30 Stylish Green Kitchens With Earth-Toned Accents

Large kitchen with sage green cabinets and marble-styled walls

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Neutral colors like white and gray are overwhelmingly popular when it comes to kitchens. But if you are looking to truly enliven your cooking space, consider a vibrant shade of green. Sure, the tone may conjure images of vintage kitchens tricked out with avocado and harvest gold appliances, but hear us out. These days a few tasteful green accents, from mint to hunter, can transform your kitchen into a thoroughly modern cooking space that is honestly both cool and inviting. To help you start seeing things through our tinted lens, behold these stunning green kitchen ideas.

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    Minty Green Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen with mint cabinets

    Black Lacquer Design

    Kitchen accents in a pale shade of green can invigorate white walls. In this lovely example by Black Lacquer Design minty green cabinetry adds to the bright and airy feel of this minimalist kitchen. Note the gold light fixtures and hardware that layer on a touch of luxury.

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    Green Kitchen Island

    green kitchen island

    House 9 Interiors

    In this London kitchen from House 9 Interiors, a teal green kitchen island complements the black cabinetry for a sophisticated modern look.

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    Green Tile Wall

    green kitchens

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    A dark green stacked vertical tile backsplash that reaches the ceiling adds depth and color to this midcentury modern kitchen from Jessica Nelson Design and contrast with the white walls and pale wood flooring and cabinetry.

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    Glossy Green Cabinetry

    sleek green kitchen cabinets
    Photo by Jacob Lewkow

    Shane Pliska, the owner of an interior landscape service called Planterra, surrounds himself with greenery at home—literally. Not only does he live in a glass house in a forest, but he also has a preference for green furnishings. The cabinetry in his kitchen is just one example. They have a highly reflective surface, which gives the entire space a cheerful lift.

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    Seafoam Green Cabinets

    green kitchens

    Fantastic Frank

    This Scandinavian kitchen from Fantastic Frank has soothing seafoam green paint with matching cut-out drawer pulls for a seamless look.

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    Rustic Olive Green + Reclaimed Wood

    green kitchens

    Lobster and Swan

    This rustic English country kitchen from Lobster and Swan features olive green paint on the lower cabinetry and reclaimed wood on the flooring, DIY oven hood, and open shelving.

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    Bold Green Kitchen Ceiling

    Emerald green ceiling in kitchen
    Studio Sven

    This bright and colorful kitchen reflects the vibrant family who uses it every day, says the interior design team at Studio Sven. Elevating things is the emerald green ceiling. It is an unexpected jolt of color that energizes the cooking space while throwing focus to the spectacular globe chandelier.

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    Bold and Moody Green Backsplash

    handcrafted green hexagon backsplash
    Mercury Mosaics

    Designer Mercedes Austin from Mercury Mosaics says green is a fantastic color for kitchens because it acts like a neutral. That means many materials and hues can readily pair with it depending on the shade of green you pick. Just keep in mind that a vibrant tone of green will instantly energize a space. A softer shade like sea glass will create a coastal vibe. This kitchen by Austin features a deeper shade of green for an edgy twist. We love how it offsets the sky blue base cabinets.

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    Green + Black

    green kitchens

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    In this kitchen from Jessica Nelson Design, smoky green painted lower cabinets and a matching kitchen island are paired with black countertops and accents for a moody, calming feel.

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    Rustic Green Kitchen

    sage kitchen with butcher block countertops
    Barter Design

    It is almost tough to believe that this beautiful rustic-inspired kitchen was once a bland shade of cream. Brett Elron the owner and head interior designer at Barter Design perked things up with several gallons of green paint. The cabinetry is a lovely shade called Moss Gray. The gorgeous hue spices things up without being overwhelming. You can see how it offsets the glossy white subway and warm butcher block countertops.

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    Goes-With-Everything Green

    Hunter green kitchen island

    Lacher Construction

    Make your kitchen island a complete stand-out with paint. Here, Lacher Construction did just that by painting the feature a vibrant shade of green. The hue is a pitch-perfect harmonizer because it unites the brick, leather, iron, and natural wood accents.

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    Green Cabinet Accents in a Farmhouse

    Green kitchen cabinets with brick backsplash

    Build With Rise

    The lovely green cabinetry in this new kitchen by Build With Rise, is true to the home's heritage farmhouse roots while still feeling fresh and modern. Other features that pile on rustic character include the brick oven hood fan, apron front sink, and restored 100-year-old floors.

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    Forest Green Cabinets

    forest green kitchen

    Leclair Decor

    In this kitchen from Leclair Decor, forest green cabinets accented with brass hardware add contrast with the crisp white walls and quartz countertops.

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    A Minty Glam Kitchen

    minty green kitchen with brass accents

    Super fresh kitchen accents like these spearmint cabinets can feel glamorous when paired with hand-painted Moroccan tiles. The design team at Hausera also added a vintage-inspired crystal chandelier to the mix. Mixing metals is another way to add visual interest. Combining brass cabinet handles with stainless steel appliances and chrome fixtures adds a contemporary spin.

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    Vintage Green Appliances

    soothing green kitchens

    Home Consultant

    In this Los Angeles kitchen from Home Consultant, soothing mid-tone green cabinetry is paired with antique brass hardware and complemented with warm wood accents from the island to the flooring.

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    Statement Green + Gold

    hunter green kitchen
    Black Lacquer Design

    Emerald green cabinets, gold hardware, and black waterfall countertops stand out against the white tile backsplash to create a bold yet simple statement in this cooking space by Black Lacquer Design.

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    DIY Seafoam Kitchen

    seafoam green kitchen

    Design by Calimia Home / Photo by Jeanne Canto

    This Florida kitchen from Calimia Home has seafoam green paint on the kitchen cabinetry that works like a neutral alongside black and mixed metal accents for a timeless feel.

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    Earthy Green

    green kitchen cabinets

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    Jessica Nelson Design chose earthy green cabinetry for this cozy kitchen that give it a relaxing feel.

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    Green Patterned Wallpaper

    green wallpaper in kitchen
    One Fine Stay

    Gorgeous wallpaper will instantly transform any room in your home. This kitchen that doubles as a dining room from One Fine Stay has walls covered with a whimsical woodland pattern. Notice how the lush green colors really warm up the entire room by bringing out the natural wood and copper tones.

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    Green Accents on All-White

    green accents in white kitchen

    D2 Interieurs

    Let's face it, while white kitchens have enduring style, their lack of color can also make them feel lifeless and sterile. D2 Interieurs came up with a fix for their cooking space. Bold, green light fixtures and a cheerful green patterned curtain brighten up the entire room. The sprinkles on top of this delightful kitchen are the small colorful accents that pick up on the various green tones.

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    Add One Unique Green Feature

    green kitchens

    Home Consultant

    Dark sage green cabinetry mixed with wood and woven accents give this Balinese-inspired Los Angeles kitchen from Home Consultant a touch of earthy color that grounds the semi-open plan space.

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    Green Paint + Tile

    green kitchens

    deVOL Kitchens

    This charming country style kitchen from deVOL Kitchens has multiple shades of green on the walls, backsplash tile, lower cabinetry, and open shelving that are complemented with warm antique brass plumbing fixtures, rich stained wood glass-front upper cabinetry, and terracotta floor tiles with an aged patina.

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    Olive Green Cabinets

    olive green kitchens

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Margaret Austin Photo

    Earthy olive green cabinets add warmth to this midcentury modern remodel from Cathie Hong Interiors.

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    Greenish Black

    green kitchens

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    Darker green hues can almost look black, like the forest green painted cabinets in this kitchen from Jessica Nelson Design that are complemented with green marble countertops and kitchen island.

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    Pastel Mint Green Cabinets

    green kitchens

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Margaret Austin Photo

    In this Japandi-style kitchen from Cathie Hong Interiors, pale mint green cabinetry is paired with white oak handles to create a soothing feel, with the pastel color functioning as a neutral in the light and airy space.

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    Sage Green Kitchen Cabinets

    sage green kitchens

    Bees Knees Interior Design Studio / Tamara Flanagan Photography

    This eat-in kitchen from Bees Knees Interior Design Studio has sage green painted cabinets that are accented with black hardware and carried into the adjacent mud room.

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    Olive Green + Brass

    green kitchens

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Kate Marker Interiors paired Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore paint on the kitchen cabinets with unlacquered brass hardware for a timeless modern feel.

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    Soothing Sage Green

    sage green kitchens

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Soothing sage green paint adds a hint of color to this modern farmhouse kitchen from Ashley Montgomery Design.

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    Subtle Shades

    green kitchens

    Becca Interiors

    Dark green tiles that read as faux black and pale lime cabinets that register as beige add subtle shades of green to this farmhouse style kitchen from Becca Interiors that is neutral while feeling softer than strict black and white.

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    Rustic Green Kitchen

    rustic green kitchens

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Ashley Montgomery Design complemented the natural wood paneling and stone flooring of this rustic farmhouse kitchen with dark green paint on the lower cabinetry and window trim.