12 Ideas for Gorgeous Green Bathrooms

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    Gorgeous Green Works for Any Bathroom

    luxurious bathroom in green and white
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    Looking to give your bathroom a little refresh without a full remodel? Maybe a new coat of paint, or a new set of tiles? If you do want something refreshing, you should consider green in your color scheme. 

    From the tenderest leaf to the deepest emerald, green can make any space look fresh, harmonious, safe, and rejuvenating. No wonder it's a popular shade for bathrooms: Many people see the bathroom as a renewal space—the place they go to clean, refresh, relax, and invigorate themselves.

    With its wide variety of intensities and hues, green suits any decor style, from the most baroque to the most contemporary. Here are some gorgeous green bathrooms to inspire you.

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    Green Modern Bathroom with Vessel Sink (Sarah Richardson Design)

    green bathroom
    Sarah Richardson Design

    The combination of white, olive-green, and frosted glass in this bathroom by Sarah Richardson Design feels like a walk in a plantation meadow. The scalloped mirror frame balances the straight lines of the tiles and vanity, and, when combined with the tropical plant leaf in a vase and lattice-work cabinet face, gives the room a bit of a south Pacific flavor. Note the sideways position of the faucet, which leaves enough space for the large vessel sink.


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    Vintage Bathroom with Green Accent Wall (Vintage Revivals)

    green bathroom
    Vintage Revivals

    Sometimes, a single colored wall can go a long way. This DIY bathroom renovation by Mandi of Vintage Revivals features a deep jungle-green wall with an antique map as a wall hanging and complementary neutrals introduced via the rug and medium-tone wood floor. Keeping most of the space white means more light and the impression of a much larger area.

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    Traditional Bathroom in Soft Green (Karen Bean Architect)

    green bathroom
    Jay Green

    This unusually shaped bathroom by Karen Bean Architect, via Houzz, uses soft green to harmonize the space and tie it together. Dark wood and neutrals create a feeling of nature. Note the beautiful green granite stone on the vanity, which brings out the wall color. 


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    Green Kids' Bathroom with Mosaic Tile (Glynis Wood Interiors)

    green bathroom
    Glynis Wood Interiors

    Green is a great color for kids' bathrooms. It's a calming shade that will help wind them down after a long day, but it still stands up to most other bright colors, like blue and red. This bathroom by Glynis Wood Interiors also features a beautiful geometric mosaic tile that gives the space wonderful movement and texture. 

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    Dark Green Powder Room (Kate Marker Interiors)

    green bathroom
    Kate Marker Interiors

    A farmhouse powder room by Kate Marker Interiors features dark green shiplap wall covering and a farmhouse sink with gold fixtures. This powder room feels cozy and comforting, thanks to the combination of dark green and light wood tones. Touches of white help lighten up the space.

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    Light Green and Travertine Master Bathroom (NXG Studio)

    green bathroom
    Carmel Brantley

    This master bathroom design by NXG Studio, via Houzz, features a light yellow-green for the walls and ceiling soffits, and complementary travertine tile on the floors, countertop, and tub surround. The light streaming from the large windows and door give the impression of a sun-dappled wood, and plenty of green plants add to the organic effect. This bathroom is a calm, spa-like haven with a contemporary touch.

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    Sage Green Bathroom with Marble (Coddington Design)

    green bathroom
    Coddington Design

    The softness of sage green walls is enhanced by the smoothness of marble in this bathroom by Coddington Design. The custom vanity with open shelving and covered in small marble tiles has an interesting effect: It seems to melt into the floor and walls, making the vanity seem smaller than it actually is.

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    White Bathroom with Emerald Green Vanity (Judith Balis Interiors)

    green bathroom
    Allison Corona Photography

    Sometimes you don't want to bother with redoing the walls, so painting a piece of furniture is an easier solution. This bathroom by Judith Balis Interiors features a bold emerald-green vanity with matching mirror frames and hand towel. It just pops right out of the background, and the brass hardware and light fixtures complement the green hue perfectly. 

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    Mid-Century Bathroom with Green Tile (Studio 53)

    green bathroom
    Studio 53

    A variegated green subway tile makes a bold statement in this mid-century bathroom by Studio 53, via Houzz. No other color competes with the green here; the floor and ceiling are kept neutral in a creamy white, and a floating vanity in medium wood tones adds an extra organic touch.

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    Spa Bathroom in Mint Green (Natalie Clayman Interior Design)

    green bathroom
    Natalie Clayman Interior Design

    Sweet, cool mint green bathroom by Natalie Clayman Interior Design, via DecorPad, gives this space an effect that is almost nursery-like. In function, though, this bathroom has more of a spa vibe, thanks to the egg-shaped freestanding tub, an abundance of soft textures, and the retro hardware attached to the tub.

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    Elegant Bathroom with Bold Green Wallpaper (Kim Scodro Interiors)

    green bathroom
    Kim Scodro Interiors

    Green and gold: a royal combination that adds elegance to your bathroom. This space by Kim Scodro Interiors features a bold green-and-gold floral wallpaper that complements the brass hardware and accessories on a marble vanity top. A decorative mirror with a bold black frame adds the final elegant touch.