Must Have Guide to Move Your Home in Winter

Tips for Cold Weather Moving

Moving anytime of year is difficult, but if you have a flexible schedule and are not on a specific timeline, there are several factors to consider when deciding when to move. Keep in mind that these factors could also be part of a negotiation deal with your employer if you are being relocated or if starting a new position.

But if you have to move when the weather is unpredictable, you'll find it more challenging than if you move in the summer. But even though winter presents it's own...MORE difficulties, there are some benefits to moving in the winter

So if you want to move without major problems you need to be prepared, making sure your trip is well planned. While moving in winter means you'll have an easier time renting a moving truck or hiring a moving company, there are other things you'll need to do to prepare, including having the right supplies on hand and being ready for a change in weather and plans.

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    If you can choose when to move - which doesn't happen very often - before you decide to move in winter, find out how the seasons can affect your move both good and bad.  It's common sense to know that moving in the winter in Wisconsin is going to be very different than moving in the winter if you live in Southern California.  So keep in mind that the seasonal differences in move will change according to where you live and the type of weather you'll experience.

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    Moving in winter often means that you're taking on a tough job at a time when weather conditions vary and are unpredictable which makes it a lot more challenging than if you were to move in the summer.  But just because it's snowy and cold, doesn't mean you can't make this move successful - and these tips will help.  Find out how to keep both your stuff and family safe during a winter move.

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    The major factor that you need to deal with when moving in winter is the inclement weather. To prepare, there are several things you'll need, items that aren't necessary for a move any other time of the year. Note that some items you'll have on hand, while others may need to be purchased before moving day.

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    If you're moving in winter, in particular if you're moving to another city or state, you'll need to prepare for travel to your new home, including preparing your car for the long distance trip. making plans for how you'll get there and ensuring you have everything you need to arrive safely.  Use this list and guide to ensure your winter travels are as stress free as possible.

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    If you're traveling in the winter to your new home by car, make sure you know how to drive safely and be prepared for inclement weather, including being prepared for storms and car trouble and what to do if you find yourself stuck with these winter driving tips.

After reviewing this guide to moving in winter, you may be wondering why you chose to move during one of the toughest seasons. But don't regret your decision, instead celebrate your move knowing that winter enables you to negotiate a cheaper rate from moving companies or rental truck agencies and that you won't be fighting with other people for the best movers you can hire. You'll also have less competition in renting or buying a new home. So, if you don't have a choice of when you move, try to embrace the winter challenges, be prepared for the worst then celebrate the journey to your new home, knowing that proper planning, preparation and with the right information will get you there.