The Halloween Decor You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Halloween decorations

Tammi Mild / Getty Images

Halloween season is upon us, meaning that if you haven't already, it's time to break out your favorite decorations! Of course, as we all know, Halloween decor can take on different forms: are you more of a scary traditionalist, or prefer something more on the wholesome side? Do you love turning heads or prefer to keep a few tricks up your sleeve? Trying to find that perfect must-have decor for the spooky season can be hectic.

However, perfectly in line with the seasonal feel, allowing your zodiac sign to help give some insight could be the perfect way to find that Halloween decor that will scream your personality far and wide. Below we've selected the Halloween decor you need based on your zodiac sign.

The Holiday Aisle Clawing Zombie Groundbreaker with LED Eyes Garden Stake

Clawing zombie lawn Halloween decoration


Aries: Clawing Zombie Decor

Halloween allows you to get in touch with your inner child, and you love decor that showcases that. Aries aren't afraid to go bold or straddle that line between a jump scare and playful fun, so an outdoor garden stake setup like this crawling zombie will add the perfect front yard touch to capture any trick or treater's attention or to liven up your haunted house party.

Threshold 6" Stoneware Appetizer Plate

Halloween themed appetizer plate


Taurus: Halloween Themed Appetizer Plates

Whether you're serving up appetizers for a Halloween bash or enjoying a quiet night in, these appetizer plates are a fun spooky touch to your decor. Functional and elegant (the stoneware truly elevates the experience from your usual serving plates), these are perfect to use during the Halloween season but can be used year-round to showcase your favorite time of year. And with the $3 price point? It's hard to beat.

West Elm Molded Skull Candles

Skull candles

West Elm

Gemini: Molded Skull Candles

Decor that is understated and clever will always win you over—which makes these skull mold candles from West Elm a perfect fit. The artistic detail makes all the difference from traditional skull decor—they can work in any room you want to add a little Halloween spirit, yet are stunning and neutral enough to work with any fall decor setup you have in place.

Morgan Home Halloween Boo Crew Plush Throw Blanket 50x60 inches

Halloween themed blanket


Cancer: Halloween Plush Blanket

Who says Halloween has to always be terrifying? While the holiday may have some serious scare factors, that doesn't have to be true of all the decor associated with it. You love being cozy year-round, so a plush blanket with a sweet ghost and pumpkin print is the perfect addition for you to cuddle up and binge-watch your favorite Halloween classics.

YIHONG 12 Ft Halloween Inflatables Red Eye Ghost with Color Changing LEDs

Inflatable ghost decoration


Leo: Inflatable Ghost

If you're going to decorate, you have to go all out, right Leo? While adding a few touches to your yard is a good start, you want to be sure your Halloween spirit is on full display. Naturally, you would gravitate towards this giant inflatable ghost, which has a 4/5 star rating on Amazon, and for good reason. Its 12ft tall LED light-up features are sure to make you the talk of the town and bring some excitement to any trick or treaters who show up at your door.

The Holiday Aisle Skull Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Skull Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat

Courtesy of Wayfair

Virgo: Outdoor Skull Rug

Virgos love to incorporate simple additions that work with your overall curated aesthetic—and that include seasonal decor. This skull outdoor rug is a perfect welcome to your home that fits right in with the festivities without going too over the top, but can also be used as a starting point inspiration for a more elaborate haunted front porch setup. As a bonus, it's durable enough to last for many Halloweens to come.

MIARHB Moon Halloween Wreaths For Front Door

Moon shaped Halloween wreath


Libra: Cat Wreath

Playful, artistic decor will always catch a Libra's eye—you love creating a stunning aesthetic no matter the time of year. This cat wreath is a little unorthodox but charming and inviting enough to be placed on the front door, welcoming anyone who enters your home during the spooky season without driving anyone away in the process.

4TH Emotion Halloween Decor Pillow Covers 18x18 Set of 4

Halloween pillow covers


Scorpio: Halloween Themed Pillow Covers

Scorpios are often stereotyped as loving Halloween, which isn't surprising, given the holiday does fall during your season. Decor pieces that can effortlessly blend into your home while still maintaining the haunted vibes are ideal for you. It surprises no one, then, that these stunning "Hocus Pocus" inspired pillow covers would have a home on your couch—the elegant script and neutral color palette mean you can keep them up all year long.

Qianyin Metal Tin Signs Stay Positive Skull

Vintage stay positive skull sign


Sagittarius: Halloween Poster

Sagittarius signs enjoy having fun with their decor, just like their fire sign counterparts Aries and Leo. However, Sagittarius is far more likely to lean into the humorous side rather than any true scare factor—making a fun "motivational" poster like this thumbs-up skeleton the perfect decor piece to be displayed on any wall. Whether you break it out just for this time of year or keep it up year-round, it's a perfect display of your sense of humor.

Home Accents Holiday 5 ft. Hanging Plastic Posable Skeleton Decoration with LED Eyes

5 ft. Hanging Plastic Posable Skeleton Decoration with LED Eyes

Courtesy of Home Depot

Capricorn: Posable Skeleton

Capricorns may be viewed as uptight, but you also know when to cut loose and have some fun. While you may not buy a ton of halloween decorations, you enjoy having some statement pieces to play around with, like these posable skeletons. Whether you dress them up or simply display them as is, you can reposition and reuse them repeatedly for a variety of decor options—which is perfect for someone who likes to get their money's worth out of their purchases.

WIFUNUE 10 PCS Halloween Decoration 3D Changing Face Moving Portrait Pictures

Moving portrait wall art


Aquarius: 3D Changing Faces Portrait

Not afraid to go for the shock factor, Aquarius signs love to grab decor that is unexpected. These changing faces portraits can be displayed around the home, blending in with their surroundings and appearing to the untrained eye like normal photos. However, a second glance reveals new images that will certainly startle your guests—and honestly, probably yourself when you're home alone.

Ebros Gift Furrybones Summit Collection Mushroom Figurines Signature Skeleton

Mushroom skeleton figurine


Pisces: Halloween Statue Figurine

Pisces signs love to include decorations that straddle the line between wholesome and spooky this time of year—making a halloween statue like this skeleton in a mushroom costume more than fitting (and endearing) for you. They make the perfect addition to a mantle or display, but can truly shine anywhere in your home.

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