Green Living Room Ideas

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    Decorating with Green

    A green and white living room
    Brookes + Hill Custom Builders

    Green is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. Why? Because despite the fact that it lives on the color wheel, green can act as a neutral. Try pairing various shades of green with just about any other color, and you'll find the combination can work beautifully. Green is also a relaxing color that is associated with nature and wellness, meaning that green rooms tend to make us feel good. With all these positive qualities, it's no wonder there are so many examples of beautiful green living rooms.

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    Mossy Neutral

    A moss green living room
    Highgate Builders

    A moss green living room like this one should certainly dispel any lingering doubts about green not being a neutral color. The cream color of the chairs, the gray of the sectional, and the moss-colored walls are all the same tone and blend almost as one.

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    Crisp Color Palette

    A green living room in small condo
    Gacek Design Group

    A green and white color scheme can bring freshness and light to an open concept condominium living room like this one designed by Gacek Design Group. The key to achieving a crisp and urban look like this one is to keep the palette very simple and avoid accenting it with colorful accessories.

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    Mix and Match

    Eclectic traditional green living room
    Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

    When you can't decide which shade of green is your favorite, use them all! Given that so many shades of green live together in nature, there's no reason why they can't live in a living room. In fact, green is one of the few colors that can be mixed and matched over and over again in the same room and still be calming and pleasing to the eye.

    Interior design by: Bruce Palmer Design Studio

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    Formally Fresh

    A formal green living room
    Modern Traditions Interior/Sara E. Eastman

    A great way to choose a wall color is by pulling a color out of a rug or piece of art. In this formal living room by Modern Traditions Interior Design the wall color was chosen from a green that appears in the oriental rug on the floor. Large windows flood the room with light making the whole space appear fresh and bright.

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    Jewel of a Color

    Emerald green living room vingette
    Larry Hanna Photography

    Jewel tones are known for being lavish and intense, and deep emerald is no exception. It's a striking color that always turns heads, particularly when used in abundance like in this living room vignette.

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    Classic Elegance

    A traditional green living room
    Coast Architectural Photography

    Green doesn't always have to turn heads. For a classic look combine soft green walls with white trim and traditional furniture and accessories. Gold accents add a little bit of luxury and up the elegance factor.

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    Fun Feature

    Painting a single wall a vibrant shade of green allows for some fun without a major commitment. While a whole room done in this bright shade might be overwhelming, a feature wall accented with a green rug and garden stool adds fun and excitement without overpowering the space. 

    Interior design by: Borden Interiors

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    Intimate Olive

    A spacious green living room
    Begrand Fast Design

    Add drama to a large room with a warm shade of olive green. This particular shade is inherently cozy, making this large living room designed by Begrand Fast Design feel cozy and intimate.

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    A Hint of Mint

    Mint green walls
    Amberth/David Giles

    There's no easier way to liven up a room than with a sprinkle of mint green. It’s light, bright, cheerful, and undeniably fresh. Whenever possible use mint green in rooms that have a lot of natural light. The light will reflect the mint, making it extra bright.

    Room design by Amberth Studio

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    Nature Inspired

    Green lake house living room
    Smith & Vansant Architects/Rob Karosis

    When decorating with green, it's often a good idea to look to nature for inspiration. In this lake house living room the bright green walls are accented with warm wood architectural elements and a stone mantel. Hey, if it's good enough for the outdoors, it should be good enough for the indoors!

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    Retro Inspired

    Mid century living room with green walls
    Kimball Starr Interior Design

    Mint green, even used in very subtle shades, is great for retro-inspired rooms. In fact, mint was commonly used in the 1950s and 60s, making it a great color for people who enjoy vintage themes. Whether your style is full-on retro or you just like elements of mid-century modern style, consider including a little mint green.

    Room design by: Kimball Starr Interior Design

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    Family Friendly

    A green condo living room
    Jennifer Harris Interiors

    It's easy being green when it's a warm shade of olive, and it's combined with fun colors like red, orange and brown. This warm palette is comfy, cozy and very family friendly.

    Interior design by: Jennifer Harris Interiors

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    English Country

    A green English country living room
    Lisette Voute Designs

    Pale sage is a beautiful backdrop for warm antiques and classic English Country furnishings. With the wall color being so pale, it reads like a neutral and blends well with the other tones in the room. The black fireplace inserts and convex mirror accent space and provides a grounding effect.

    Interior design by: Lisette Voute Designs

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    A Golden Touch

    Green and gold living room
    Tobi Fairley Interior Design

    If an elegant look is desired, try adding some gold accents to a green room. Gold has a way of adding a luxe factor to every style of the room, and a traditional space like this room designed by Tobi Fairley is no exception. The gold mirror is the focal point of the room yet it helps draw out some of the rich green colors in the fabrics and accessories.

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    A green condo's living room
    Hoo Interior Design

    A tone-on-tone room isn't for everyone, especially when it's such a strong color. But for green lovers, a room like this is a dream come true! In this type of single-color room be sure to include some focal point, so the eye has a place to rest in the sea of color.

    Interior design by: Hoo Interior Design

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    Eclectic Color

    An eclectic green living room
    Tamra Rubin Design

    A green wall is a perfect backdrop for an explosion of color. This eclectic green living room by Tamra Rubin Design has a little bit of everything, and yet it all works quite nicely together. The reason is that all the colors, while certainly different, are all similar tones. As a result, nothing stands out or seems out of place.

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    Fresh and Springlike

    A green and white living room
    Brookes and Hill Custom Builders

    There's no fresher, more springlike color combination than light green and white. And in a room flooded with natural light, so much the better. If green walls and furniture seem like too much of a commitment, try limiting it to accent pillows and throws and keeping everything else white. Even a small amount of green will achieve the desired effect.

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    Featuring a Green Wall

    A green modern farmhouse living room
    Charles Vincent George Architects

    Some people think that feature walls have gone the way of the dodo bird, but when executed carefully and thoughtfully a feature wall can elevate the style of a room. This green wall, complete with floating shelves and a stone fireplace, brings depth to a light-filled sunroom.

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    Dark and Romantic

    A casual green living room
    Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

    Green might not be the first color people think of when it comes to romantic decor, but this room designed by Chris Jovanelly Interior Design demonstrates that casual romance can be found with even the most unexpected color combinations. It's not hard to imagine cozying up on the comfy leather sofa, lighting a few candles, and settling in for the night.

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    Sensational Seafoam

    A green Victorian living room
    Hine Builders

    Because seafoam green is so often connected to health and wellness, some people associate it with the color of hospital walls, and as a result, they shy away from using it in their homes. But this grand seafoam green living room proves without a doubt that it can be used to great effect in residential spaces. To really up the sophistication factor, try accenting it with gold details.

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    Energetic Pairing

    A traditional green and pink living room
    Baroni Building Company

    Pairing green with pink is a great way to create a fresh and energizing palette. Bold pink upholstered pieces and throw pillows look particularly great against a green backdrop. Make sure to add a dark piece somewhere in the mix to create a grounding effect and give the eye a place to rest.