31 Halloween Decorating Ideas

Crafting & Decorating Fun for the Entire Month!

Photo © morgueFile

It’s fun to decorate for Halloween when you’ve got the entire month to prepare. From frightening to funny, our 31 easy and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas are sure to be a hit in your home this holiday season.

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Day 1: Create a Halloween Color Palette
For a little spooky inspiration and to plan your holiday decor, create your own fall or Halloween color palette.
Use paint chips to find your favorite, or play around with one of the online color palette generators.

Day 2: Frame Your Halloween Photos
Dig out your dusty Halloween or fall photos from years past, and create a photo collage from your pictures, or put in various frames to create a display.

Day 3: Brighten Up With Black
Black is no longer a teenage angst wall color, but is finally getting the accolade it deserves. If you don’t want to go black all over, consider adding it as a feature wall or a door color.

Day 4: Paint Your Own Halloween Plates
Forget expensive dinnerware. Pick up some plates at the dollar store and use ceramic or glass paints to dress up your fall table.

Day 5: Decorate a Pumpkin … or Three
One doesn’t need special artistic skills to decorate a beautiful jack-o-lantern. There are a thousand and one ways to decorate a pumpkin, even without carving.

Day 6: Fashion a Halloween Wreath
It is easy and economical to fashion your own Halloween or fall wreath from a few, simple craft items.
Dress up your front door with a handmade wreath of your choosing.

Day 7: Create an Outdoor Display
Decorating your front door, porch and/or yard for Halloween is a great way to show your holiday spirit. From frightful to festive, outdoor Halloween decorations can be adapted to last all the way ‘til Thanksgiving.

Day 8: Light Up Your Pumpkin
Remove a small votive-sized plug from a miniature pumpkin to create a festive pumpkin votive. Pumpkins can also be carved to hold tapers, or carve a larger pumpkin to hold a pillar candle.

Day 9: Find Free Halloween Printables
For a huge dose of seasonal decorating inspiration, search online for free Halloween printables. From poison labels to vintage postcards, there is a wealth of decoration inspiration available for free. Just click “print!”

Day 10: Make a Vintage-Style Halloween Hanging
It just takes a few minutes to make this frugal decoration. Use an old print or a free printable to create your own unique Halloween wall hanging.

Day 11: Go googly eyed.
Googly eyes are super cheap and can be used to create a ton of Halloween decor. Googly eyes on most anything can look spooky but aren’t so scary that they make young children cower.

Day 12: Decorate a Halloween Tree
Tree branches are a super-economical way to decorate, because they are free. Spray or glitter paint the branches, then use floral foam to secure them in a pot. Add Spanish moss, a raven or other decorations for a spooktacular display.

Day 13: Paint a Halloween Doormat
Grab acrylic paint and a cheap doormat from your local retail store, and get busy creating a one-of-a-kind front door welcome.
Use stencils or hand letter the words “Boo” or “Happy Halloween,” or get creative with your own design.

Day 14: Create a Halloween Shadow Box
Shadow boxes are kind of creepy anyway. After all, they are called what they are called because the boxes create shadows. Use it to your advantage to make a spooky Halloween shadow box display.

Day 15: Make a Halloween Mirror
Use colored adhesive vinyl or faux glass frosting film to create a ghost peering back at you. (What a great way to say “Boo!”) Or come up with your own spooky reflection. Day 16: Stuff Your Pumpkin
Bean-bag pumpkins are super cute, easy to make and fun for little kids to play with. Cut a circle from fabric, add your filling, twist and tie. Add a stem, if you prefer.

Day 17: Construct a Terrifying Terrarium
Terrariums are oh so pretty, until you notice the tarantula inside! Use faux mice, spiders or other creepy things to turn a regular terrarium into something terrifying.

Day 18: Create Ghostly Shapes to Sit On
Cover your furniture or dining chairs with white sheets, drop cloths or lace fabric. Tie off your sheets with a chain or black rope. Add a spider and web or other creepy decor to the furniture to make your house look abandoned and haunted.

Day 19: Layer a Vase With Candy
Tall vases look great when layered with colorful Halloween candy or used as vase filler along with other items. Just try not to eat all of your decorations!

Day 20: String Some Halloween Bunting
Halloween-style bunting is easy to make and a fun way to decorate, and many no-sew styles are available. Use it indoors or out to treat your little tricksters.

Day 21: Create Your Own Creepy Silhouettes
Black contact paper, adhesive colored vinyl, or even simple butcher paper or cardboard can be used to create your own one-of-a-kind Halloween decals for windows or doors. Turn on the lights and let them shine through to create a spooky silhouette.

Day 22: Play With Your Food
I love decorating with food because I don’t have to worry about storing it the rest of the year. If you are hosting a Halloween party (or even if you are not), using food to decorate is fun and frugal - and yummy, too!

Day 23: Decorate a Halloween Table
Dressing up a table can make an entire home feel festive. To save money, decorate your own dinnerware or use your everyday items, then simply add a little Halloween bling.

Day 24: Cast a Spell With Letters
Wooden, paper or metal letters can be used all over your home to cast scary wishes. Spell out “Happy Halloween,” “Boo,” or other seasonal phrases to use indoors and out.

Day 25: Create Halloween Word Art
You don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer to make your own fabulous Halloween framed art. Stencils, printables or online programs such as Wordle are great ways to go graphic this holiday season.

Day 26: Give a Haunted House to the Birds
Wood birdhouses are very inexpensive at the local craft supply store. Use paint, decoupage and paper, jewels, studs or anything crafty to decorate a haunted house for the birds. Or keep it all to yourself and display inside your home.

Day 27: Spin a Web
Fake spider webs can make even everyday furniture and decor look creepy. Use them indoors and out to add uninhabited touches to your haunted home.

Day 28: Let Your Monster Light Shine
Get your home treat-ready by changing out your porch lights with colored bulbs. Green or purple casts an eerie glow, while red can look downright scary. Put a colored bulb in a table lamp beside a front window or use a black light to make your house appear spooktacular.

Day 29: Go with Glass
Glass jars in fall colors look seasonal and sensational when arranged together, and can be reused the rest of the year in different places around your home. You can add decor to them or leave them plain for a simple yet elegant display.

Day 30: Make a Pumpkin From Something Else
Pumpkin decor isn’t limited to round objects. A jack-o-lantern can be made from almost any item and is a great way to recycle scrap wood or tin cans.

Day 31: Puff Up a Halloween Pillow
Try your hand at painting or printing your own Halloween throw pillows. Iron-on decals can also be used to add a holiday touch around your home.