How to Play the Guest of Honor Birthday Trivia Game

Group of young people having a party

Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images

When the birthday boy or girl is a little too old to play pin the tail on the donkey, but you want to have games at their party, what do you do? Trivia games are a great option. Try the birthday version of the newlywed game and ask guests to answer trivia questions about the birthday person.

It will show how well guests know the birthday boy or girl and probably reveal a few truths in the process, usually with very amusing results. This game can also be adapted for a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary.

There are a few different varieties of this game you can adapt, depending on how many guests you'll have, and the birthday boy or girl's sense of humor. The longer you've known the birthday guest, the better your chances are of racking up points in any version of this game. 

Keep Your Questions Light

Since the goal is to cause mild embarrassment (in an affectionate way) for the guest of honor, this version of the game is suited for groups of friends that have known each other for a long time and have built trust and respect. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting the birthday boy or girl's feelings, which no one wants on their special day.

Always consider your audience when crafting your questions, gauging the appropriateness based on the crowd. You may not want to ask questions about the birthday girl's past romantic encounters if her mother is in the room, for instance.

Celebrity Roast Style Trivia Game

Remember those old-fashioned Hollywood roasts, where celebrities would each speak in slightly-less-than-flattering terms about a guest of honor? That's sort of the basis for this version of your party trivia game.

Hand out a list of questions about the birthday boy or girl. Guests have a limited amount of time to answer as many questions as they can correctly. 

You can get creative with the questions (and this is where the game can get really fun). Ask some basic questions such as the birthday guest's favorite book, movie, or food. Throw in a few about "the first time they got drunk" or "the first girl who rejected them."

For couples, you can ask questions such as when and where they first met, had their first kiss, or went on their honeymoon. This game is especially favorable for a baby shower that involves both the parents to be. You can award prizes based on who answers the most questions correctly, who completes the questions first and give a booby prize to the person who gets the most answers wrong. 

Game Show-Style Trivia

This is the version of the game that's closest to the old Newlywed Game television show, where newly-married couples had to prove how well they knew each other by accurately answering questions about each other. 

For the birthday version of this game, ask your guests for volunteers to act as "contestants," with you or another guest acting as the emcee or judge. 

Seat your volunteer contestants in front of the room and ask questions in front of the other guests. Give points to the contestants for the correct answers. Whoever has the most points wins some kind of prize related to the birthday guest, maybe a funny picture of them or some other piece of memorabilia.

Like any birthday activity, you want to keep things light and entertaining. It's okay to poke fun at the birthday boy or girl, but at the end of the day, everyone is gathered to celebrate them and their special day.