How To Train And Grow Climbing Roses For the Most Blooms

Roses on a white wall.
Ekely/E+/Getty Images

Training a climbing rose is an important part of creating a cascading, heavily blooming rose specimen. Follow these instructions to be certain your climbing rose looks its best.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 1 Hour

Here's How:

  1. Attach trellis at least 3 inches away from the wall that the climbing rose will be attached to.
  2. Tie the stems of the climbing rose to the trellis with soft cloth strips as it grows throughout the year. Do not prune until the rose covers the entire trellis.
  1. Gently bend some of the new canes so they grow outward to cover more of the trellis.
  2. Snip off branches that are growing too thickly. Every three years, cut out some of the older canes and allow new, younger canes to replace them.
  3. Always remove the weak canes so that the plant can focus strength into a few strong main canes.


  1. Always cut spent flowers to encourage more to form.
  2. Cut climbing roses in early spring,while still dormant.

What You Need:

  • Sturdy trellis
  • Soft strips of cloth
  • Sharp, clean pruning shears
  • Thorn proof gloves
  • Climbing rose that grows in your garden zone