What Does the Color Green Mean in Feng Shui?

a sophisticated living room with dark green walls and accents with a brown sofa

Devon Janse van Rensburg /Unsplash

Color is a simple and accessible way to start applying feng shui principles to your home. There are many different ways to work with color and feng shui, and each color has many layers of connection and meaning. A color can represent a certain type of qi, or energy, from one of the many energy systems in feng shui. For example, each of the five elements that we work with in feng shui is connected to different colors. You can also use color in a certain area of the home, using the feng shui bagua. When you are adding color to your home for a feng shui reason, it is powerful to have a specific intention in mind for how you would like that color to support you. 

What the Color Green Represents in Feng Shui

One of the energy systems we work with in feng shui is the five elements, which comes from Taoism. The five elements system recognizes five different types of energy, each with different qualities and characteristics. In feng shui, we often look at these different elements with the goal of creating more harmony and balance in someone’s home and life. These five types of energy, known as fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, are also represented by specific colors. Green is connected to the wood element, which is all about compassion, flexibility, healing, and growth.  

In feng shui, we use something called the feng shui bagua map. The bagua is one of the many feng shui tools one can use to look at how our lives correspond to our homes. In the bagua system, the color green is the color of the feng shui bagua area that is related to family. This area is referred to as the Family area. This Family area also represents new beginnings and our connection to nature. Green recalls the energy of springtime and fresh starts, like a new blade of grass pushing up through the soil. By bringing green into a space, you are connecting with the verdant and vital energy of grass, trees, and nature overall. 

How to Use the Color Green

When you add a certain color with feng shui in mind, that color can do much more besides just making your space look a certain way. When you apply green to your home with the intention of bringing in a specific type of energy to support you, it can really take your decorating to the next level. Green can be especially helpful if your intentions are to invite more flexibility and compassion, improve family harmony, start something new, or inspire new ideas and creativity. 

There are many ways you can bring green into your home with paint, furniture, artwork, textiles, and other decor items. As you’re deciding how to incorporate green into your space, consider selecting a shade of green that matches your intention and the kind of energy you want to cultivate. Choose a crisp, clear green if you want to cultivate uplifting wood element qi. To invite more healing and soothing energy, look for a soft blue-green. If you feel stuck and in need of an energy boost, try a deep forest green. To stimulate creativity, add a brighter green with yellow undertones. 

Green plant in the corner of a wood table at the window

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Green Plants

Houseplants are a great way to bring the color green into your home without painting a thing. They embody the wood element, and their upward growth is a powerful metaphor. Plants also require care and attention, and they can teach us many valuable lessons about kindness, compassion, and caring for other living beings.

In general, it’s best to choose a plant that has soft, rounded leaves when you are adding it to your home as a feng shui adjustment. Make sure to also pay attention to the light, water, and humidity requirements of your new plant, so that you can place it in an area of your home where it can really thrive. 

Wear Green

Feng shui isn’t just for your house! There are many ways to work with feng shui and color outside of your physical living space. For example, you can add green to your wardrobe for a pick-me-up. When you feel a little uninspired or low energy, try putting on something green, like a shirt, scarf, or even jewelry with green stones like jade.

Use Green in the Family Area of the Bagua

If you’re looking to invite more harmony in your family, you can add the color green to the Family area of the bagua. To find Zhen position, stand in the main entrance to your home facing in. Imagine a three-by-three grid stretched across your whole home. The middle left section is the Family area. You can also use this same process in a specific room of your home, like your bedroom: stand in the room’s entrance facing in, and find the middle left section of the room. Set an intention around family harmony, and activate this intention by adding three new green plants to the Family area of your home.