Growing Tomatoes

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Growing, Choosing and Using Tomatoes.

Fresh tomatoes mean summer - sunshine, easy living and delectable food. For gardeners, tomatoes are an eternal quest. They're easy enough to grow, but a real trophy to grow well. Who hasn't sought out one more tip for growing the perfect, aromatic, unblemished, sun-ripened tomato? We're here to share our tomato growing tips with you.

Getting the perfect tomato is half the conquest. Now, how do you prepare this prized tomato to showcase its mouth watering goodness? With the best tomato...MORE recipes, of course. Easy tomato recipes for turning your ambrosial tomatoes into the best tomato sauce, pie and even drinks.

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    Getting Started Growing Tomatoes

    Tomato Plant
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    The first ripe tomato of summer is a gardeners badge of honor. Get your tomato plants off to a good start and they'll reward you all season long. It all starts with the right seed and a little TLC at planting time. Grow your best tomato ever.

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    Alternative Ways to Grow Tomatoes

    Growing Tomatoes in Containers

    Don't think you have the space to grow tomatoes? Nonsense. We'll show you how to please both you and your tomatoes, whether it's in a pot on the patio or dangling from railing. There's always room for tomatoes.

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    Troubleshooting Tomatoes: Diseases and Problems

    Controlling Tomato Diseases

    If you plant it, they will come. We're not the only ones who love tomatoes. There are plenty of pest and diseases lurking in the garden, waiting to foil your best efforts. Don't let them. The solution to tomato problems is being prepared. Let us help.

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    Advanced Tomato Growing: Growing the Best Tomatoes in Town

    Tomato Varieties
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    Looking for ways to go beyond totally tomatoes? Become the tomato master with just a little extra effort and planning. Get the healthiest plants, the best flavors, the best complements, the best compliments. Abbondanza!

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    Harvesting This Years Tomatoes and Preparing for Next Year

    Harvesting Tomatoes
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    You did it! You grew your best tomatoes ever and now you need to get them into the house and save some seed to start it all over again next year. Don't worry, the hard part is over. Harvesting and saving seed are the pay-off.

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    Tomato Basics: Buying and Storing

    Pick the Perfect Tomato.
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    You don't have to grow your own tomatoes to experience tomatoes at their best. You just have to know how to chose them. Get out there while local tomatoes are in season and start squeezing and sniffing. Need more advice than that? Here it is.

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    Top Tomato Recipes

    Fresh Tomato Recipes
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    Fresh and sun-warmed or enhancing the most sophisticated French meal, it's tomato eating season. Wondering what to do with all those heavenly tomatoes? Here's a sampling of our Guides best recipes, from Ketchup to Cassoulet. Don't let those tomatoes go to waste.

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    Preserving Tomatoes

    Preserving Tomatoes
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    Can there be such a thing as too many tomatoes? When they're piling up on every windowsill and counter top, it's hard to deny. You can't keep the tomato plants forever, but you can keep the tomatoes, to enjoy once tomato season is a mere memory. Can them or dry them to enjoy later. What the heck, why not go out and buy some more to preserve, while they're in season? A big batch is just as easy as a small one.

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    Green Tomatoes

    A Pile of Green Tomatoes
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    Summer's almost over and your tomatoes still haven't ripened. It happens. Luckily there are ways to coax your green tomatoes to blush. And, when all else fails, there are plenty of green tomato recipes to save you.

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    Sundry Tomato Information

    What Does Vine-Ripened Tomato Mean?
    Photo: Getty Images News / Michael Bradley

    Think you know everything there is to know about tomatoes? Here are some tomato tidbits to make you appear erudite and tomato savy at your next tomato festival