Fruit Trees: Care Guides & Growing Advice

Growing Fruit

Depending on your climate, you can grow certain fruit right at home. If you don't have room for a tree, there are even small space options for growing some fruits in pots.
determinate tomato varieties
20 Determinate Tomato Varieties to Grow in Your Garden
how to fertilize strawberries
Guide to Fertilizing Strawberries for Maximum Yield
Sungold tomatoes in blue crates
How to Grow and Care for Sungold Tomatoes
tomato plant with several red, ripe tomatoes and green leaves in background
Total Tomato Growing Guide: How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Tomatoes
Strawberries and alliums make good companions
11 Best Strawberry Companion Plants (and What Not to Plant Nearby)
Small yellow tomatoes hanging off vine of woven planter closeup
13 Types of Yellow Tomatoes to Grow in the Garden
Collection of vegetables and herbs together with some eggplant, all of which are perfect companion plants.
18 Best Eggplant Companion Plants to Grow in Your Garden
Butterfly Pea Plant
How to Grow and Care For Butterfly Pea Plant
strawberry patch
Expert Gardeners Swear By These 5 Strawberry Growing Hacks
Tomato Plant Cages
How to Use Tomato Cages
harvested tomatoes and plant in the background
Pro Gardeners Use This Secret Hack to Grow the Best Tomatoes
Hothouse Tomatoe
All About Hothouse Tomatoes
Tomato Diseases
8 Tomato Diseases: Identification, Treatment and Prevention
Sun on Tomatoes
How Much Sun Do Tomatoes Need?
Closeup of a young olive tree growing indoors
How to Grow and Care for Olive Trees Indoors
Satsuma tree branch with bright green leaves above cluster of orange round fruit hanging
How to Grow and Care for a Satsuma Orange Tree
fig tree
How to Prune Fig Trees
Almond-shaped peach seed held between finger tips
How to Grow Peaches From Seed
peach tree
How to Grow and Care for Peach Trees
Tomato Life Cycle
Tomato Plant Growth Timeline: the 7 Stages (With Pictures)
tomatoes on vines
How to Save Overwatered Tomato Plants
Closeup of wild strawberry
How to Grow Wild Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)
Watering Tomato Plants
How Often to Water Tomato Plants for Maximum Growth
Tomato Fertilizer
Guide to Fertilizing Tomatoes: How and When to Do It
Growing Pineapple
How Long Does It Take to Grow a Pineapple?
Closeup of harvested pink Brandywine tomatoes
How to Grow and Care for Pink Brandywine Tomato
Green Zebra tomatoes on the vine
How to Grow and Care for Green Zebra Tomato
Closeup of Mortgage Lifter tomatoes starting to fruit
How to Grow and Care for Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes
Pineapple Plant
How to Grow Your Own Pineapple
Watermelon on Vine
How to Grow Watermelons From Seeds
Closeup of everbearing strawberries
How to Grow and Care for Everbearing Strawberries
Yellow Pear Tomato Plant
How to Grow and Care for Yellow Pear Tomato
Black Krim tomatoes
How to Grow and Care for Black Krim Tomato
Bell Peppers
How to Grow and Care for Bell Peppers
A grove of grapefruit trees at sundown in South Africa.
How to Grow and Care for Grapefruit Trees
Ficus carica ‘Chicago Hardy’
How to Grow and Care for Chicago Hardy Fig
Foliage and berries of jostaberry plant.
How to Grow and Care for Jostaberry Bushes
oranges on an orange tree
How to Grow and Care for Orange Trees
Orange and green Roma tomatoes and vines climbing metal arbor
How to Grow and Care for Roma Tomatoes
Cherokee Purple Tomato
How to Grow and Care for 'Cherokee Purple' Tomatoes
Tomato plant with yellow blossom in foreground, with tomatoes on vine in background
15 Types of Tomatoes to Grow
apple tree
15 Types of Apple Trees to Grow
Planting and spacing tomatoes
How to Space Tomato Plants
Pineapple guava fruit tree branch with small white bloom and bright red stamen
How to Grow and Care for Pineapple Guava (Feijoa)
Bartlett Pear tree canopy
How to Grow Bartlett Pear Trees (Williams Pear Trees)
Small pomegranate bush grown inside in white standing planter
How to Grow Pomegranates Indoors
Strawberry leaves changing color in the fall
How to Care for Strawberry Plants in Winter
san marzano tomato plant
How to Grow and Care for a San Marzano Tomato Plant
Small orange tomatoes hanging from plant vine in woven basket planter indoors
How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors
Yellow and orange lemon cucumber hanging from vine on metal fence
How to Grow and Care for Lemon Cucumbers
Light green winter squash resting on soil underneath vines and large leaves
How to Grow and Care for Winter Squash (Cucurbita Maxima)
Red currant plant with small bright red fruit clustered on thin stems
How to Grow and Care for Red Currants
Gooseberry plant with dark red berry hanging from branch with small lobed leaves
How to Grow a Gooseberry Plant
Cherimoya tree with long extending branches, light green fruit hanging next to oval-shaped leaves
How to Grow the Cherimoya Tree
Citrullus lanatus 'Black Diamond' fruit
How to Grow Black Diamond Watermelons
Celebrity tomatoes hanging from tomato plant vines
How to Grow and Care for Celebrity Tomatoes
Chokecherry shrub branches with bright and dark red cherries hanging between rounded leaves
How to Grow Chokecherries
Common fig tree with large leaves on branches
How to Grow the Common Fig Tree (Ficus carica)
Closeup of harvesting a ripe beefsteak tomato
How to Grow and Care for Beefsteak Tomatoes
Bright orange-red better boy tomatoes hanging on plant vine
How to Grow Better Boy Tomatoes