All You Need to Know About Moving and Apartment Rentals

Use these tips for renting, moving into and out of an apartment

If you're moving into an apartment, there are things you need to know about renting, including what to look for when apartment hunting, how to sign a lease, and how to move out when you need to.

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    Top 5 Apartment Rental Search Tools

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    If you're like us, you're a little tired of searching through the endless postings on Craig's List, looking for your next rental. So, while your family starts the hunt for your next home it's a good idea to gather together all the apartment search tool reviews and rank-order them so you know where to start.

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    What Is the Cost of Renting an Apartment?

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    If you're planning to rent an apartment for the first time, or it's been a while since you last rented, there are some hidden costs in finding and renting an apartment. With this guide to rentals, you'll know exactly what you need to know before you sign the lease.

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    How to Prepare Financially for Your First Apartment

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    While moving into your first home can be a lot of fun, it's also a very stressful time. Moving out on your own takes money. So, to help anyone who's making this exciting leap, check out this article on taking the first step. Once you've followed the key ingredients in setting up your moving and household finances, you'll be ready to call up your friends to help you pack and load that moving van.

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    What to Ask the Landlord Before Signing the Lease

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    If you're looking for a new rental, you'll know that it's important to ask all the questions you need to ask the first time you see the apartment. But often, at least whenever we've been looking for a new rental, there are some key questions we forget to ask the landlord so we always find myself needing to call again. It makes it really difficult to make a good decision, especially if the rental market is tight and apartments are hard to find. 

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    Apartment Rental Checklist

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    To help with renting an apartment, we've come up with a printable apartment rental checklist of things you should ask the landlord or building manager when you're touring the apartment. This list is a quick and dirty version of the previous article, with everything from recording costs, apartment features and neighborhood characteristics.

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    Apartment Rental Toolkit

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    Over the years, we've created what we like to call an Apartment Hunting Toolkit that we now use whenever we're looking for a new home - to buy or rent. We just don't leave home without it.

    So, for all you apartment hunters out there, find out how to ensure you're search is both effective and efficient with this toolkit. And if you have any items to add to the toolkit, just post a note in the comments below.

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    First Apartment Walkthrough Checklist

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    Whenever you move into a new apartment, there are a few things you need to check before you sign the lease. These are areas of the apartment rental that are often overlooked and can end up costing you money when you move out, that is, they can affect your chances of getting back your security deposit. Not only does this list provide details of what to look for before you move in, but it also alerts you to possible fixes that your landlord should complete before you unpack the first box.

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    How to Find a Roommate Using an Active Search

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    If you're moving to college or moving from a dorm room into your own apartment and need help paying the rent, then you're likely looking for a roommate. Finding the right roommate - someone who's compatible and could become a lifetime friend - is difficult. The first step? Figuring out the best way to advertise and that begins here - with our article that will guide you through the initial search using an active approach.

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    How to Find a Roommate Using a Passive Search

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    Are you looking for a roommate who's just as nerdy as you? Or maybe someone who likes to stay up late watching B-rated movies or a person who shares your love of parties and dancing? Whatever your type, finding the right roommate while still at college requires some effort on your part. But if you follow our suggestions for conducting a passive search for a roommate, your efforts will be small and the reward, large.