26 Guest Room Ideas That Are Equally Welcoming and Stylish

Guest bedroom with patterned throw pillow and folded throw blanket on end

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

If you have a spare room in your home that you use to host guests, don't let its design scheme fall to the wayside. Sure, it's easy for the guest room to become neglected or used as a space to store off-season decor or craft equipment, but if you take some time to truly make it a stylish, welcoming place for your visitors, it can look wonderful. Don't believe us? Just take a peek at the 26 guest rooms below that are so charming and cozy, we'd be happy to sleep in them year round.

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    "Wow" Wall

    guest room mural

    @harleyhousebythesea / Instagram

    Perhaps you're a bit ambivalent about experimenting with a wall mural in your main bedroom. If that's the case, go ahead and have some fun with paint in the guest room! We love this bold patterned design behind the bed; truthfully, it eliminates any need for a headboard, too.

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    Floating Nightstand

    small wall nightstand

    @jl_catherineh / Instagram

    A small wall shelf can easily double as a nightstand in rooms where you don't need to store much by the bed or are just looking to save space. This one is nice and sleek in the above guest room.

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    Cozy Touches

    boho guest room

    @elleandjay321 / Instagram

    Don't skimp on details! A small reading chair, a tray for sipping coffee in bed, and a few decorative objects will go a long way in making a guest bedroom feel like home (and look pretty darn cute, too).

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    Eye-catching Wall Art

    tapestry in guest room

    @deregenbogenhaus / Instagram

    Guest room wall art doesn't have to be boring. If you're looking to think outside the box, try a tapestry, framed rug, or other textural object to add some visual interest to the space.

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    Blanket Bounty

    layered blankets on bed

    @homeoftracey / Instagram

    Placing a variety of quilts on the bed in a layered fashion means that your guest will never have to wake up chilly in the middle of the night wondering where to grab extra blankets. This setup is both functional and chic!

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    Charming Nook

    small guest room

    @lynchielins / Instagram

    Even the smallest sleep spaces can be made ultra cozy for guests. This bedroom is full of charm thanks to a beautiful rattan pendant light, sheepskin blanket on the floor, and cheerful bedding.

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    Soft and Soothing

    soothing guest room

    @hollsrobertshome / Instagram

    Another neutral guest room features soft sherpa pieces, dried florals, and throw pillows galore, everything your tired visitor needs for a sound night's sleep.

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    Peaceful Pink

    pink and black guest room

    @homestyle_bycarly / Instagram

    Light pink is a soothing color that's tons of fun to use in the guest room, even if you wouldn't ordinarily incorporate it into other parts of your house. Sharp black accents keep the space looking mod and fresh.

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    Nice Neutrals

    sophisticated neutral guest room

    @our_midfordhome87 / Instagram

    A soft throw, a soothing candle, and soothing neutral shades create a luxury hotel-like atmosphere in this sophisticated guest bedroom.

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    Wonderful Wallpaper

    wallpaper in guest room

    @lldesign_interiors / Instagram

    Don't underestimate the power of wallpaper. It can have such a soothing effect that is reminiscent of a cozy bed and breakfast in a small town—at least that's how we feel about the above space!

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    Vintage Vibes

    simple cozyguest room

    @jennyatfullcirclehomes / Instagram

    There's something about a spindle bed that makes a guest room feel extra homey and welcoming. Just add a comfy quilt and some colorful throw pillows, and you're good to go.

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    Plant Happy

    plants in guest room

    @foxandfernhome / Instagram

    Don't forget about the power of plants—your guests deserve to be surrounded by green friends, too. If you're worried about maintaining plants in a space you don't use too often, you can always go the faux route; they will still add welcome color and life to the room.

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    Sneaky Storage

    nightstand storage in guest room

    @jmp_interior / Instagram

    Every guest room needs at least a bit of storage for guests to stash away their clothing and belongings. Even if you can't fit a full blown dresser into your guest room, a nightstand with sufficient drawer space will certainly make an impact.

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    Pop of Green

    green accent wall

    @athomewithtash_xo / Instagram

    Experiment with a fresh new hue by adding an accent wall behind the bed in your guest room. This green shade is sure to put some pep in any guest's step.

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    Moody Hues

    bold colors in guest room

    @shes.crafty.at.home / Instagram

    Play with a moody color scheme and paint the walls of your guest room a deep green. Then layer in other vibrant hues for a bold bedroom that is sure to stick in your visitors' memory.

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    Matchy Matchy

    symmetrical guest room

    @rachelhayes51 / Instagram

    The more visitors, the merrier! When designing a guest room featuring two twin beds, sticking to a symmetrical layout never fails. This space is equipped with adorable matching quilts and sconce lighting.

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    Whimsical Walls

    wallpaper accent wall

    @myseptembercottage / Instagram

    Alternatively, you can use a bold wallpaper print to achieve an accent wall. This design will transport guests to the tropics... no matter where they really are.

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    Local Touch

    local map framed in guest room

    @unclutteredhouse / Instagram

    Add some local flair to your guest room by hanging a framed map of your hometown above the bed or highlighting your surroundings through artwork. Wall art with a bit of personality is always a winning touch.

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    Mix and Match

    pattern mixing in guest room

    @olivine_design / Instagram

    Don't forget to play with patterns if multiple types of prints make you happy. This guest room is full of joyful hues and designs that look warm and elegant. (Bonus points for putting out some fresh florals!)

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    Artful Accent

    chill boho guest room

    @designdevotee / Instagram

    If you're unsure how to fill empty wall space above the bed, go for an oversized print or painting that matches the colors of your guest room and tells a story. This picture contributes to the space's chill, boho-design style.

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    By the Fire

    cozy rustic guest room

    @my.e17.home / Instagram

    What's more calming than a guest room with a fireplace? This space is nice and rustic with its simple yet charming decor.

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    Arch it Up

    painted arch in guest room

    @homeatburrowhill / Instagram

    Love painted arches? Then by all means, go for one in the guest room! This sunny setup is ultra Insta-worthy.

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    Hang a Hat (or Two)

    sunhat decor in guest room

    @theyouthfulhome / Instagram

    Go ahead and display your favorite accessories for some creative flair. A sun hat on the wall may be just what you need to bring a vacation-like atmosphere into your guest room.

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    Book Worm

    stack of books on nightstand

    @millieturnerdesigns / Instagram

    Outfitting the bedside table with coffee table books and novels will help keep guests occupied if they have trouble sleeping or wake up early. An artful stack of a variety of texts is all you need.

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    Funky Feels

    black and white wallpaper in guest room

    @unclutteredhouse / Instagram

    Black and white wallpaper and a funky, mushroom-shaped lamp add personality to this charming guest room. Bring on the vintage vibes!

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    Antique Addition

    carved headboard

    @forchicsake / Instagram

    Let an antique headboard do the talking—if you have a special piece that's been passed down and doesn't quite mesh with the rest of your home decor, consider making it work in the guest bedroom. This carved piece sure is stunning.