Home Renovation Party Ideas

Couple painting room white
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You're having trouble getting motivated to tackle that home renovation project. At the same time, you don't want to shell out the money to pay a contractor to do the work. There is a solution, and it can actually make the work feel...fun. Throw a do-it-yourself party! You don't have to feel guilty about asking your friends and family to literally help you out around the house as long as you are a good host and make it an enjoyable event.

Set the Scope

The most common type of do-it-yourself party is a painting party. Most people possess the skills to cut in and roll. However, there are plenty of other DIY green home renovation projects you can tackle this way: re-tiling the bathroom, installing new flooring, and even landscaping your yard.

Be Realistic

About what you can accomplish. You can't expect guests to work more than an afternoon, so don't take on a project that is too big to see realistic results within this timeframe. It's OK if you don't finish; the whole point is to get started, and of course, spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Send Invites

Make it feel like an event by sending invitations out in advance. While old-fashioned paper invites are a nice touch (using recycled paper, of course), it's fine to send an E-vite. Add a little color so it feels festive, and make it clear what the project involves so guests will know how to dress and what to expect.

Plan Ahead

Gather all the tools and supplies that you need to execute the project at hand. It's perfectly fine to ask guests to BYOT (bring your own tools), but you don't want to get stuck running to the store right as everyone arrives. Set up the work area in advance, too: move furniture out of the way, lay down protective coverings, and complete as much prep work as possible. Neatly set out the supplies so you can get the party started, already. You should also have a good plan of attack, and assign each person with a specific task that suits his or her personal strengths.

Create Ambiance

It is a party, after all. While you don't have to decorate (that is the point of the event), really you should set the scene and make your home feel festive. Play some upbeat music to keep the energy level high. Serve healthy snacks, sticking with easy finger foods while work is underway, like mini-sandwiches and fresh-cut fruits and veggies, and of course, plenty of water. Hopefully, it goes without saying, but save the cocktails for the after-party, or at least until the power tools and ladders are safely put away.

Stay Clean

The renovation is messy work, so make sure you have plenty of soap, towels and wet wipes on hand. Designate a bathroom where guests can clean up.

Say Thanks

Drinks and snacks are a nice way to say thank you, but you can also give your guests something to take away from the experience. Since the theme is "green," give them books on green remodeling, or check out fun gift ideas from ApartmentTherapy that cost less than $25. At the very least, be sure to send a thank you email with before and after photos.

Return the Favor

Offer to help your friends host their own do-it-yourself parties, now that you are the expert.