Halloween Dolls

These 9 Kooky, Spooky, Super Cute Dolls Will Thrill You and Your Children!

Halloween is so popular, perky and powerful that it's cast its spell on your child's toy list. Get into the spirit of the season (and beyond) with these frightfully fun and wickedly wonderful dolls. For babies to tweens, toddlers to teens, there is a doll that is spooky, kooky and definitely super cute. These 9 dolls are ideal for your ghosts, goblins and little ghouls.

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    Monster High Vinyls

    Courtesy of Mattel

    The students at Mattel's Monster High share a not-so-secret secret. They are all the sons and daughters of pop culture's most famous monstrous characters: the Wolf Man, Dracula, Frankenstein, etc. These new vinyl versions are perfect for playing, collecting, and "nightmaring"!

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    Glamorous Graveyard Garden Party

    Courtesy of Mattel

    Build your own eerie and elegant garden party! Mega Bloks Monster High set allows the future architect in your life to construct an incredibly "lifelike/deadlike" cemetery scene. Featuring Cleo de Nile and Lagoona Blue, Monster High favorites, the set is a fabulous way to have killer fun!

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    Marvelous Maudlynne Macabre

    Courtesy of Robert Tonner

    World-renowned doll artist Robert Tonner had a ball creating this little miss whom he labeled "bitter sweet." Think Pippi Longstocking meets Wednesday Addams! Maudlynne Macabre is independent and smart, curious and a little bit creepy. Her best friend is a ghost, and her sidekick is a talking raven, aptly named Edgar Allen. 

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    Tempting Poison Ivy

    Courtesy of Madame Alexander Doll Company

    DC Comics is known for its brave heroes and mesmerizing bad guys (and gals). Vixen and villain, Poison Ivy is Batman's alluring nemesis. Madame Alexander Doll Company has conjured up a beautiful rendering of this deadly, exotic foe. 

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    Gooliope Jellington Makes a Splash

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Monster High's new edition for 2015 is the glamorous and mysterious Gooliope Jellington. No one knows who made her, but she was created by an anonymous genius scientist. A talented "casketball" player, she is athletic, agile, and a seasoned circus performer. This doll combines drop-dead gorgeous style with a hypnotic back story. 

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    Patience Is a Virute

    Courtesy of Robert Tonner

    Designed for Wilde Imagination by Robert Tonner, Patience is a little girl with an enormous imagination. You can tell she's bound to get into all types of scrapes and entanglements when you look into her "flirty" eyes. Tonner designed them to move from side to side as his heroine figures out her next escapade. The artist also made her head extra large. He says it's because her mind is so full of plans, dreams, and mischief!

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    Monster BeBes

    Courtesy of Casie Brabham

     Why should infants be left out of Halloween high-jinks? Absolutely, the more's the merrier when it comes to spooky good fun. Casie Brabham's Monster BeBes are comfortable, cuddly, and oh-so-cute! They are just right for baby boys and girls to hug and hold while in the crib or being carried about on Halloween night. 

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    Glorious Evangeline Ghastly

    Courtesy of Robert Tonner

    Wilde Imagination and Robert Tonner debuted a doll that is Gothic and intriguing. Blending the angst of a novel heroine (think Wuthering Heights) along with the wardrobe of a Kardashian, Evangeline Ghastly changes her hair color and costumes more than Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney combined. This doll is designed for the older doll lover in your family. She is suitable for teens and even for you--a mother/daughter bond that blends the supernatural allure of Twilight with the warm camaraderie of The...MORE Gilmore Girls. 

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    Ever After High

    Courtesy of Mattel

     Princesses and unicorns, fairy tales and pretend kingdoms--those combinations never lose their appeal, especially at Halloween. For the child who loves to put on the tiara and carry a wand for trick-or-treating, these Mattel Ever After High dolls are a must-have.