5 Great Whiskies for Valentine's Day

Add a Whiskey Spark to Your Valentine's Day

No one ever said that whiskey is not for lovers, in fact, it is the perfect option for a Valentine's Day. The options are endless and the cocktails you can make with a single bottle of whiskey are a lot of fun to share with the person you love most.

Explore four of our favorite whiskies that are perfect for Valentine's Day and enjoy one of the cocktail suggestions with your lover. Whiskey is very romantic and even if they do not share your passion for whiskey, these drinks and a candle or...MORE two may quickly change their mind.

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    Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey
    Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey. Photo Courtesy: Jack Daniel's

    This famous Tennessee whiskey is about as popular as it gets, and for a good reason. This whiskey goes through a mellowing process that drips the unaged spirit through sugar maple charcoal to ensure the smoothest flavor possible.

    Mix it in a Lynchburg Lemonade or a classic Jack and Coke or just sip it neat. Jack Daniels is a winner every time.

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    Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey
    Jameson Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey. Photo Courtesy: Jameson Irish Whiskey

    "Jameson is for lovers" is not this iconic Irish whiskey's motto, but it should be. Soft, sweet and delicious, with a lovely cereal grain flavor profile, Jameson is a perfect choice for experienced whiskey drinkers to share with new whiskey drinkers.

    If Valentines Day is too cold for an iced cocktail, try Jameson in an Irish coffee for a wonderful winter warmer.

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    Chivas Regal 12 YO Blended Scotch Whisky
    Chivas Regal 12 YO Blended Scotch Whisky. Photo Courtesy: © Chivas Regal

    If you enjoy blended Scotch whiskies, Chivas is sure to please. Whether it is the flagship offering or the upscale Gold Signature, Chivas Regal is characterized by a rich, full-bodied and fruity flavor profile.

    Pair this with some Valentines Day chocolates for a decadent end to the evening.

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    Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky
    Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky. Norio.NAKAYAMA/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    Maker's Mark is a wheat bourbon, giving it a sweeter flavor profile than many other competing products on the market. If you enjoy big vanilla and caramel flavors, choose Makers Mark this Valentines Day.

    Maker's also excels as an ingredient in baking, so if you are making fudge or perhaps a pecan pie for your special someone, add a splash of Makers Mark for a rich, adult and decadent addition to your usual recipe.

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    Alberta Rye Whiskey Dark Batch
    New in 2015, Alberta Rye Whiskey's Dark Batch is a unique blended rye whiskey from Canada that is the perfect base for great cocktails. Photo Courtesy: © Alberta Distillers Ltd.

    Our last selection will combine the wonders of rye and Canadian whiskies into a single bottle and is one of the newest releases from a great Canadian blender. Alberta Rye Dark Batch is the perfect blend of smooth Canadian whisky and spicy rye notes. 

    This the whiskey that brings everything we love about the liquor together and it is a perfect pairing for any meal.

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