Green Home Accessories

With all due respect to Kermit the Frog, it is easy being green.  Green--in relation to home decor--is one of the most versatile, varied colors you can choose for your home.  Green has so many different personalities.  Its softer side--sage, for example--is very zen-like and stress-relieving; however, green can definitely be bold, too, as we see with hues like apple or emerald.   

In fact, saying you like the color green is like saying you like ice cream.  Most people like it, but it's the...MORE flavor that really counts.  You can love emerald, yet despise mint.  

To help sort it all out, I consulted TJ Maxx and Marshalls, who teamed up with international color expert, Kate Smith, to get some color advice.  Her insight into the different ways green can affect your mood--along with my suggestions for ways to use the various different shades--will help you choose the perfect green for your home.    

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    Emerald Green

    emerald green pillow
    Emerald Green Pillow. Belk

     According to Smith, "Green correlates with growth, wealth and cash."  Emerald green, in particular, is the shade that best conveys a sense of luxury in your home.  

    For the richest feel possible, pair emerald with fabrics such as satin or velvet, or look for emerald accessories--such as wine glasses, a vase, or a set of marble bookends--with the same shine as the gemstone it's named after.

    Emerald green is perfect for formal spaces like a dining room or a formal living room.

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    Sage Green

    sage green shower curtain
    Sage Green Shower Curtain. Target

    Sage green is the most relaxing hue of green you could choose.  It's light, without being too pastel, and often has some gray undertones, making it read as a neutral.  

    Sage is perfect for a tranquil bedroom, or for giving a bathroom a zen-like, spa feeling.  Look for towels, a shower curtain, or even soaps in sage green for a little color that isn't too overpowering.  

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    Apple Green

    apple green platter
    Apple Green Platter. TJ Maxx

    Smith also credits green with the power to "boost your mood."  Apple green, in my opinion, has the most mood-boosting ability.  It is bright and cheerful, and is perfect as an energizing pop of color in a mostly white kitchen, in a morning room, or in kids' spaces like bedrooms or playrooms.  

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    Kelly Green

    kelly green striped rug
    Kelly Green Striped Rug. Wayfair

    For a preppy vibe, Kelly green is the way to go.  Pair it with bright pink for a Palm Beach look Lily Pulitzer would love, or with navy or black as an ode to Kate Spade.  

    Bold Kelly green-and-white cabana stripes or a trellis pattern look great in this shade, and perfectly convey the look and feel of "having drinks at the club."

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    Mint or Sea Foam Green

    jadeite green measuring cups and spoons
    Jadeite Green Measuring Cups and Spoons. TJ Maxx

    Mint green is a great choice for a vintage look.  In fact, jadeite is one of the hallmarks of a vintage farmhouse kitchen.  If you love this minty shade, look for cake plates, mason jars, vintage Depression glass, or collectible jadeite pieces such as pitchers or mixing bowls made in the USA by Mosser Glass.

    A variation of mint green is sea foam green, which is slightly bluer.  Sea foam hits all the right notes for a beach house feel.  Pair it with shades of blue, natural textures, and coastal...MORE elements such as shells, rope, and sea glass in the same ethereal, watery shade of green.

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    Nature-Inspired Green

    artificial calla lily stems
    Artificial Calla Lily Stems. TJ Maxx

    According to Smith, "nature-inspired green is refreshing and encourages harmony."  It is true that every room benefits from adding even one green plant, regardless of your color scheme.  

    The great thing about decorating with nature is it goes with everything!  Try a houseplant or a potted tree in a sunny spot to breathe some life into your space.  If you don't want the upkeep, faux florals, succulents or ferns can be beautiful if you follow these best practices.

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    Olive Green

    olive green lampshade
    Olive Green Lampshade. Lamps Plus

    Olive green has been trending recently, and has a decidedly more retro feel.  Reminiscent of the avocado greens so prevalent in the 70s, but slightly brighter, olive green shares that same mid-century modern look.  
    To give it an updated feel, pair olive with metallic gold accents, or brighter hues like yellow.  

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    Hunter Green

    textured green metal table
    Textured Green Metal Table. TJ Maxx

    Finally, hunter green is a foresty green with blue undertones that was super-popular in the 80s, when it was often paired with mauve.  Thankfully, hunter green wall-to-wall carpeting is a thing of the past.  

    Although this shade of green is still most prevalent in traditional spaces, you don't have to have a paneled library with hunting prints to enjoy it today.  Give it a more modern look by combining it with lighter woods or copper fixtures.  Or, juxtapose its traditional vibe with an...MORE element of surprise such as a tribal-print rug or another color, like purple.