17 Classic Gray and White Bathrooms

grey and white bathroom

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If you are looking for a timeless yet chic decor style for your bathroom, starting with a neutral color scheme such as white and gray is an easy solution. Not only does it allow for a lot of room for error (gray always matches with other grays and white), but it's also understated, which means that other elements of your decor can take precedence.

If you want to feature a stunning freestanding tub or bring attention to the large windows or alcove corner, gray and white will allow you to do that. The white keeps the space light enough, while gray adds some movement.

You can also play with textures with this scheme: think pebble walls, natural stone, and interesting tile patterns.

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    Classic and Chic

    Grey and white bathroom with tub, window, and light.
    Ryan Garvin

    This beach-style bathroom by William Guidero Planning and Design, via Houzz, features a beautiful horizontal stripe wall treatment. This wall style will make narrow spaces look wider.

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    Classic and Affordable

    Grey and white bathroom facing mirror above sink.
    Shelter Interiors

    This beautiful bathroom design by Shelter Interiors can easily be done on a budget. Gray tile is common and affordable, and the quartz countertop also saves money compared to marble or granite. Framing the mirror gives the space more movement and makes the ceiling seem higher.

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    Farmhouse Style

    Bathroom farmhouse grey cabinets with mirror above sink.
    Ashley Truman

    Do you prefer more personality in your bathroom? This amazing bathroom remodel by Ashley Truman of Cherished Bliss features a wonderful balance of farmhouse and industrial elements. A gray vanity contrasts against an eggshell white wall, while reclaimed wood and exposed pipes add variety and interest.

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    Modern Gray and White

    Grey and white bathroom with elevated sinks and modern handles.
    Goodchild Builders

    Clean lines, lots of light, and enough storage space for a family of six are the main features of this modern primary bathroom by Goodchild Builders. Rectangular vessel sinks and drop faucets make a beautiful contrast, and the granite countertop provides a balance between light and dark.

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    Ornate Gray and White

    Grey and white bathroom with vintage cabinets and decorative mirror.
    EJ Interiors

    This beautifully ornate bathroom by EJ Interiors features a bleached driftwood mirror frame, a marble floor tile mosaic, and an alcove shower with large marble tiles. The difference in veining from floor to shower tiles brings this bathroom to life, and the mirror frame provides a wonderful focal point.

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    Simplicity for Family

    Grey and white bathroom with circular mirror and tiled bathtub.
    Jason Snyder

    This bathroom by Jason Snyder has a wonderful, family-friendly simplicity that highlights the benefits of using gray and white. As a neutral color scheme, anyone in the family feels welcome: it's not overly feminine nor masculine. The subway shower tile alternates white and gray tile for some fun and movement, and a round mirror contrasts the square vanity. 

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    Patterned Wallpaper

    Grey and white bathroom with modern sink and a vase of flowers.
    Cory Connor Designs

    A very light marble countertop contrasts with a gray patterned wallpaper in this bathroom by Cory Connor Designs. The overmount sink has the heightened profile of a vessel sink, but with a little more depth. White wall paneling complements the wallpaper with its rectangular shape.

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    Elegant and Vintage

    Grey and white bathroom with claw-foot tub and chandelier.
    Shed Brand Studios

    Gray, white, pewter, and black work together in this gorgeous bathroom by Shed Brand Studios. The stained glass window is especially impressive and forms the heart of this bathroom, design-wise. Notice how the chandelier is hanging smack in the middle of the window, providing wonderful curvy contrast to the rectangular shape behind it.

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    Apartment Bathroom

    Grey and white bathroom with white vanity and silver mirror.
    Jennifer Worts

    A simple white two-drawer vanity with a gray stone countertop dominates the space against a gray wall. This bathroom by Jennifer Worts also features a beveled mirror for extra reflection and an acrylic stool for a touch of modern style. It's perfect for an apartment update.

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    Subway Tile

    Grey and white bathroom with tile along the wall.
    Matt Sartain

    A dark-gray subway tile adds drama to this white bathroom by Urrutia Design. The natural stone countertop is just a little grayer than the white vanity, which makes a nice transition between the tile wall and the rest of the space. A few minimal flower arrangements provide a welcoming organic touch.

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    Spacious Bathroom

    White and grey bathroom with tub and drapes.
    Soucie Horner

    Featuring Benjamin Moore's Moonshine pale gray shade, this spacious bathroom by Soucie Horner uses layers of white and gray to keep the decor classic, timeless, and traditional. Classic marble tile contrasts with a pure white porcelain freestanding tub, while dark gray curtains and silver accent table give depth and richness.

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    Modern Victorian Style

    Grey and white bathroom with tub, toilet, and radiator.

    How do you keep a Victorian feel when renovating your bathroom? This design by Granit keeps Victorian features such as the wood paneling and freestanding tub, with added modern touches such as a tankless toilet and a floating sink. A small wall shelf provides some storage space, and lots of mirrors with distressed framed add light and a retro feel.

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    Modern Industrial Style

    Grey and white bathroom with silver stands over the sink.
    The Cottage Company

    The subway tile and hex marble stone floor feel modern, but the open washstands have an industrial feel. This quirky bathroom by the Cottage Company features his-and-hers washstands with visible plumbing and retro hardware and practical pivot mirrors.

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    Checkerboard Flooring

    Grey and white bathroom with black-and-white tile floors and glass shower enclosure.
    C.P. Hart

    Unusually wide, the sink in this bathroom by C.P. Hart, via Houzz, attracts all the attention. It is complemented by an also very wide mirror and a small shelf. The gray subway tile keeps the space harmonious and seamless, and a checkerboard floor adds a retro, funky feel.

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    Cottage Bathroom

    Grey and white bathroom with pendant lights and white vanity.
    Muskoka Living

    This large, wonderfully lighted primary bathroom by Muskoka Living features large light fixtures, gray-framed windows surrounding the mirrors, and a Tetris-like marble flooring tile. Light gray shiplap wall paneling and retro faucets add a touch of nostalgia.

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    Boy's Bathroom

    Grey and white bathroom with slate gray cabinets and walls.
    Kyle Born

    Medium-gray walls and a green dinosaur dominate this small boy's bathroom by Shophouse Design. The mirror at the back of the alcove adds depth, and the white shower curtain reflects the light from the window, making the room appear bigger.

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    French-Style Primary Bathroom

    Grey and white bathroom with claw-foot tub and sitting chair.
    Jennifer Backstein Interiors

    A French-style mirror placed against the wall and an equally French armchair add lots of personality to this bathroom by Jennifer Backstein Interiors. The spacious arrangement gives lots of space for the clawfoot tub (with appropriately ornate claw-feet), and a large marble floor tile finishes the whole off in luxury.