Grilla Pellet Grill

Grilla Pellet Grill
Grilla Pellet Grill. Fahrenheit Technologies

The Bottom Line

The Grilla Pellet Grill by Fahrenheit Technologies, makers of pellet powered heating equipment, is a unique cooker. Small in size and footprint this is a good choice for the person who wants a pellet grill, but doesn't need or want a huge unit. While the controller on this model is somewhat primitive, it is loaded with good features that make it easy to use and more importantly, maintain.

Relatively low in price (around $1,600USD), the Grilla is a good choice for a simple pellet grill.


  • Quick empty pellet hopper
  • Removable fire pot
  • Small footprint


  • Comparatively limited control unit
  • Small cooking area


  • 588 square inches of cooking area on two racks
  • 180 to 550 degree F/82 to 290 degrees C temperature range
  • 20-pound capacity side mounted pellet hopper with quick empty trap door
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Sixteen position control panel
  • Powder coated steel construction
  • Single layer lid
  • Removable bottom mounted ash catcher
  • Made in the United States

Guide Review - Grilla Pellet Grill

Fahrenheit technologies as been in the pellet heater business for many years and is an innovative company in the bio-fuels market. A few years ago they introduced the Grilla Pellet Grill, in part as an experiment in the pellet grill market and as an alternative product for their company. What this means is that when engineers at Fahrenheit technologies set out to build this pellet grill they started from scratch, not relying on what had already been done.

Certainly, this is a unique looking grill. The footprint is small. The lid rolls around instead of lifting up. This is actually an impressive bit of design. Not because of any hard engineering to make it work, but because of the way it leaves heat and smoke inside the cooking chamber. When you lift the lid of a normal grill, air rushes in to fill the space.

The lifting of the lid tries to create a vacuum. Since the lid on the Grilla doesn't displace air, it doesn't draw out heat or force air in. Kind of a cool idea.

The cooking chamber is relatively small on this pellet grill and it won't produce a lot of food, but enough for most people. The 488 square inches of cooking space are divided between two stainless steel cooking grates. It will do a couple of pork butts or racks of ribs, but it won't cook for a very large gathering. On the other hand, this pellet grill has the smallest footprint on the market, so it doesn't take up a lot of space either. When thinking about this grill it is important to take this into consideration.

The pellet hopper has a quick empty feature, so wood pellets can be changed out easily as needed. The fire pot is removable for cleaning and there is a rear access door for basic grill maintenance. This is a very good feature since pellet grills do require more care than other kinds of outdoor cooking equipment. On the other hand, the controller on this model is not as sophisticated as you might find on comparable products. The 16-position control dial won't do the nice 5-degree incremental temperature setting, but it is still precise enough for most people's needs.

Temperature control is good on this unit, and because it is small the fuel consumption is efficient even though this is not an insulated cooker.

All in all, this is certainly a pellet grill to consider, especially in the under $2,000USD price range. The engineering and features are certainly above average in the price range and while distribution seems limited it is readily available online.