Green Mountain Big Pig Trailer Rig

Green Mountain Big Pig Trailer Rig
Green Mountain Big Pig Trailer Rig. Green Mountain Grills

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Many years ago, Pellet Smokers hit the competition barbecue world like a bolt from the blue. People were skeptical and many were angry. The idea that someone could roll up with a big metal box, plug it in, load it with meat, program the timers, and go to bed until nearly turn in time was an idea that struck at the very nature of barbecue. These days, pellet smokers (with big thanks to Ed Maurin) have become a mainstay of competition barbecue and barbecue catering.

Temperature controlled and almost foolproof it seems to be an idea whose time had come. This trailer mounted pellet cooker can handle a large whole hog or up to 25 full briskets. It is a monster that can handle almost any event.


  • Huge cooking capacity
  • Mounted on a road legal trailer


  • Not insulated


  • 20.75 square FEET of cooking area
  • 150 to 500 degrees F/65 to 260 degrees C temperature range
  • 84-pound capacity pellet hopper mounted on the rear of the unit
  • Complete road legal trailer mounting
  • Weighs 1120 pounds on a 2000 pound axle
  • Stainless steel cooking grates
  • Fully programmable electronic temperature control (remote available)
  • WiFi capability
  • Baked on enameled steel construction
  • Made in China by Green Mountain Grills

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Guide Review - Green Mountain Big Pig Trailer Rig

This is not the pellet grill for most people. With more than 20 square feet of cooking space (that's nearly 3000 square inches).

For those of you that might want to be able to pull a full sized, pellet powered, smoker rig to a catering gig, barbecue competition, or big event, this might just be the unit for you.

Large enough for a large whole hog, 25 full briskets, or 65 chickens, this is a big unit. Certainly large enough for a barbecue competition, the cooking area is spread on two cooking surfaces.

The pellet unit holds 85 pounds of pellets, which is good. While constructed from a thick gauge of steel, this is not an insulated smoker, so it will burn through a lot of pellets to get it to temperature and hold it there.

Since the pellet burner is in the bottom of this unit it can be used for grilling as well as smoking, though of course, it is a better smoker than a grill. The added versatility that this provides is nice since you might just want to cook up 200 burgers one day.

This is mounted on a full sized trailer on a 2,000-pound axle and there is extra space for other equipment and supplies on the standard rig though not a lot. The trailer comes with lights and is completely street legal and fits a standard 2-inch trailer hitch.

There are a number of similar cookers on the market and at around $8,000USD this isn't an inexpensive option, but one worth considering.

Green Mountain Grills are sold exclusively through independent dealers (look here for a dealer near you).

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