Grizzly Model T10010 Wet Grinder Review

Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder
Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder. (c) 2009 Chris Baylor licensed to, Inc.

Every woodworker knows that sharp tools are a pre-requisite to quality workmanship. Dull chisels and planes are not only difficult to use, but ironically, they can be unsafe (by causing the woodworker to apply more pressure to obtain the same results).

The key to keeping these hand tools sharp is a good sharpening system such as the Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder. While it isn't overloaded with features, it does what it is designed to do well.

This grinder sharpened my chisels and planes with ease only a few minutes after opening the box. Accessories are available for sharpening knives, scissors, planer knives and more.

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  • Grinds and hones chisels and planes with ease
  • Accessory kits available for sharpening scrapers, knives, scissors, planer knives and more
  • Adjustable universal grinding support allows for multiple configurations


  • When grinding, water tends to escape the reservoir on the back side
  • All dressing tools (for honing the stone) are optional


  • Includes 10" grinding wet stone, leather stropping wheel, water reservoir, angle guide and polishing/honing paste.
  • Universal support can be positioned for grinding with or against the wheel's rotation.
  • In tests, water tended to cling to the wheel and miss the reservoir. A slightly larger reservoir would seem to be a solution.

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Guide Review - Grizzly Model T10010 Wet Grinder Review

In testing the Grizzly T10010 Wet Grinder, I was impressed with how quickly I was able to get up to speed and hone some old bevel-edged chisels that I had lying around to a razor sharp edge.

The documentation that accompanied the grinder was quite well-written, including all of the steps to ensure that the grinder (and more importantly, the grinding wheel) was in perfect working order before I began grinding.

The universal support was easy to adjust using the angle guide, allowing me to set the support to just the right angle for each tool.

The stropping wheel required a light coating of machine oil before adding the honing paste, but this is something that only needs to be done every for five to ten tools sharpened.

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