Things that Go Bump in the Night: Halloween Cross Stitch Patterns

Ghost and Monster Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns

Hello ghosts and ghouls! Are you ready for some truly scary cross stitch patterns? Don't be afraid! They won't hurt you...much. These patterns have been lurking in the shadows, hiding  in  the dark corners of the internet, just waiting for you to stitch them up. Can you do it?  Turn down the lights, sit back and stitch. Enjoy some spooky stitchy fun! 

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    If You are Reading This...

    If you are reading this then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you. Scared yet? You should be! It's not too late to turn back. Hands On Designs' cross stitch pattern is the perfect warning for all that come to the Halloween house. This pattern would be very creepy on a mantle or as part as your front door decor. If you want a real scare, have something rigged so when the person reads it, a monster, ghost or other spooky creature can jump out at the same time. Extra...MORE Halloween fun! You can purchase this pattern, along with the supplies you need at 123 Cross Stitch. 

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    Sailing the Ghost Ship

     Time to set sails and join your spooky friends on the seven seas. Only this go around  instead of canvas sails, you will set sail with ghosts holding the winds. They will guide you on your voyage of doom! You can have tea with Davy Jones and stitch the time away with Blackbeard. There have been tales that his is the king of the French knot. The Angel's Nook has this pattern for purchase in their Etsy store. It is designed by Viki Hastings. She has done many patterns that you can find in...MORE various stores around the internet.

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    Trick or Treat!

     Will you have little monsters ringing your doorbell this Halloween? Don't be afraid of those little goblins, just make sure you have the good kind of candy; full-sized chocolate bars, suckers and gummies. Things monsters do not like: toothbrushes and raisins. This pattern by Bella Stitchery Designs shows off the cuter side of monsters. This project would be adorable on the front door or on a trick or treat bag. You can see this pattern and more traditional Halloween variety, as well as...MORE fabric swatches in their store here. 

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    Home Scary Home

    Your home is your castle, unless it is being overtaken by ghosts. The last people who owned your house refused to leave. They want their bedroom back! If you live in a haunted house or have a friend or family that lives in one then this pattern is perfect. It lets visitors know exactly what they are in for when they stay the night. Maybe you aren't a people person, well then, stitch this up and keep everyone away. Again, this would look spooky on the mantel or the front door. This pattern by...MORE A Stitch in Time is just one of the Halloween themed projects they have in their store. The patterns range from scary, like the one here, to cute to more something more traditional. You can see all of the patterns in theirEtsy store. 

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    Knock Knock

     Prairie Schooler may have retired but their patterns are as popular as ever. Their primitive Halloween patterns are some of the most sought after out there. This pattern, Knock Knock, is no exception. The little trick or treater going up to the door with ghosts swarming around is somewhat haunting. You feel a little nervous for the little one. "Don't ring the doorbell," you scream. You want her to be safe. Just keep stitching, it will be okay...for the ghosts.HA HA HA! This pattern,...MORE and the supplies can be purchased in several places from etsy to 123 Cross Stitch. 

No need to be scared of these Halloween cross stitch patterns. They are the perfect addition for this time of year. From cute to scary, ghost and monster projects can be stitched any time. Every day is Halloween with these ghoulish cross stitch decor. Don't forget, WATCH OUT BEHIND YOU!