Color in the Kitchen: Grey is the New Beige

Tips on how to use grey in your kitchen

Grey Stone Backsplash
Grey Stone Kitchen Backsplash. Nicolette Patton, CKD

Just like anything in design that gets overdone, Beige is out! 

So what replaces Beige?  You guessed it, Grey!

Grey has been hot now for about 2 years and gaining popular use in the past year.  As we saw with Beige, it showed up on walls, in furniture, accessories, ​countertops, cabinetry, flooring and backsplash tile.

Yay for Grey!  I love this color.  It can have hints of blue, brown (“greige”), green, black or white.  It is a neutral color that can be carried thru your entire home and paired...MORE with so many other colors.

Unlike Beige, it is a contrast to wood tones, so any color of wood that you use, will have many complimentary grey tones to choose from.  This is why greys works so well with wood floors.

Grey is also fabulous on walls!  Grey can be used for that accent wall you have been wanting to do in the living room, or it can go throughout the home.  It looks absolutely stunning with white trim and baseboards!

Benjamin Moore (my favorite paint company) has some fabulous Greys that I have used in some of my projects.  You can also purchase their "Color Stories" fan deck - it has some amazing colors from greys to blues to yellows and whites.  Here are some greys I have personally used and loved:

  • “Nimbus” #1465
  • “Cosmopolitan” #CSP-100
  • “Gray Owl” #2137-60 

So what does Grey mean for your kitchen?  A great compliment to your stainless steel appliancessinks and faucets.  

Check out these fabulous uses of grey in the kitchen:

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    Grey Cabinets

    Painted, stained or grey washed, grey is awesome in combination with other woods or white painted cabinets.  Try a grey island or a grey perimeter with a painted island.  

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    Grey Countertops

    It is no secret that I am a true believer in quartz products.  All of the big-name quartz companies have a variety of greys.  Here are some of my favorites:

    • Caesarstone: Linen, Haze, Ginger, London Grey, Shitake
    • Silestone: Keshno, Niebla, Cemento
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    Grey Backsplash

    Grey Stone Backsplash
    Grey Stone Kitchen Backsplash. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Whether we are talking about tile or glass, a grey backsplash can be the perfect complement for your kitchen. 

    Choose your backsplash after your cabinetry and countertops have already been selected. 

    Because of the huge selection of tile, you can always find something that compliments your cabinet & counter selections.  

    Grey tile can be found in glass, porcelain, ceramic or natural stone.

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    Grey Walls

    Not all kitchens are right for grey on the walls.  

    White and most wood tones are great with grey walls.  

    Take caution with any other beige colors in the kitchen.  Too many neutrals can create a drab and dreary space.  Use color to accentuate your other great kitchen features, like lighting, cabinetry, and backsplash. 

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    Grey Sink

    Kohler Enameled Grey Sink
    Kohler Enamel Grey Sink with Smart Divide. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Whether it is enamel or granite composite, there are some manufacturers like Kohler and Blanco that are making our favorite grey tones in sinks!  

    These look great with a white or lighter countertop.

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    Grey Flooring

    Material Layout with Grey Tile Flooring
    Material Layout with Grey TIle Fooring. Nicolette Patton, CKD

    Yes!  Of course, grey flooring!  

    You can find some awesome grey washed wood floors or grey tiles for the kitchen.  These are great with a wood toned or painted cabinets.

    A grey flooring material really sets the tone for the project.  Make sure you pull some other greys in your backsplash, walls or countertop to create a cohesive look.

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    Tips for Using Greys

    If you are painting a wall grey, don't get too light.  A white with a hint of grey can come across just plain dingy white.  Choose a grey with enough saturation to communicate its greyness.  

    As with any color you plan on using in your home, get a sample made up and paint a minimum of a 2' x 2' swatch on the wall in the area that it will be used.  You might be surprised how lighting and other finishes can change the dynamic of the color.

Have fun with your greys! There are so many grey products to choose from, you will not be at a loss for selection.