Halloween Activities for Kids

Free Halloween Activities That Kids Will Love

Children wearing costumes on Halloween running in park

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These Halloween activities for kids will keep the little ones occupied and happy during the days leading up to Halloween.

Look below for Halloween activities for kids such as Halloween computer games, printable Halloween coloring pages, Halloween party games, Halloween music for kids, Halloween printables, and easy pumpkin carving stencils.

Tip: You can find my complete list of Halloween freebies that have lots of freebies for adults as well.

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    Online Halloween Computer Games for Kids

    Little boy taking photo of Halloween decoration with digital tablet

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    The kids are going to love this giant list of Halloween computer games for kids.

    All these Halloween computer games are free and online making it easy for kids to get started and jump right into the fun.

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    Printable Halloween Coloring Pages

    Halloween Coloring Pages


    You'll find hundreds of printable Halloween coloring pages in this list that are completely free for you to print and let your kid color.

    No matter what your kids' favorite Halloween image is, you'll be sure to find tons of coloring pages that they'll love.

    There are also some free pumpkin coloring pages available for the kids to color.

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    Halloween Party Games for Kids

    Kids halloween party
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    This list of Halloween party games are all games that kids will absolutely love. The best part is that they only use supplies you have already on hand.

    Don't feel like you need to save them for the party either, the kids will love playing these Halloween games over and over again during the month leading up to Halloween.

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    Printable Halloween Activities for Kids

    Boy in Halloween costume doing crafts front yard
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    There are so many great Halloween printables here for kids of all ages! Your kids are going to love these craft projects.

    These Halloween printables are also a great idea for classroom parties, Halloween parties, and play groups.

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    Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns for Kids

    Brother and sister playing with jack o' lanterns
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    This is a big list of pumpkin carving patterns and quite a few of them are easy enough for kids to use with a little help from a grown-up.

    Just print these from your home computer and use them to create the jack o' lantern of your kids' dreams.

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    Halloween Music Kids Will Love

    Portrait of Halloween trick or treaters
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    Have a dance party for the kids with this free Halloween music.

    Kids will love getting down to the fun and a little spooky Halloween music you'll find here.

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    Printable Halloween Worksheets

    Making the perfect Halloween decor
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    Here's a Halloween activity for kids that you can really feel good about!

    These free, printable Halloween worksheets are not only fun for kids but will help with their math skills, vocabulary, and listening skills.