9 Green Tile Ideas That Bring a Fresh Feel To Your Bathroom

green tile bathroom

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Green tile can breathe life into nearly every room and also give it a pop of color. If you're thinking about adding more of the hue to your backsplash or tile floor, here are 9 ideas that will help you transform your room.

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    Tile Backsplash in Three Shades of Green

    Green Square Tiles On Bathroom Backsplash
    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    One awesome way to bring green colors into your bathroom is with ceramic or porcelain tile or glass mosaic tile.

    And within that realm of tile, you might want to install it as a backsplash along the countertop.

    So, if you're not a green maniac, you'll be limiting your green commitment to just four rows of one-inch square tiles.  And if you end up loving the color, you can always extend to other areas of the bathroom, such as the shower/tub.

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    Pure Green Simplicity in 4-Inch Square Tiles

    Green 4 by 4 Ceramic Tiles Near Bathtub
    Kate Davis / Getty Images

    No bells and whistles, no drama, no fireworks: this is simple, pure green tile.

    Yes, these are four-inch square ceramic tiles, your standard bathroom tiles that would pass unnoticed if white (or, if viewed by prospective home buyers, with a resolution to take a sledgehammer to them and lay down some real tile.)

    But color saves the day. Imagine laying back in the tub and losing yourself in this color.

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    Rectangular Green Glass Backsplash Tiles

    Green Glass Tiles Behind Bathroom Sink
    Glow Decor / Getty Images

    Which one is more awesome, the crisp green one by three-inch glass tiles on the wall...or that swirly sink?  

    Note how the vertical white lines counterbalance the green. Otherwise, we might overdose on green.

    Another nifty detail is how the tiler laid the tiles in a brickwork fashion, giving the field an orderly, modern look.

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    Green Tile in Bathroom Demarcates Sink Area

    Large Light Green 12 by 12 inch Tiles In Bathroom
    JazzIRT / Getty Images

    Great usage of green tile in this large bathroom. First of all, the designer toned down the green. Employing those electric greens we saw in earlier photos would be too much, too bright.

    Then: this sherbet green tile demarcates the sink/shower portion, providing a visual border between this and the toilet area.

    You're also looking at a thoroughly contemporary bathroom style: a frameless glass shower, wall-mount toilet, vessel sinks, and yes, a cantilevered (wall-mount) bathroom sink.

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    Retro Green 1960s Shower Tiles

    Retro Starburst Tiled Shower
    Ann Sacks

    Ann Sacks, prominent tile retailers, offers these four-inch Starburst tiles.

    Also available in putty and pastel yellow, these retro tiles work best when sprinkled among other, non-embossed tiles of the same color (as seen just to the left of the shower head).

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    Green Celery Shower Tiles?

    Celery colored tile in a bathroom
    Ann Sacks

    Another very lazy, relaxed matte green shower tile from the Ann Sacks/Barbara Barry series. 

    The layout is unusual and frantic, though. That narrow band of listello tile, two rows down from the inset, feels uneven and irregular. Otherwise, it's a gorgeous shower tile.

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    Sea-Green Glass Mosaic Shower Tile

    Modern Bathroom With Rich Green Tile and Cantilevered Counter
    Macie J Noskowski / Getty Images

    This combination of the sea-green glass tile around the bathtub area and the natural wood wall-mounted counter is unbeatable.

    Luxuriate in that extra-long stretch tub as the light pours through the windows and cascades over shimmering tile.

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    Green and Blue Glass Tiles Around Shower

    Green and Blue Glass Tiles Around Tub
    YinYang / Getty Images

    A perfect counterbalance to the medium-dark wood bathroom cabinets is the multi-color glass tile that makes up the finish of this large frameless glass shower and the bathtub surround.

    Green tile combined with blues and browns is a smart combination, and it brings down the total "greenness" of the room if you happen to like the color but not necessarily love it.

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    Can You Overdose on Green in a Bathroom?

    Shower With Tons of Green Tile and Frameless Shower
    Lisa Romerein / Getty Images

    This is the greenest bathroom for the green-lover. Unless you're such a person, this bathroom might just be a total turn-off for you.

    But a climax is always the best way to end a story, isn't it?