The 7 Best Hair Dryers to Buy in 2017

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Hair dryers play an important part in our grooming routines since going au natural doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes you just need a quick and polished blow dry, and there are plenty of tools on the market that can do just that.

But how do you choose which one to buy? The key to finding a good hair dryer is to look at how easy they are to use. If you’ve got long or thick hair, you know the time spent drying your mane can be tedious, especially if your hair dryer is heavy or uncomfortable to...MORE hold. So choosing a lightweight one is key. You probably also want one that can dry your hair quickly—not just because of the time spent, but because the less time your hair spends exposed to high heat, the healthier it will stay.

Still not sure which one is right for you? We’ve narrowed the list down to six blow dryers that are beloved by reviewers. See below for recommendations on the best hair dryers, from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy picks.

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    A top seller in its category, this hair dryer from BaByliss has also received thousands of rave reviews for its overall quality. Featuring a professional long-life motor with 6 speed and heat setting combinations, it’s a 2000-watt dryer that uses ceramic technology to produce extra gentle, infrared heat that protects hair from damage. The two-pound appliance has a removable filter that will make maintenance easy.

    Customers have said that it’s not as loud as other popular hair dryers on the market...MORE today, and that it gives off a lot of heat which is great for a quick dry, especially if you have a lot of hair. One said that her hair dries very smoothly with it, giving the same effect as if she had used a flat iron. And while it’s a little heavier than other hair dryers, some have said that it cut their drying time significantly. In terms of negative reviews, some have reported issues with it malfunctioning or dying over time. However, the majority of those who purchased it were happy with the product. It comes in either black or red.

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    More than a thousand happy owners recommend this RUSK hair dryer, which true to its name is extremely lightweight at less than a pound. But even though it weighs next to nothing, this 2000-watt model still packs enough power to get the job done using a combination of ceramic and tourmaline technology that produces penetrating, far-infrared rays.

    The RUSK W8less features a removable rear filter that can ease upkeep, a concentrator nozzle, an 8-foot power cord, seven heat/speed settings and a...MORE cool-shot button. Reviewers particularly recommend it for taming thick hair quickly, and they say it leaves hair smooth and sleek instead of frizzy and dull. Most also say it’s quieter than their old hair dryers, and they rave about how light it is – no more tired arms. Some owners warn that the controls are in an awkward position where they may inadvertently change the heat or turn off the dryer, though. Others say the concentrator nozzle can fall off during use. 

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    A number one bestseller, this hair dryer from Remington is a quality product for a good price. It has an 1875-watt motor that produces a strong airflow, and features three heat settings and two speed settings so you have plenty of options when it comes to customizing your blow out. It also comes with a narrow air concentrator attachment that helps create precision when styling on straight, smooth hair. Or, if you want to get voluminous curls, you can use the included air diffuser attachment. And...MORE to lock in your style, blast your hair with cold air using the cool shot button. The dryer also comes with a removable filter, which makes it easier to clean and improve the function of your dryer after it has collected some lint.

    Those who have purchased it are mostly happy with the product. One customer said it cuts down on frizz and that it helps increase shine. Another said that it’s not too loud and that it dries long, thick hair quickly. Some complained that the settings are so powerful that hair gets blown all over the place, which can lead to tangles. But most people who use this hair dryer in their home said they would recommend it to others.

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    If you’re willing to splurge a little on an excellent hair dryer, this one from Elchim is worth the extra money. The one-pound dryer offers 1875 watts of power with the perfect balance of heat, airflow, and air pressure that helps dry hair faster. It also comes with a narrow front nozzle that helps increase pressure to speed up the drying process. It’s available in five colors including white, pink, and classic black. There is also a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

    Customers who have purchased...MORE this product are mostly satisfied with its performance. One said that they loved how lightweight and quiet it was, but most importantly how quickly it dries hair. Many also pointed out that it has a hanger on the back of the dryer and a loop at the top of the cord for easy storage. A few reviewers had issues with it burning out over time, but most who shared their opinion of it gave it five stars.

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    One of the most annoying problems with hair dryers is when the cord gets tangled. This one from Conair claims the spot for best design thanks to its cord retractor that works at the push of a button. It is also a fun bright pink hue. Featuring ionic technology that helps to prevent frizz, it uses 1875 watts of power with three heat settings and two speed settings. There’s also a concentrator attachment for smooth and straight styling control, and it comes with a diffuser attachment that works...MORE great on curls.

    Customers seem to love this hair dryer with one claiming it’s the best one they’ve ever owned. Another said that it’s a perfect price point for all of the features you need, adding that it cut down on drying time by 50 percent. In terms of critical reviews, some have reported it malfunctioning over time. Others have had issues with the record not retracting well. But most of those who reviewed it were happy with their purchase.

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    Ionic technology is great for hair dryers since it can help cut down on drying time. Thanks to the millions of negative ions in there, the water molecules break down faster, which means less time with the heat on your hair. This can cut back on damage. This ionic dryer from ANdis is a winner. It features a 1875-watt motor and 10-foot power cord. It has four heat and air speed settings along with a cool shot button. It’s also lightweight at just one pound.

    Customers are mostly happy with the...MORE dryer, with many citing that it works well. One said that after using it, the static is gone from their hair. Another said that it dries their hair quickly, but keeps it soft and shiny. Many have said it’s cut down on overall drying time, too. In terms of critical reviews, some have reported malfunctions over time. But the majority of reviewers would recommend it.

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    Need a small hair dryer to tuck away in your suitcase for a trip? This one from Conair is a great choice. Weighing only 1.2 pounds, it also has a folding handle that lets it become even more compact. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s not mighty. It’s got dual voltage which makes it a fit for international travel. There’s also two heat and speed settings, plus a cool shot feature, and a six-foot cord.

    While most customers said it was a wonderful hair dryer for travel use, some even...MORE said it’s good enough to use every day at home. Even with long, thick hair, the dryer seems to get the job done well and quickly. Some reported issues of it blowing during international use, so make sure you are using a proper converter when overseas. One person also said you’ll need to put the setting on low when using it abroad.

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