Mr. Baldwin Style Suggests Wedding Bands For Every Type of Groom

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    The Authors of GROOMS Suggest Wedding Bands For Every Type of Guy

    If it all comes together this holiday season, you’ll have a ring on your finger by New Year’s Day. Once that’s done, you should go out and get your guy Grooms: A Professional Stylist’s Guide to Wedding Day Apparel for Every Budget. Written by Donnell and Courtney Baldwin, of the NYC-based menswear styling and production agency, Mr. Baldwin Style, the book is chock full of wedding day wardrobe attire tips and ideas (more than 150 photographs!) for the groom, whether he’s classic, rustic or chic.

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    The Classic Groom

    Tiffany & Co. Lucida 18k gold mens wedding band

    "For the gentleman that enjoys classic elegance, no fuss or frills – only the refined basics." Tiffany Lucida 18k gold mens wedding band, $1,000, Tiffany & Co.

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    The Classic Groom, Remixed

    DeBeers Fused Lines men's wedding band in platinum

    "For the man who has a conservative sensibility but enjoys mixing it up to avoid predictability.  The fused platinum ridges in this band provide just that  -- tradition with an upgrade." Fused Lines men's wedding band in platinum, $1,600, De Beers Jewellery.

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    The Preppy Groom

    David Yurman Cable Classics men's wedding band in gold

    "This ring is reminiscent of a good cable knit sweater or nautical ropes – both staples of the preppy groom's lifestyle." Cable Classics men's wedding band in gold, from $2,950, David Yurman.

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    The Chic Groom

    Chris K Designs black tungsten men's wedding band

    "The color black is a staple of the fashionable groom's wardrobe—it's a distinctive mode of dress and his wedding ring is no exception." Black tungsten men's wedding band, $85, Chris K Designs.

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    The Groom In Color

    Suzanne Felsen 18k rose gold men's wedding band

    "This groom strives to be different by incorporating color into his wardrobe and looks to his wedding band to do the same. He is artistic, confident, and at times adventurous, making a square-shaped ring in rose gold the perfect choice." 18k rose gold men's wedding band, $2,850, Suzanne Felsen.

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    The Island Groom

    Mens Tungsten Online tungsten men's wedding band with bamboo inlay

    "The Island Groom is likely non-traditional in character with an appreciation for the outdoors and nature. On his wedding day, or any day, you may find this groom accessorizing with a group of wooden bracelets, panama hat or a wedding band with bamboo inlay—an ode to his love of all things natural" Tungsten and bamboo inlay men's wedding band, $499, Mens Tungsten Online.

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    The Rustic Groom

    Rhodes Wedding Co. Autumn Groves men's wedding band in white gold

    "You will find The Rustic Groom admiring billowing trees, mountain views, and anything else related to nature. He is outdoorsy and adventurous and pretty much 'no fuss no, no frills.' So we suggest a band that reflects his rugged sensibility."  Autumn Groves men's wedding band in white gold, from $1,600, Rhodes Wedding Co.

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    The Bohemian Groom

    George Frost 14k gold-plated brass men's Poison Ring with bloodstone inlay

    "The ordinary just won’t do. This groom is a free-spirit, the nonconformist artist type. He will wear a wedding band because he honors the tradition, but that’s where uniformity ends." 14k gold-plated brass men's Poison Ring with bloodstone inlay (flips to reveal a reverse-set diamond)), $420, George Frost.