Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers

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If you are searching for easy Halloween crafts for preschoolers, check out this list of craft projects. While your preschooler should enjoy making all of these Halloween crafts, many of these projects would also work well for toddlers and other ages. Enjoy these preschool Halloween crafts, and then you can explore this collection of even more crafts for Preschoolers.

Halloween Crafts for Preschoolers and Toddlers

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    Corny Candy Folks Garland

    Corny Candy Folks Garland
    Corny Candy Folks Garland.
    Help you kids create a candy corn that represents every member of the family.
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    Ghost Sun Catcher

    Ghost Sun Catcher
    Ghost Sun Catcher.
    This simple craft is a great family project. Learn how you can make a sun catcher using white items.
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    Handprint Mask
    Handprint Mask.
    Trace your preschooler's hands and glue them together and then let you child decorate them however they like.
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    Handprint Spider

    Handprint Spider
    Handprint Spider.
    Grab a toilet paper roll, some black paper, and a few other supplies and learn how you can make a handprint spider.
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    Magic Wand Pencil

    Magic Wand Pencil
    Magic Wand Pencil.
    Show your kids how easy it is to make a pencil look like a magic want using glue and pieces cut from shiny chenille stems.
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    Painted Pumpkins
    Painted Pumpkins.

    Give your preschooler or toddler a small pumpkin, a paint brush, and some non-toxic paint and watch how much fun they have.

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    Paper Jack-O-Lantern

    Paper Jack-O-Lantern
    Paper Jack-O-Lantern.
    Follow these simple instructions and you can make a simple jack-o-lantern picture using paper and glue.
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    Paper Candy Corn

    Paper Candy Corn Crafts
    Paper Candy Corn Crafts.
    This craft video will teach you how to make fun candy corn pictures to hang up and enjoy.
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    Paper Lunch Bag Pumpkin
    Paper Lunch Bag Pumpkin.
    Follow these instructions and enjoy making some of these easy, stuffed pumpkins you can use as decorations. You can also fill them with Halloween treats.
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    Paper Shoe Ghost

    Paper Shoe Ghost
    Paper Shoe Ghost.
    These cute little ghost are easy to make out of a tracing of your shoe.
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    Pumpkin Magnet
    Pumpkin Magnet.
    These magnets are easy to make, just make sure you keep a close eye on any kids who still like to put things in their mouth.
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    Pumpkin Sun Catcher

    Pumpkin Sun Catcher
    Pumpkin Sun Catcher.
    This is a good project for young kids. You can show them how to make a sun catcher out of Con-tact paper and orange items.
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    Rock Monster Craft
    Rock Monster Craft.
    Kids of all ages will enjoy making creatures out of rocks and a variety of craft supplies.
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    Yarn Spider Web

    Yarn Spider Web
    Yarn Spider Web.
    Follow the directions shared on this project sheet and learn how to make a spider web picture by gluing yarn onto paper.