35 Gorgeous Green Bedrooms You'll Go Wild Over

Decorated baby room with green and white walls

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

If you're looking to give your bedroom a bit of a refresh, why not opt for a makeover involving the color green? There are so many ways to incorporate the hue into your space—in the form of paint, wallpaper, textiles (or all three!). What's wonderful about green is that there are truly so many shades to choose from—olive, emerald, sage, you name it—so you can easily find a hue that matches your aesthetic. Plus, green is a favorite of both children and adults—you don't have to worry about it appearing too "young" or too "grown up" in any space that you're designing; it shines in primary bedrooms and nurseries alike.

Whether you crave a soothing sanctuary or a space that's romantic and bold, you can achieve the look with green. Green is also a favorite among traditionalists and modernists alike, so no matter if you gravitate toward grandmillennial style rooms or prefer that your space looks ultra contemporary, you can't go wrong.

Before committing to a color, it's important to get a sense of the many ways in which you can incorporate it into your space and understand the other hues with which it pairs best. But don't worry, we've done the research for you! Below, we've rounded up 35 of our favorite green bedrooms that will inspire you to work the color into your own home today.

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    Deep Green and Brass

    deep green walls with brass

    Emily Cosnotti

    There's just something so stunning about a green and gold combo. Blogger Emily Cosnotti's guest bedroom demonstrates how well pops of brass pair with deep green walls. Her curtain rod and mirror add a luxe look to the simple yet elegant space.

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    Green and Pink

    pink and green bedroom

    The Interior Editor / Maria Jones

    This preppy color combo looks gorgeous in more whimsical spaces like interior designer Maria Jones's, too. An accent wall featuring bold wallpaper is the room's focal point and creates visual interest behind the bed. If you opt for a pattern like this one, keeping it to just one section of the bedroom, as seen here, is ideal—it could easily overwhelm a space, particularly if your room is small.

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    Sage Green and Wood

    green and wood bedroom

    Miranda Schroeder

    Have a special furniture piece you're looking to showcase? Blogger Miranda Schroeder let her mid-century modern dresser shine in her sage green bedroom. The wooden piece pops against the wall color and looks right at home with the other earthy tones she incorporated into the space.

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    Green and Neutrals

    green and neutral bedroom

    My Breezy Room

    Blogger Kala Weiderholt of My Breezy Room painted the walls of her bedroom a vibrant emerald green but kept the rest of her furniture and decor nice and simple. Her space is proof that one can love colors and neutrals and combine them seamlessly to achieve the best of both worlds.

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    Green and Yellow

    green and yellow bedroom

    Serena Appiah

    Designing a space or young ones? Green is an excellent, playful color choice for kids' bedrooms, too. Blogger Serena Appiah used the hue in her own sons' bedroom and incorporated pops of yellow for an even more cheerful touch.

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    Jade Green

    jade green bedroom

    Alisa Bovino

    Sometimes, you stumble upon a find that is beautiful enough to inspire an entire bedroom refresh. Blogger Alisa Bovino's grandmillennial style bedroom was designed around a darling bowood headboard that she purchased secondhand. Her jade green walls pair beautifully with the classic fabric, as well as the material she sourced for her curtains.

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    Green Oasis

    tropical oasis green bedroom

    Jenna LeBlanc

    You don't need to travel far at all to relax and unwind. Blogger Jenna LeBlanc wanted her bedroom to resemble a tropical oasis, and she achieved the look by opting for woven shades, a jute rug, and a breezy canopy bed. Her space is proof that colorful curtains can majorly influence the overall feel of a room.

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    Green and Leather

    green and leather

    Carmel Phillips

    Think leather is solely for recliners in dimly lit media rooms? Think again. A leather sofa shines in this green room that house-flipper and blogger Carmel Phillips designed—the space serves as a joint office and guest room. It's proof that traditional furnishings don't have to be paired with typical white walls in order to fit into a space—go for the bold instead.

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    Green and Black and White

    green and black and white


    Love black and white textiles but also want to incorporate some color into your space? Instagrammer Keri shows us how it's done! In her space, black and white bedding in a polka dot pattern adds a playful touch (and likely helps camouflage cat hair, too).

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    Sage Green and White

    green and white bedroom


    This color combo, which Instagrammer Amy opted for in her bedroom, invokes major cozy cottage feel. There's no need to paint the trim of your room or your door green if you like a little bit of contrast.

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    Two-Toned Green

    two-toned green

    Boreal Abode

    Decisions, decisions... Why settle for just one shade of green when you can opt for two? Interior advisor of Boreal Abode Juan Sandiego went two-toned in his bedroom, which he outfitted with wooden, mid-century modern inspired furniture that adds a warm touch.

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    Simple Green

    simple green


    When you paint the wall behind your bed a fun color, you don't need to include a headboard if you prefer to keep things simple. (How about that for a money saving hack!) Instagrammer Desiree did just this and added pops of earthy tones to her bed, opting for on-trend hues like light pink and burnt orange.

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    Green Wallpaper

    green wallpaper

    Addison's Wonderland

    You can go green without picking up a paint brush. Try some green wallpaper instead! Interior designer Brittany Hayes, the voice behind the blog Addison's Wonderland, majorly transformed her guest bedroom thanks to brand a new furniture setup and this vibrant patterned wallpaper that features a playful poppy print. Don't forget about removable wallpaper options if you're renting; there are many outstanding choices on the market.

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    Green Farmhouse

    farmhouse green bedroom

    Mint Candy Design

    The bedroom of Instagrammer Areeba of Mint Candy Design features farmhouse touches such as a beaded chandelier and vintage style rug. The deep green paneled wall is the space's focal point and would pair nicely with a number of decor styles.

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    Green Palm Leaf

    palm leaf green bedroom

    Julia Dags

    If you love a good palm leaf print, you're in luck—incorporating this design into your space will immediately make your bedroom feel like a tropical retreat. Blogger Julia Dzafic used the pattern in her guest bedroom, and when paired with blue and white striped bed linens, it couldn't feel more like a luxe hotel.

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    Green and Black

    green and black

    The Grounded Home

    Have an antique piece of furniture you'd like to display? Go for it! A black metal bed looks nice and sleek in this child's room designed by blogger Yami of The Grounded Home. Traditional furnishings can pair fantastically with more modern paint colors, so don't be afraid to go current with your walls.

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    Green and White

    green and white


    Green and white make for a charming color combo as seen in Instagrammer Ana's bedroom. This timeless pairing is a wonderful choice for any age group or aesthetic.

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    Green Boho Style

    green boho


    Celebrate bohemian style! Instagrammer Lisa did in this funky space with wall accents and pops of color galore. Warm yellows and pinks make for a cozy, lived-in look. And the perfect finishing touch: a potted cactus, of course.

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    Green Eclectic

    eclectic green bedroom

    A Vintage Splendor

    If you love the collected, eclectic look, take a cue from Annette Vartanian of A Vintage Splendor, who stylishly designed this bedroom featuring plenty of fun elements—a rattan headboard, a delightful bust sculpture, and some standout abstract art. The overall look is seamless.

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    Red and Green

    green and coral

    Jami Boys

    Blogger Jami Boys's bedroom features pale green walls and some bold coral accents—as well as beautiful architectural details, such as board and batten and a shiplaps ceiling. Completing the look is a stylish gallery wall to the side of the bed.

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    Green Romance

    romantic green

    The Girl with the Green Sofa

    Craving a romantic getaway at home? This bedroom that The Girl with the Green Sofa's Nicola Broughton designed achieves just that—sultry photographs, a sassy neon sign, and a glass chandelier couldn't be more chic. The deep green walls add a welcome degree of moodiness to the space.

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    Green and Coral

    green and coral

    Little Nest Design

    Interior designer Kerri Hansen of Little Nest Design designed a modern farmhouse style bedroom that pairs a Kelly green accent wall with coral textiles. The result is cheerful and charming, and while Hansen incorporated two bold hues into the space, it doesn't appear overwhelming thanks to her decision to use more muted hues in terms of furniture and accessories.

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    Green Grasscloth

    green grasscloth

    Krista Bjornson Aasen

    Grasscloth wallpaper is a luxe classic, and blogger Krista Bjornson Aasen made the style look stunning in her bedroom, opting for a calming green hue.

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    Green Traditionalist

    green grasscloth

    Brian Bieder for Maggie Griffin Design

    We see green grasscloth wallpaper at play again in this bedroom by Maggie Griffin Design, only this space features more traditional design elements such as gingham headboards and floral textiles. It's proof that no matter your aesthetic, grasscloth is a go.

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    Restorative Green

    relaxing green

    Cate St. Hill

    At the end of a long day, it's nice to curl up in a space that will help your mind shut off and prepare for rest. Interiors writer and design consultant Cate St. Hill wanted to design a green bedroom that felt nice and soothing, and she achieved just that. A white lantern above the bed adds a feeling of calm, while keeping accessories to a minimum makes for an instantly relaxing getaway.

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    Green Transitional

    transitional style green

    The DIY Playbook

    This transitional style space by The DIY Playbook's Casey Finn is contemporary and welcoming. Accents such as a faux olive tree (which is also green!) and oversized mirror are must haves when designing this style of room and add plenty of personality to the setup.

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    Olive Green

    olive green

    Mark Ashby Design

    Olive green textiles shine in this eclectic bedroom with bright green walls by Mark Ashby Design’s Christina Simon. Don't hesitate to mix various green tones that appeal to you even if they may not seem like obvious counterparts. Olive is extremely versatile and is incredibly popular at the moment, making pieces bearing the hue easy to source.

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    Green and Marigold

    green and marigold


    Who doesn't love a sunny marigold? It turns out that the shade looks lovely mixed with green, as we see in Instagrammer Cecily's space. Who wouldn't wake up feeling peppy when surrounded by such a happy hue?

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    Green and Chinoiserie

    green and blue chinoiserie bedroom

    Lori Rowe

    Blogger Lori Rowe's bedroom features beautiful chinoiserie elements (we're loving the faux bamboo furniture) and proves that blues and greens pair beautifully together—on the bed and on the walls.

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    Green Shiplap

    green shiplap

    Folly and the Garden

    Lucky enough to have a room that features shiplap walls? We're jealous! While we often see shiplap that's plain white or ivory, it also looks stunning painted. This green space by Instagrammers Stephanie and Caroline of Folly and the Garden is an excellent example of what a little color can do. Shiplap walls are also an easy enough DIY project if you feel like adding them to your space from scratch.

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    Green and Gray

    green and gray


    Instagrammer Liv paired a deep green wall with dark gray and black colored decor for a modern, laid back look. Her abstract art adds personality without overwhelming the space. Framed black and white photos would make for an equally stylish alternative if you have pictures you'd like to hang instead.

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    Green Ceiling

    green ceiling

    Ellee Home

    Painting just the ceiling of a room can make a major impact, and we've noticed this trend continuing to make waves in rooms of all kinds. But if you're not feeling done after just tackling this area, why not choose a complementary color for the walls? Design consultant Sandy of Ellee Home used two shades of green in this bedroom and they blend together fabulously.

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    Green and Greenery

    green bedroom with plants

    Zafreen Hussain Interiors

    Don't forget to add some plant life into your green bedroom! Zafreen Hussain Interiors displayed a gorgeous vase of eucalyptus branches on the nightstand in this bedroom and opted for plant-themed textiles, too. Eucalyptus is always an excellent choice for the bedroom, as its soothing properties will help your mind switch off at the end of a long day—plus, the stems will continue to smell wonderful even as they dry.

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    Green Shelfie

    green shelf above bed


    If you're installing a shelf above your bed, why not paint that, too? Instagrammer Fiona shows us how it's done—her shelf adds instant charm and character (not to mention storage) to her sleep space. Fiona now has a built-in place to display favorite pieces of artwork and special trinkets.

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    Green Glam

    green glam


    The wallpaper that Instagrammer Kerry used features a fun floral pattern boasting various shades of green. Paired with a stunning gold mirror, the setup couldn't be more glam.