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Everything Needed to Smoke, Grill, or Fry a Turkey

Chances are you are going to cook one Turkey a year so it had better be perfect. The problem with most big turkeys is that they get thrown in the oven and come out tasting, well, like turkey. The grill, the smoker, or even the fryer will add great flavors that the oven simply can't. Add to that turkey a great brine, marinade, and/or rub and this is something great and worthy of any holiday.

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    Basting Turkey
    Basting Turkey. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    The rotisserie might just be the best way to cook a turkey. The first rule is to make sure that the rotisserie that fits the grill can handle the weight. Once properly equipped, the method is simple and the self-basting of the slowly turning bird makes it more flavorful and moist. Of course a good baste goes a long way as well.

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    Basting Turkey - Smoking Turkey
    Basting Turkey - Smoking Turkey. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    Smoke gives a turkey a whole new layer of flavor, enhancing the bird in a way that the oven simply can't. While it will take twice as long in the smoker, the delicious tenderness is more than worth the effort. Take these steps to the perfect smoked turkey.

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    Turkey Brine Ingredients
    Turkey Brine Ingredients. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    For years, the secret to a great turkey has been a good brine. This salt-water bath adds moisture and makes a turkey that remains moist and is loaded with flavor. Doing it right isn't difficult, but missing a single step will ruin everything. Follow all these steps for a turkey ready for any cooking method.

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    Rotisserie Turkey
    Rotisserie Turkey. Regarding BBQ Inc.

    I've got more than 100 recipes for everything to make the perfect turkey. From brines, rubs, marinades, injections, sauces, and whole turkey recipes, these are the ones to try since they have been tested by thousands of user and perfected over nearly two decades.

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    Frying a turkey can be dangerous. That is a fact. It is also delicious and that is just as much a fact. Following all the safety rules reduces the risk and makes it possible for anyone to enjoy this amazing way of cooking turkey which can get a 20-pound bird cooked in about an hour. Yes, an hour.

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    Turkey Injection
    Turkey Injection. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Turkeys are big and rubs and marinades can carry flavor only a to the surface. By injecting a marinade directly into the center of the meat, that flavor will go virtually everywhere. This is the single best method for making the most flavorful and moist bird possible.

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    Smoked Turkey Breast
    Smoked Turkey Breast. Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    Don't need a 20-pound turkey? Turkey breasts come in a much more manageable size for a smaller gathering and yet are just as perfect for the smoker, grill, or fryer. Furthermore, since it is one kind of meat it is easier to cook and certainly much quicker. This is also a great way to experiment with cooking methods before the big holiday.

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    Most backyard grills are big enough to accommodate a large turkey but the secret to grilling the perfect turkey is getting all of it done at the same time. Since this is going to need indirect grilling and a very long cooking time, preparation and attention are mandatory, but with the light smoky flavor and crisp skin, this is one of the best methods for cooking a turkey.

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    Sabrina S. Baksh/Regarding BBQ, Inc.

    It doesn't have to take a 10-gallon bucket and a pound of salt and sugar to properly brine a turkey. The dry brining method accomplishes much of the same great effect of brining without water. Dry brining takes longer, about 36 hours for the typical turkey, but this method fits in the refrigerator better and is easier to do.

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    Has something gone horribly wrong with the holiday turkey? No worries, there are ways to fix the dried out meat, undercooked parts, and well, almost anything else that could put that special day into emergency mode.