The Improved Grilling Surface: GrillGrate

GrillGrate. GrillGrate, Inc.

If you had to sit down and re-engineer any one part of your grill (charcoal or gas) chances are you might pick the cooking surface. Many grills come standard with lightweight, flimsy cooking grates that food sticks to and seem impossible to clean. I've used a lot of grills over the years and while some grills have a very good cooking surface, many do not. To answer this, Brad Barrett invented GrillGrates.

These specialized grill grates are designed to virtual eliminate flare-ups and prevent food from burning and sticking. I've tried them, and they do just this.

GrillGrates sits on top of your normal cooking grates with the flat, slotted side down. It heats up conducting heat to the food while vaporizing drippings and eliminating flare-ups. You use a special spatula that slips between the slates of the cooking surface letting you get under foods. This is particularly useful for more delicate foods like fish since you can lift them without having to scrap underneath the food. The non-stick anodized aluminum material works perfectly to keep food from sticking. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it.

On the flip side, GrillGrates can be a little awkward to use. If you can wedge them into your grill it won't be a problem, but I had to push mine into the back corner of my grill to keep them in place.

This isn't a big issue, and as the grates get worked in a little they tend to stick together and hold onto your cooking grate better. The​ other thing to consider is the price. The least expensive grills are the ones that would benefit the most from, but at $60 for a set of two 5.25" x 13.75" grates plus special spatula, these are not an inexpensive investment.

For those that wonder how well these work, several years ago GrillGrates became the not so secret weapon in the world of championship steak cooking (yes, there are such competitions). Due to the excellent heat transfer and the highly defined grill marks, these grates are used by serious steak cooks as well as the searing alternative for pellet grills

If this sounds like the answer to your grilling problems, or just what you were looking for you can buy it at a growing number of local retailers or GrillGrates Online. I would suggest checking for a local retailer first because they tend to sell it for a better price.