17 Classic Gray and White Bathrooms

grey and white bathroom

The Spruce / Jessica Lombardi

If you are looking for a timeless yet chic decor style for your bathroom, starting with a neutral color scheme such as white and gray is an easy solution. Not only does it allow for a lot of room for error (gray always matches with other grays and white), but it's also understated, which means that other elements of your decor can take precedence.

If you want to feature a stunning freestanding tub or bring attention to the large windows or alcove corner, gray and white will allow you to do that. The white keeps the space light enough, while gray adds some movement.

You can also play with textures with this scheme: think pebble walls, natural stone, and interesting tile patterns.

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    Classic and Chic

    white and gray bathroom with gray wood cabinets

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This chic bathroom from Kate Marker Interiors has a modern farmhouse feel with the gray double vanity paired with warm white walls, and a dual door cabinet displayed front and center. The mirror's reflection shows a rustic wooden ladder serving as decor as well as storage for hand towels. At the same time, the marble countertop gives a bit of a contemporary feel to an otherwise rustic setting.

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    Modern Gray and White

    light gray and white chevron pattern bathroom

    JK Interior Living

    Clean lines, lots of light, and plenty of space are the main features of this modern primary bathroom by JK Living Interior. The white freestanding tub takes center stage, yet the chevron pattern that not only covers the walls but the floor as well creates a subtle and still impressive space.

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    Mixing Tiles

    gray and white bathroom with gold accents and mixed tile

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    This daring bathroom has not one, not two, but three different types of tile featured in the space—and it absolutely works. The large marble brick style tiles on the walls with a corned dedicated to a more intricate pattern open the room up, while the subway tile chevron pattern on the floor adds a classic touch. The clawfoot bathtub with golden accents and the golden chandelier create an elegant feel, and the gray and white color scheme keeps the room from feeling too busy or overwhelming.

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    Farmhouse Style

    gray and white modern farmhouse bathroom

    House 9 Interiors

    Do you prefer more personality in your bathroom? This amazing bathroom by House 9 Interiors features a wonderful balance of farmhouse and industrial elements. The white vanity with a polished gray marble counter is nestled close to a rustic silver freestanding bathtub, and the mirror displayed over the sink gives an intriguing industrial vibe.

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    Spacious and Timeless

    spacious white and gray bathroom

    Marie Flanigan Interiors/Photographer: Julie Soefer

    This gray and white bathroom has multiple aspects that make it feel like a dream. The marble floors and freestanding bathtub are staples, naturally. However, the shower includes a bench to sit on and a built-in storage shelf for soaps and other products, and around the doorframe, an assortment of white floral decorations have been added to create texture. With an open layout and light color scheme, the bathroom feels incredibly spacious.

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    Classic and Affordable

    pale gray cabinets and white walls bathroom with double vanity and gold mirrors

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This beautiful bathroom, also designed by Kate Marker Interiors, can easily be done on a budget. A simple coat of light gray paint can elevate a vanity from drab to stunning without having to shell out too much money. The gold-framed pair of mirrors are reasonably accessible pieces to find, and their elongated shape allows the space to feel larger and the ceiling taller than it actually is.

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    Added Patterns

    gray and white bathroom

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Working with gray and white as a color scheme can create lovely subtle presentations—but adding some pattern is a great way to change things up and create interest. This bathroom features a patterned print along the back wall before moving into a tile shower. While the colors would allow for a soothing presence, the design keeps things from falling flat.

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    Elegant Yet Simple

    gray and white bathroom with white standalone tub and large marble tile walls

    Gray Space Interior Design

    This bathroom from Gray Space Interior Design uses a light marble print on the walls tiles paired with black accents to create something simple and stylish. It's proof that you don't have to go big to create a peaceful space (unless you really want to).

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    Patterned Wallpaper

    gray and white pattern small bathroom

    D Burns Interiors

    A very light marble countertop contrasts with a gray patterned wallpaper in this bathroom by D Burns Interiors. The gold-rimmed mirror and accents add a metallic touch, and the faux plant breathes a bit of life into an upscale space.

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    Marble Masterpiece

    gray and white all marble bathroom

    Marie Flanigan Interiors/Photographer: Julie Soefer

    One of the more elegant pairings of gray and white, in our opinion, has to be marble. From countertops to flooring to wall tiles, there are plenty of ways to add marble into a bathroom—like the one shown here from Marie Flanigan Interiors. The gold accents paired with the marble walls and sink are extravagant in the best way—and they are meant to be.

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    Plenty of Tile to Go Around

    gray and white bathroom, tile floor shiplap walls

    LeClair Decor

    This pairing of white tile in the shower and gray chevron on the floor is already a stunning combo, but the darker shiplap walls and metallic accents truly help tie the space together. This bathroom gives us neutral spa vibes that make us never want to leave.

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    Upscale Gray and White

    gray and white bathroom with geometric tile floor and light fixtures

    Kate Marker Interiors

    The simple color scheme used in this bathroom is sleek and polished in more ways than one. The moderate gray vanity and white walls are an ideal backdrop, yet the bulb sconces mounted to the mirror and the engaging pattern on the tile floor help bring this bathroom to another level.

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    Dome Shaped bathroom

    dark gray abstract tile and white walls and tub

    Design by Emily Henderson Design/Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Unusually shaped bathrooms have their perks, like the one shown here designed by Emily Henderson. The dome-shaped ceiling made from wooden boards is a unique feature, yet the rest of the bathroom embraces the white and gray color palette. The white fur rug on top of the dark gray tiles is an especially stunning detail.

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    Wooden Vanity

    marble gray and white bathroom with wood cabinets

    Marie Flanigan Interiors/Photographer: Julie Soefer

    Gray and white work well together, and because of their neutral colors, they tend to work well with other finishes and materials. This bathroom proves this—the wooden vanity meshes perfectly with the rest of the neutral bathroom, creating just enough contrast without detracting from the overall theme.

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    Bright White With Subtle Gray

    dark gray chevron tile bathroom floor with white marble walls and floating vanity

    Brophy Interiors

    You don't have to go 50/50 when using color pairs. It's often helpful to pick one color for a base and use the other as an accent, like this bathroom designed by Brophy Interiors. The mostly white wall and tub have the slightest touches of gray that add dimension, and the gray floor works as a secondary accent to the mostly white space.

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    Pattern Tile Floors

    gray and white tile bathroom

    Blakely Interior Design

    Don't feel like patterns have to stay confined to the walls—your floors are fair game, too! The bathroom designed by Blakely Interior Designs, shown here, has a delightful tile pattern floor that sticks with gray and white colors, and still leaves a strong impression.

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    Opt for Mostly Gray

    dark gray tile walls and white bathtub

    Brophy Interiors

    While plenty of bathrooms tend to work with white walls or a mostly white base, that doesn't have to be the case. This stunning example from Brophy Interiors opts to use gray on the walls and floor, with the tub being the bright white focal point.