Top 9 Greek Recipes for Beginner Cooks

These recipes will introduce your fledgling chef to Greek cooking in a fun way. Folding classic cheese pies, forming cookie twists, and drizzling fruit with honey are among the skills kids will love to use!

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    Photo of Greek Butter Cookies
    N. Gaifyllia

    At home, we generally make these into ring or spiral shapes, but they can be easily formed into any shape by creative hands. Because the cookies are small and the strips of dough are fun to work with, kids have a great time coming up with their own shapes.

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    Greek cheese triangle
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    There are many variations on this recipe using different types of cheeses and herbs; this is one of my favorites. Let young cooks try their hand at this. Once they get the hang of the folding, there will be no stopping them!

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    Bowl of ice cream
    ponce_photography / Pixabay / CC By 0

    An easy no-cook recipe for ice cream that's perfect for kids. Eat as is, or add pieces of favorite sweets, fruits, cereals, nuts, etc.

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    Feta cheese pie
    helovi / Getty Images

    Different than the more well-known "cheese pies" made with phyllo dough, this is a delicious pie similar to a quiche, made with feta cheese, eggs, and yogurt. Very easy to make, serve at room temperature.

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    Greek yogurt with honey
    Steve Outram / Getty Images

    To make this as authentic as possible, use good quality Greek strained yogurt and a Greek honey. Thyme honey is my choice, but there are many wonderful varieties of Greek honey including chestnut, fir, wildflower, pine, orange blossom, and others. A simple drizzle of honey over a bowl of yogurt makes this not only a wonderful dish representative of Greek tastes but easy and delicious as well.

    No honey? Top the yogurt with preserves and (optionally) toasted almonds.

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    Jam tart
    Dorling Kindersley: Charlotte Tolhurst / Getty Images

    Pasta Flora is easy to make as evidenced by the photo of a tart made by a team of young cooks (preschool and elementary schoolers). Fabulous!

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    Photo of Orange Slices with Honey and Cinnamon
    N. Gaifyllia
    Fresh fruit is a favorite Greek dessert, sweet snack, and a great addition to the breakfast table. It's delicious served alone, but you can dress it up with a drizzle of fabulous Greek honey. Whether you slice the oranges or separate them into pieces, this 1-2-3 recipe (one step, two ingredients, three minutes) adds a lovely touch.
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    Tahinomelo- Greek tahini
    Steve Outram / Getty Images
    A simple and easy combination of honey and tahini, this no-cook recipe has fewer calories than peanut butter, and it's healthy and delicious. Try spreading tahinomelo on whole grain bread or toast, or in a sandwich with slices of banana.
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    Greek bruschetta- Riganatha
    David Marsden / Getty Images
    A Greek bruschetta, if you will, this is very quick and easy, and incorporates the classic Greek tastes of olive oil, tomatoes, feta cheese, and oregano. To use this recipe for a school project, dry toast, rusks, or even crackers can be used in place of the grilled bread.