Fun and Spooky Halloween Care Package Ideas

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    Halloween Care Package

    Halloween care package
    Jackie Burrell

    Mmm, candy ... Halloween is the perfect time to send your college kid or 20-something a fun-filled care package. The October holiday offers so many possibilities. After all, it includes tricks, treats, and spooky stuff.

    Get creative and go beyond a bag of candy from the drug store. Here are some Halloween care package ideas that are fun and unique, exactly what that hard-working student needs.

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    A Spooky Movie

    A classic spooky flick offers a little atmospheric respite from midterm stress, especially when it is something ridiculous and fun like "Ghostbusters" or "Rocky Horror Picture Show."

    Go the vampire route with an old "Dracula" movie, "Twilight" or "True Blood" episode. Or opt for something zombie-ish, like "Zombieland" or "Shaun of the Dead."

    DVDs a little outdated for your student? Send them a gift card for iTunes or their favorite streaming service and let them choose their favorite fright flicks.

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    Sweet Treats—Candy Corn Cookies

    Transform your favorite sugar cookie recipe into giant candy corn.

    Begin by sectioning off three pieces of dough. Use food coloring to tint one part yellow, another orange, and leave the third (smaller) portion untinted.

    1. Form a flat brick of yellow dough.
    2. Place another brick of the orange dough on top.
    3. Center a narrow rectangle of white dough on top of that.
    4. Wrap in plastic and freeze until very firm.
    5. Cut the dough into multi-color slices, then cut triangles with the white at the narrow top.
    6. Bake as usual.

    More Seasonal Baked Treats 

    There are many great flavors associated with autumn. If you love to bake, then a care package filled with homemade goodies is the perfect gift.

    Try any of these delicious recipes (and be sure to save some for yourself!):

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    Salty and Swanky Sweets

    Homemade caramel popcorn or chocolate-dipped pretzels make a great salty-sweet snack with plenty of seasonal appeal.

    They travel well too, which is always a consideration for a care package that may spend an extra day or two in the campus mail room.


    Reese's, M&Ms and the like are all well and good. If you have a chocolate lover with a more developed palate, you might consider a small box of truffles.

    • Recchiuti Chocolates make very swanky, artisanal Halloween chocolates.
    • See's Candies offers Halloween bonbons, lollipops and other little confections as well. They may not be as sophisticated as Recchiuti, but they are a definite step up from the pillowcase o'candy.
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    Non-Edibles—Costumes and Decor

    College campuses are filled with Halloween parties. You can help your student out by sending them some fun supplies for their costume.

    Ask them if they have any ideas and if there is anything you can forward from their room at home. Include face paint, fake blood, or that favorite mask they wore in high school. Add a few novelty props and glow sticks.

    Don't forget about Halloween decorations for the dorm, either!