Top 10 Green Tools for Scrubbing Dishes, Pots, & Pans Clean

Easily Remove Tough Stuck-On Food, Grease, & Grime with Eco-Friendly Tools

Perhaps you’ve tried green dish detergents, but haven’t given a second thought to what tools you use to scrub your dishes, pots, and pans clean. Well, did you know that many conventional cleaning brushes and scrubbers contain non-biodegradable plastic, harmful synthetic dyes, artificial fragrances, and even dangerous chemicals like Triclosan

Why not give the earth a break and protect your health by reaching for some of these effective, earth-friendly alternatives instead? Many are derived from...MORE natural, sustainable materials like walnut shells, bamboo, agave, hemp, corn, and cellulose, so they easily biodegrade. Rest assured, even though they are green, they will get your dishes clean!

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    Made from corn fibers, this handy, six-inch all-natural scrubber, which is often found in Latin markets, is perfect for scraping off stuck-on food bits and will make you want to shout "Ole!" when you're done doing dishes.
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    Down to Earth Natural Coir Fiber Dish Brush
    Down to Earth Natural Coir Fiber Dish Brush. Photo © Down to Earth

    This eco-friendly dish brush is definitely down to earth as it’s completely biodegradable with dark brown fibers made from coconut husk and an attractive handle made of wood. Perfect for scrubbing pots and pans, it’s a great addition to any green cleaning regimen.

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    Full Circle Grip Pot Scrubber
    Full Circle Grip Pot Scrubber. Photo © Full Circle
    Get a grip on doing tough pots and pans with this handy, little pot scrubber. Its natural, bamboo handle easily fits in the palm of your hand and the natural loofah head gently, but effectively cleans. It contains some plastic, but it’s plant-derived versus petroleum-based, so it’s green.
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    Photograph of Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush
    Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush. Photo © Full Circle
    Hey, suds up! This brush actually makes dishes seem like a clean and fun affair. Pushing the button on the bamboo handle to dispense more soap makes doing dishes a snap. The replaceable brush head, which is made from a combination of plant-derived plastic and recycled-plastic bristles, scrubs away stubborn stuck-on food.
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    Lola Eco-Clean Tampico Dish Brush
    Lola Eco-Clean Tampico Dish Brush. Photo © Lola Products
    The long, nicely curved bamboo handle of this dish brush with natural Tampico bristles, which are derived from the Mexican agave plant, is ergonomically designed to ensure easy scrubbing and scouring for those long dish cleaning jobs.
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    Loofah-Art Natural Loofah Scrubbers

    Loofah-Art Tobasco® Bottle Natural Loofah Scrubber
    Loofah-Art Tobasco® Bottle Natural Loofah Scrubber. Photo © Loofah-Art
    If you want to introduce a bit of “art” into your kitchen cleaning routine, check out these bright scrubbers colored with non-toxic vegetable-based dyes and made from loofah, which is derived from a plant. Several fun designs are available, such as a Tabasco sauce bottle, so you are sure to find one that puts a smile on your face while you scrub those dishes!
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    Natural Value Walnut Scrubber Sponge
    Natural Value Walnut Scrubber Sponge. Photo © Natural Value
    This is a great sponge to go nuts over. The organic walnut-based scrubby side is the perfect green solution to scouring away stuck on grease and stains and it won’t scratch non-stick cookware. The soft, cellulose sponge side is gentle on the most delicate dishes. Plus, it contains 50% post-consumer recycled content.
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    Safix Scrub Pad
    Safix Scrub Pad. Photo © Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
    You’ll be taken away to the tropics - well, sort of - when you use this earth-colored scrubbing pad made from coconut coir fiber that is bound together with a non-toxic adhesive. Throw it in the compost when you are done!
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    Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Scrub Sponge
    Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Scrub Sponge. Photo © Karen Peltier
    This earthy looking spongs is a step in the right direction from a conventional manufacturer. It contains post-consumer content, a plant-based cellulose sponge, and a scrubby side made from 50% agave fibers and 50% nylon. The nylon component is the only drawback. It's definitely greener than 3M's blue sponges that leak dye when you use them, so switch from blue to green! See my review for more details.
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    Twist Ravioli Hemp Scrubby
    Twist Ravioli Hemp Scrubby. Photo © Twist
    Got stuck on pasta at the bottom of your pan? Reach for this cute scrubby that, well, looks like ravioli. Its plant-based, dye-free natural sponge is wrapped in hemp, an all-natural green material, and it quite simply makes cleaning dishes fun.