Groundcovers & Vines

Vines and groundcovers can grow vertically or horizontally and make for special plants to dress up a trellis or create layers in a garden.
pachysandra terminalis
15 Best Evergreen Ground Cover Plants
Cypress vine in bloom with red flowers
Cypress Vine: More Than Just Pretty Flowers
Aubrieta with purple flowers nestled on rock
Use Aubrieta Plants to Blanket Garden Walls and Rock Gardens
ground cover greenery
14 Ground Covers That Are Tough but Tamable
Virginia Creeper on a fence
Virginia Creeper Plant: Care and Growing Guide
groundcover in shade
Be Wary When Choosing a Ground Cover Plant for Shady Areas
liriope grass
How to Grow Liriope Plants
Vinca minor ground cover in bloom.
How to Grow and Care for Vinca Minor
creeping phlox
How to Grow and Care for Creeping Phlox
bugleweed plant
Choose Bugleweed for a Cold-Hardy Herb With Purple Flowers
Snow in summer plants with small white flowers in ground
10 Best Ground Covers for Full Sun
Black-eyed Susan vine
How to Grow and Care for Black-Eyed Susan Vines
passionflower vine on a fence
20 Best Perennial Flowering Vines and Climbers
Morning glory flower with purple petals
How to Grow Easy Care Morning Glories
purple hyacinth bean plant
Tips for Growing Purple Hyacinth Bean Vines
Moonflower with white trumpet-shaped petals surrounded by leaves closeup
How to Grow Moonflower
sweet potato vines
Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines Look Great but Don't Taste Great
Close up picture of blue star creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis) light blue flowers.
16 Spreading Plants for Paved Areas
Creeping phlox with lavender flowers as ground cover closeup
19 Best Flowering Ground Covers
Wisteria vines with white flowers hanging over pergola
These Are the Best Vines for Training on Pergolas and Arbors
Chinese wisteria
Look out for Any of These 11 Invasive Vines in Your Garden or Yard
Moss ground cover
Reasons to Grow Moss Where Grass Will Not Survive
Colorful sedum (stonecrop) varieties as ground cover
Try These Varieties of Sedum (Stonecrop) as Ground Cover
Chinese wisteria tree
Chinese Wisteria Plant: Care and Growing Guide
orange trumpet vine bloom
How to Grow Trumpet Vines
Hardy Kiwi Vine Grows—and Fruits—In Almost Any Climate
Climbing hydrangea bush with small white flowers clustered together in between vines
How to Care for Shade-Loving Climbing Hydrangea Vines
Boston ivy
How to Grow Boston Ivy and Keep It Under Control
sweet autumn clematis
Sweet Autumn Clematis: Plant Care & Growing Guide
Japanese honeysuckle plant vines with yellow and white flowers
Japanese Honeysuckle Is Often an Invasive Vine
Dutchman's pipe vines with large heart-shaped leaves on metal trellis
How to Grow Pipe Vines
purple ice plant
How to Grow and Care for Ice Plants
Sweet woodruff plant with lance-shaped leaves and small white flower clusters
Sweet Woodruff Plant Profile
Yukon belle creeping juniper closeup
Junipers Are Up to Task Against Tough Slopes
closeup of english ivy
Incorporating English Ivy in Your Landscaping
winter creeper
Plant Wintercreeper Euonymus for Colorful Green and Gold Foliage
Ajuga reptans atropurpurea grown as ground cover aquilegia vulgaris (foliage)
What Are Ground Covers and Why Are They Useful?
Creeping phlox with lavender-colored flowers.
There's Nothing Creepy About These Creeping Plants
Boston ivy scaling a wall
What is the Difference Between Climbers and Creepers?
passion flower
How to Easily Grow Exotic Passion Flowers
Cobaea scandens flowers
Learn How to Grow Cup and Saucer Vine
Cardinal climber plant with red trumpet-shaped flowers on vines with palm-like leaves climbing column closeup
Learn How to Grow and Care for Cardinal Climber Vine
sweet alyssum
Sweet Alyssum: Delicate and Sweetly Scented
Bugleweed ground cover plant with purple flower clusters surrounded by leaves
Discover 5 Invasive Ground Covers to Avoid
chocolate vine
Chocolate-Scented Flowers Make Akebia Vine Unique
Angelina stonecrop groundcover with yellow flowers
'Angelina' Stonecrop: Care and Growing Guide
Hoya plant with red star shaped flowers in ball-like cluster
These Porcelain Looking Flowers Are Real
Irish moss ground cover with thin moss-like leaves and tiny white flowers
How to Grow Irish Moss
Vining jasmine hanging near window
Growing Fragrant Jasmine Indoors
Blue chalkstick plant in Mexico
Best Succulent Ground Covers
Chilean glory flower at night
How to Grow and Care for Chilean Glory Flowers
Vigna caracalla
Corkscrew Vine Plant Profile
Close up of the Rhodochiton atrosanguinea flowers
Rhodochiton Plant Profile
White and purple shell flowers on vine with delicate oval leaves
How to Grow Snail Vine Plants
Creeping wire vine with small circular leaves
How to Grow Creeping Wire Vine
Rupturewort ground cover plant with small dense leaves in sunligth
How to Grow Rupturewort
Scotch moss growing on ground next to boulder
How to Grow Scotch Moss
Jackman's clematis
Jackman's Clematis: Popularity That Is Earned
Creeping juniper plant covering the ground
How to Grow Creeping Juniper
Creeping mazus ground cover with circular bright green leaves and small purple flower
How to Grow Creeping Mazus