The Grow Box is Great for Container Vegetable Gardening

Garden grow box

The Bottom Line

The Grow Box is a great and economical system for growing vegetables.

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  • Extremely easy to set up and use
  • Economical
  • Water efficient and potentially more productive than conventional gardening
  • Can't over-water vegetables and you don't need to re-add fertilizer 
  • Can use it to grow vegetables anywhere


  • No organic version
  • Plastic box could be thicker
  • Staking system could be sturdier
  • Soil cover has large logo


  • Self-watering system
  • Allows you to grow vegetables easily, anywhere with full sun
  • Made of UV Resistant Plastic
  • Comes with soil cover and fertilizer
  • Water efficient
  • Increases vegetable yield
  • Sells for $29.95
  • Staking kit $23.95
  • Available in forest green or terra cotta
  • Measures 28" long 14" wide x 12" high

Guide Review - The Grow Box is Great for Container Vegetable Gardening

After trying The Grow Box and Earthboxes,  you may never grow a conventional tomato again. Self-watering containers, like The Grow Box, just make too much sense and work too well not to use for growing vegetables in containers. The Grow Box works really well and makes it easy to grow vegetables anywhere you have full sun.

If you are diligent about keeping the water reservoir full, The Grow Box gives plants a steady supply of moisture and fertilizer, which is particularly important for growing vegetables successfully.

Setting up the The Grow Box for the first time is quick and easy, though the instructions are a little bit confusing and  mine didn't go together seamlessly - it took a bit of struggling to get the plastic flaps to stay where they were supposed to. Also, I must not have read the directions carefully because I didn't keep the little pins that you break off when setting up. The Grow Box comes with everything you need except potting soil and plants.

The Grow Box comes with a fabric cover that has plastic tubes of fertilizer attached. These tubes supply a whole growing season worth of fertilizer, which makes growing vegetables successfully incredibly easy.

Here are the downsides to The Grow Box by Garden Patch. Unfortunately, The Grow Box only comes with conventional fertilizer. Also, there is a big logo on the burlap box cover, though as the plants grow, it gets covered pretty quickly. Also, The Grow Box isn't as sturdy as an Earthbox, which uses a similar system. However, for the same price, The Grow Box comes with fertilizer.

The good news though is that this product worked as promised. I grew two cherry tomato plants per Grow Box and was astonished at their size and productivity - I was literally overwhelmed with tomatoes. A friend grew zucchini in hers and was also blown away by the results.

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