Sew a Simple Halloween Nurse Costume

Links to a Free Pattern and Directions for a Nurse's Cap Included

Back of Nurses Cap. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

Nursing uniforms have changed over the years. Today almost all nurses wear scrubs which can be found in all kinds of patterns and sizes. Scrubs can also be worn after the costume occasion. But, Halloween is a great time to not only introduce your children to various professions but also allow them to play the part and talk about what those different professions entail. You can also use Halloween to show the kids what happened in the past.

Learning about Clara Barton, a nurse and American Red Cross Founder is one piece of nursing history but Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of the modern profession of nursing. Learning about health careers is a great place to start a child's interest in the medical field.

A white nurses uniform is an easy costume to create. Being budget conscious, a nurse's costume is a great alternative, as they can be used as an outfit or pajamas. By using white fabric, you make sure your children will be seen on dark streets while trick or treating. Halloween Costume Safety should be a priority for any costume!

Today's nurses wear scrubs and these are available in children's and adult sizes at box stores and many large pharmacies. There is also a scrub and lab jacket patterns available for a more classic nurse costume.

Top off the costume with white shoes. Old, play sneakers can be spray painted white, for a very economical solution.

Just be sure to spray paint outdoors or in a very well-ventilated area! You might even want red cross symbols on the sneakers. There are many ways to customize sneakers.

A classic white nurses uniform can be made with almost any white outfit. A classic adult blouse can be taken in to be a child's dress or a child's white blouse could have a skirt added to make it a child's dress.

Later you can add trim to the dress for it to be used every day or shorten it for a white blouse. A white blouse and a simple white skirt is another option, which can be used again to increase a child's wardrobe. By making a white blouse for Halloween, you are prepared for the near future Holiday concerts and events, that require a white top and dark pants or skirt.

In a real pinch, look for a white blouse or dress shirt at your local thrift stores, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries and cinch it with a belt. Cover a belt with fabric or paint it like the sneakers. You can also Sew a Quick and Easy Belt for the costume.

Not many of today's nurses seem to wear their nurse's cap, but Halloween is a time to overemphasize a costume and visit the past with historical points. Make your own nurse's cap, will give you a full-size pattern and directions for making a classic nurses cap. There are also modern surgical cap patterns available in the scrub patterns that may even be worn after Halloween.

Check around for a toy stethoscope or use tubing and cardboard to create a stethoscope to compliment the outfit. Perhaps use these Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Fabric Stethoscope Cover to make it look real.

Above all use your imagination and learn as much as you can if the costume could translate to a lifetime opportunity when that child is an adult and discuss the profession with the child that is wearing the costume. Halloween is a great time to experiment, expand your child's education and add to your sewing skills! Imagine the extra candy they might get when someone says, "Oh what a cute nurse." and they say, I'm Clara Barton!".