G'Vine Gin

G'Vine Gin - GVine Gin
G'Vine Gin. Photo Courtesy of: © G'Vine Gin

G'Vine Gin is unique to the gin world. This ultra-premium gin is produced the French region of Cognac and is distinct due to its infusion of green grape flowers from the prized Ugni Blanc grape. Added to that and the neutral base spirit are several botanicals: ginger root, licorice, cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, cubeb berries, nutmeg, lime and just enough juniper. The result is interesting, one that the company hopes will bridge the gap between flavored vodka and gin.

Although it is a nice change of pace, the grape can be overwhelming, making it a gin with limited possibilities in the traditional gin sense.

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  • Wine and vodka drinkers may really enjoy this.
  • Sweet, fruity boutique gin.


  • Grape almost overpowers the gin.
  • Have one or two drinks, then switch off.


  • Small Batch Distilled Gin
  • Distilled from Fleur de Vigne (Green Grape Flowers)
  • Distilled by EuroWineGate of Cognac, France
  • Retails for $38/750ml bottle
  • Released in United States in 2006

Review - G'Vine Gin

Traditional gin drinkers may not appreciate the scope of G'Vine and it's bordering on the line of what can be called gin, but it is a refreshing new take on the white spirit. The grape and juniper battle for dominance and sometimes you don't know if you're drinking distilled wine, flavored vodka or gin. And yet, those who are not particularly fond of ginny gin may really enjoy this one.

The aroma is very gin-like, filled with a fresh and exciting bouquet of juniper, rosemary, and lemon. Inside the palate, there is just enough warm juniper to constitute it a gin, but the grape flowers begin to take over to the point that they dominate the finish.

Is it a Martini worthy gin? No, the vermouth only adds more wine to the gin.

But it does fair nicely in fruity gin cocktails like the Abbey Cocktail and Black Martini. A note of caution, whether it is the herb and grape combination or it's rich headiness, G'Vine is overly intoxicating and the inviting aroma and flavor can easily mask that quality. I recommend keeping to one G'Vine drink a night and moving onto other spirits. Otherwise, it is an exciting gin and fun to experiment with, especially in place of vodka.

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