14 Green Living Rooms

Living room with green accent wall and wood shelving on side of white fireplace

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Green is having a major moment in home decor, and it's not hard to see why. A versatile tone, green can inspire tranquility and calm or make a moody, bold statement. From olive to sage to hunter, we love decorating with green, especially in the living room

Whether you're into a modern look or you opt for more neutral shades of green, these beautiful green living rooms prove that it's truly a color for every home. 

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    Layer Shades of Green

    Green living room and chair

    Instagram / naptimestyle

    This stunning room from naptimestyle proves that you don't have to settle for just one shade of green in your living room. The dark green walls pair beautifully with the light green chair and create a textured look that's tranquil and serene. When decorating with a monochrome palette, pick a base color, and look for shades of the same color that complement. 

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    Blueish Green

    Living room with blue green walls

    Instagram / amylou_home

    We love this aqua green hue from amylou_home. It feels like the perfect harmony of sophisticated and fun. Depending on the light, this shade will appear more blueish or greenish, and will add a lot of depth to a living space—especially one with ample natural light

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    Sage Green

    Living room with sage green paint

    Instagram / moseyhome

    A sage green, as seen in this living room from moseyhome, is the perfect tone to create an understated space that still feels packed with personality. It's the ideal muted shade to pair with peach or tan, and works well in any sized living room. 

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    Muted Green Grey

    Traditional room with green paint

    Instagram / image_interiors

    If you think green is too trendy for you, think again. This lovely space from image_interiors proves that green can be a stately and traditional hue. We love using this muted shade to bring in tranquil and calming aura to any room.

    This color is also a great choice for open concept living spaces because it works just as well in a dining room as it does in a living room. 

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    A Bolder Green

    Living room with primary green paint

    Instagram / roundthepenroses

    If you want to embrace your inner Kermit, try a bolder, brighter tone of green, like this medium green from roundthepenroses. This hue is packed with personality, and makes for a great choice in a modern home. This grassy green hue feels earthy and grounded, and while it's not at all a shy color, it has a wonderfully calming effect. 

    Pair with other primary colors like red and blue for a visual contrast, or neutrals to maintain a minimal look. 

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    Black and Green

    Living room with green paint and black accessories

    Instagram / oldangie

    Looking for a new twist on black and white? It's time to embrace black and green. This cozy room from oldangie features a deep green with a neutral base that looks great when paired with black and white.

    This color combo still feels traditional and sophisticated, but with a surprising modern twist. It's great for smaller living rooms that can handle a punchy color palette. 

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    Dark Green

    Living room with very dark green paint
    Bigger Than the Three of Us

    This modern living room from Bigger Than the Three of Us features a dark green that's almost black, but not quite. This shade is perfect for a Mid-century modern look, and pairs beautifully with natural wood and light linen fabrics. 

    We love this hue for a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic that packs a punch of color but still has a bit of a minimalist touch.

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    Open Concept

    Living and dining room painted green

    Instagram / houseofbaskin

    It can be difficult to settle on a paint color in an open concept living room and dining room, but this deep teal shade from houseofbaskin is a great go-to choice. It's courageous and unexpected, but also creates even more depth in an open space.

    While this green definitely has blueish undertones, it's still firmly in the green family and gives off calming energy in any living space. Pair it with natural wood and woven textiles. 

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    Let the Natural Light In

    Living room with slanted ceiling

    Instagram / snookphotograph

    This stunning living room from snookphotograph is full of natural light, and the hunter green walls help blend the line between indoors and out. We love the exposed natural wood beams and earthy tan tones throughout the space. 

    If you're lucky enough to have a room filled with natural light, a moody paint color like hunter green can provide a sense of contrast that complements the airy brightness.

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    Pair With Greenery

    Room with large plant and dark green walls

    Instagram / thisenglishhome

    This lovely space from thisenglishhome proves that the best part of green is how well it pairs with, well, green. Adding a leafy palm or a handful of live succulents to your green room is a great way to marry the indoors with the out, and helps take the earthy theme even further. 

    If you're struggling to keep greenery alive, opt for hearty low-light plants that don't need a lot of maintenance to thrive. 

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    Muted Green

    living room with olive green paint

    Design: les.jolis.interieurs Photo: advanessafaivre

    A muted green shade like this one from les.jolis.interieurs is a great choice for classic decor styles. It creates an elevated look that is sophisticated and easy to pair. It works beautifully with off-white and tan, and even other shades of green (like the deep green of this velvet couch). 

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    Pastel Green

    Sea foam green painted walls

    D Burns Interiors

    Pastel green is one of those colors that can play as a neutral in certain light. This living room from the_forever_home features a soft, pastel green that is breezy and light, but still adds a punch of color to the space. Here it's paired with different shades of green for a monochromatic look, but it also works well with other pastels or tan shades. 

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    Mix Jewel Tones

    Living room with muted green paint and deep pink couch

    Instagram / belindashusoghage

    Sure, green is a strong color, but it also works exceptionally well with other bold hues. This colorful living room from belindashusoghage features a jewel-toned couch that really pumps up the luxe factor in the room. When mixing jewel tones, pick two or three primary shades and keep the rest of the palette simple. This will allow those colors to really pop and prevent the room from feeling too carnival-like.