Halloween Baby Shower Theme

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    Ideas for a Halloween Baby Shower

    Halloween Party decorations
    Check out our ideas for the perfect halloween baby shower. John Block/Getty Images

    Halloween might not be the first theme that you considered for your baby shower, but it can be a great way to have fun and do something very different. It is not every day that you get a chance to combine the zaniness of Halloween with the joys of celebrating a new baby.

    A Halloween baby shower theme lends itself nicely to a co-ed baby shower, though this is only one option. You could certainly have a baby shower with a Halloween theme and not have it be co-ed at all. That is completely up to the hostess and the mother-to-be.

    In the Halloween Baby Shower Guide, we're going to cover the following topic ideas:

    • Halloween Baby Shower Party Food
    • Invitations & Decorations
    • Halloween Baby Shower Games

    It's important to note that having at least the mother-to-be dress up in some sort of costume will really help sell this theme to your guests. This doesn't have to be very elaborate, but something fun!

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    Halloween Baby Shower Party Food

    Halloween themed cupcakes
    Mohamed Serag/EyeEm/Getty Images

    The food for a baby shower can really be a lot of fun when you're trying to tie it to a theme. Here the Halloween theme really lends itself to tons of fun! Here are a variety of ideas and recipes to consider for your baby shower:

    Halloween Baby Shower Cakes

    • Placenta Shaped Cake

    Halloween Baby Shower Punch Ideas

    • Serve any version of a red punch and call it: Bloody Show Punch
    • Alternatively, serve clear punch and label it: Amniotic Fluid (Float Gummy Worms)
    • Consider adding ice cubes with candies inside for a chilling effect

    Halloween Baby Shower Food

    • Dirt Cups with Spiders (Cupcakes work well too!)
    • Placenta cookies (Sugar cookies with red icing)
    • Cupcakes with Babies in the icing

    Halloween Baby Shower Snacks (for tables)

    • Gummy Sperm (Gummy Worms)
    • Zombie candies
    • Mini brains
    • Fruit twists (some look decided like umbilical cords), or Twizzlers
    • Halloween Colored M & Ms (instead of pink or blue)

    Consider labeling your dishes so that people can enjoy your puns!

    For other, non-Halloween related food ideas, take a look at these healthy pregnancy snacks for the mom to be.

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    Invitations and Decorations for a Halloween Baby Shower

    Halloween decorations
    Image Source/Getty Images

    Your invitations and decorations will start your Halloween theme from the moment it is opened or your guests walk in the door. Here are some ideas to think about including:

    Halloween Baby Shower Invitations

    • For a ladies only shower, consider using invitations in the shape of or featuring ghosts for a fabulous "Ghoul's Night Out"
    • Consider using baby witches as a character or ghosts
    • Specify if you expect people to wear costumes or not

    Halloween Baby Shower Decorations

    • Instead of pink and blue, you can use fall colors or Halloween traditional colors
    • Have a haunted nursery for people to tour (Though this really sounds more like real life with the messy room!):
      • Spooky music
      • Black lights
      • Scary stuffed animals or something like a clown
      • A haunted breast pump
      • Crepe paper danging
      • Dirty diapers on the floor
    • Serve your punch in a caldron
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    Halloween Baby Shower Games

    Halloween Party Games for Adults
    Betsie Van Der Meer/Taxi/Getty Images

    A shower isn't complete without the party games. Here are a few ideas:

    Dirty Diaper Game

    • This is a twist on the classic dirty diaper game and a combo of the traditional Halloween feely game
    • Take things that represent "gross" things about pregnancy and babies and put them in diapers. Have guests feel inside the diapers to decide what is what.
    • Examples include:
      • Long piece of Twizzler to represent umbilical cord
      • Some red, not quite firm jello-o to represent bloody show
      • Some store bought slime to represent the mucus plug
    • Pass each diaper out and have guests write what they think it is, most correct wins!

    Needle in a Haystack Halloween Version

    • This is a version of the Needle in a Haystack baby shower game
    • Take a bowl filled with peeled grapes
    • Put in a hand full of well separated prunes
    • While blindfolded, have people pick out as many prunes from the grapes in one minute as they can
    • Winner is the person who gets the most!

    How Dilated is Your Pumpkin

    • You will need several pumpkins (four-five), a carving knife, play dough, metric ruler
    • Open the top of the pumpkins, but do not carve the sides
    • Clean part of the "guts" out and put in a ring of play dough measured between  one to ten centimeters
    • Have players reach in and measure how dilated each ring is and write it down, repeating for each pumpkin
    • Winner is the person who gets the most right answers!

    Adding a little movement to your games will keep everyone awake and is good for the star of the show. Physical activity during pregnancy may have long term positive benefits on the baby.

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    Ready for Your Baby Shower?

    Once you've planned the games, the food, and more, what is left?

    You may want to review proper baby shower etiquette and how to have a baby shower if kids will be guests.

    Finally, on both a serious and humorous note, check out the things that moms-to-be fear most at baby showers.


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