A live edge sofa table, particularly one with powder coated metal leg, gives an instant casual look to the space—which can be quite practical in bringing your living room together if you tend to have more classic or matching furnishings.

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    Choose Drawers or Baskets for Hidden Storage

    Sofa table ideas

    Calimia Home

    A sofa table makes for a super easy way to tuck away all that paperwork and other tchotchkes that you don’t exactly want left out in the open. A set of closed drawers means you don’t have to worry about curating or making anything look neat and put together.

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    Create More Seating

    Sofa table ideas

    Mindy Gayer, photographed by Vanessa Lentine

    Whether you’re dealing with a smaller space or you have all the square footage in the world to sprawl out, a higher sofa table and a set of stools comes as an excellent option to change up your seating plan and create some interest in your living room—especially if you regularly have guests or you like to catch up on Netflix while eating dinner or having a drink.

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    Foster a Natural Flow

    Sofa table ideas


    If you’re currently working out a way to create a more harmonious flow in your open living space, the right sofa table is going to be your best bet. Consider picking up a table that is similar in style to your dining room table to give the space between your living and dining areas a bit of cohesion without looking matchy-matchy.

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    Opt for Modular Furnishing

    Sofa table ideas

    Instagram / @thomasguyinteriors

    Modular furniture is key to making a small space work in big ways, and a sofa table is surprisingly practical when it comes to giving furniture multiple uses. Consider a table that’s high enough to fit a couple of ottomans—you’ll be able to perch at your sofa table or pull around extra seating for guests as needed.

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    Go for Mixed Materials

    Sofa table ideas

    Su Casa

    A mixed material—like reclaimed barnwood and metal—sofa table will open up what you’re able to do in terms of other furniture and decor items. The combination of opposing material will make way for more wood or metal pieces in your space.

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    Add Some Greenery

    Sofa table ideas

    Will Brown Interiors

    A minimalistic space can reap huge benefits from a sofa table—especially if you’re looking to add some greenery to your living room without taking up valuable real estate on a coffee table or side table. Consider picking up a simple, plain table and adorning it with one or two plants for a more lived in feel.

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    Opt for Thin Legs

    Sofa table ideas

    KG Designs

    If you don't want to take anything away from your couch, consider a sofa table with thin legs. The smaller legs allow for a much more airy appeal versus a wooden or thicker metal make, which is particularly ideal if you have larger, more bulky furniture already.

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    Let There Be Light

    Sofa table ideas


    The living room is often lacking in lighting, and there’s only so much you can do with floor lamps. A sofa table adorned with a couple of visually striking table lamps will offer you the perfect warm glow for curling up with a book on the couch.