Everything You Need to Know About Growing Tomatoes

A cluster of various types of tomatoes in a basket
Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

For gardeners, growing a great tomato is the ultimate trophy. Tomatoes are easy enough to grow, but a real triumph when you grow them well. Who hasn't sought out one more tip for growing the perfect, aromatic, unblemished, sun-ripened tomato?

Fresh tomatoes mean summer - sunshine, easy living and delectable food. Getting the perfect tomato for yourself is half the conquest. Now, how do you prepare this prized tomato to showcase its mouth-watering goodness? With the best tomato recipes, of...MORE course.

Here's some handy information on everything from choosing the right seed to keeping your plants healthy and productive, to preserving the fruits of your efforts, including easy tomato recipes for turning your ambrosial tomatoes into the best tomato sauce, pie and even drinks.