25 Halloween Party Game Ideas for All Ages

A Huge List of Halloween Games That Won't Cost a You a Cent

Halloween party essentials

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Halloween party games are a great way to add activities to your next party without any extra costs. All of the ideas below only use items that you already have around the house so there will be no other costs involved unless you want to buy small prizes for the winners. The Halloween party games below will be a hit for all ages, from children to adults.

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    Halloween Pumpkin Patch Hunting Game

    Kid holding tiny pumpkin in autumn woods
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    This is a fun Halloween game idea for kids and adults alike that will have you hunting from floor to ceiling to be the one who finds the most hidden pumpkins. This game has you use little fake pumpkins but you could hide paper pumpkins to make this a more frugal and weather-friendly game.

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    Monster Freeze Dance

    Children in Halloween costumes jumping for joy
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    In this traditional Halloween party game, participants dance to the music and then freeze when it turns off.

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    Old Costume Relay Race

    Getting ready for the Halloween
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    This Halloween game idea is a relay race with a twist. The winning team is the one who can change in and out of their Halloween costume the fastest. If you have a smaller group, you can just have individuals race.

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    Halloween Feel Box

    Halloween feel box

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    A favorite Halloween game for trick-or-treaters of all ages that will have everyone saying "Ewww!" This is a great sensory game idea and there are lots of ideas for what to put in your Halloween box.

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    Wrap the Mummy

    Girl wrapping toilet paper around younger kid
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    Use toilet paper or crepe paper to see who can wrap a human mummy the fastest in this fast-paced Halloween party game. Add to the fun by making another race to "undress" the mummy and get all the toilet paper in the trash. The kids will love it, and you'll get help with the clean-up. 

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    Candy Corn Relay Race

    Candy corn
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    Another relay race is the basis of this Halloween party game. How much candy corn can you transfer to the other bowl? How about without using your hands? You can put restrictions on this one or see what the kids come up with. 

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    Halloween Memory Game

    Children celebrating Halloween
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    Test the memories of your guests in this fun Halloween party game. You get to create the cards with this free online memory card generator. There are 16 unique cards, and they include a jack o' lantern, Frankenstein, ghost, bat, spider, haunted house, and more. 

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    Scarecrow Relay Races

    Kids' costume party at park
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    Race to get your scarecrow dressed first in this Halloween party game for kids of all ages. There's a variation to the game for older kids where they can play the scarecrow and race to see who can get dressed first. 

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    Pin the Stem on the Pumpkin Game

    Paper halloween pumpkin
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    Do you remember playing pin the tail on the donkey? In this Halloween party game, you'll be playing pin the stem on the pumpkin. You can make this Halloween game easier by making the pumpkin and stem larger and tougher by making them smaller. 

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    How Many Halloween Candies Guessing Game

    Bowl of pumpkin shaped Halloween candy.
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    This fun Halloween party game icebreaker will have your guests trying to make their best guess. You can choose to have the winner be the one who guesses the closest, or who guesses closest without going over. 

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    Halloween Word Scramble

    Making the perfect Halloween decor
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    Challenge your guests to use some brainpower to create new words from Halloween terms. This is great as a wrap-up game before the party ends or a classroom game where you want to sneak in some educational games. 

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    The Spooky Walk

    Children playing Musical Chairs, children's birthday party
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    This Halloween party game's twist on musical chairs eliminates all the pushing and running. When the music stops, the kids rush to Halloween images you've placed on the floor. Pull an image from a hat—the child standing on that image is out of the game. 

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    Candy Corn Catch

    Hands cupping candy corn

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    This is a fun Halloween party game that will have your guests scrambling to collect the most candy corn.

    This is great for a large group of kids that you can divide into teams, but you can also change it up for small groups or even change it into a relay race. 

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    Halloween Capture the Pumpkins

    Hands holding a carved pumpkin
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    Capture the Pumpkins, a twist on the traditional capture the flag game, is great for older kids, teens, and even adults. It works best with large groups that you can divide into teams. 

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    Frankenstein Relay

    Frankenstein Halloween Costume

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    A game that involves an obstacle course while the kids act like Frankenstein is tailor-made for photos—and memories. Plus, it can easily be adapted for adults.

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    Halloween Corners Game

    Kids playing Halloween musical chairs

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    The Halloween Corners game is great for a classroom party. It's a non-competitive version of musical chairs that works much better for a large group. The last student standing at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

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    Witch's Stew

    Drinking straw
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    This is a great Halloween party game for kids that challenges them to pick up Halloween pictures as quickly as possible—using only a straw. You'll be surprised how much the kids will like this game, and it takes no time for you to set it up. 

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    Pumpkin Penny Pitch

    Person cutting open pumpkin
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    See which guest can get the most pennies in the pumpkin in this Halloween party game. You can change up the game by moving the pumpkin farther away for older kids and adults and moving it closer for the little ones. 

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    Child roasting food in campfire
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    Think Halloween party game meets Concentration in this fun matching game. It's suggested that you use 12 images for younger kids and add more images for older kids. 

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    Halloween Story Game

    Little Red Riding Hood
    Joey Boylan / Getty Images

    This Halloween party game starts by putting a story prompt on your Halloween party invitation. Ask the guests to come to the party with a story based on that prompt. How will your guests finish the story? Guests can vote on the scariest, weirdest, silliest, and most creative. 

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    Halloween Film Festival Game

    Werewolf at sunset
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    This game lets the creative juices flow when your guests recreate Halloween classic movies or TV shows. You can make this as involved as you like, or keep it simple by letting guests act with a few simple prompts. 

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    Halloween Scavenger Hunt

    Person taking a photo of a jack o lantern with their smartphone

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    A photo or video scavenger hunt will be the hit of your next party in this fun Halloween party game. Use a Halloween scavenger hunt list or a trick-or-treating photo scavenger hunt list as a starting point.

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    Halloween Movie Master Game

    photo by gqhaha / Getty Images

    You'll need to recreate scenes of Halloween movies in this Halloween party game. Guests will use 10–15 props to highlight a movie, movie scene, or character in a movie. 

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    Halloween Battle of the Balloons

    Young girl in rabbit costume with balloon
    Maria Teijeiro / Getty Images

    How many balloons can you pop? In this hilarious Halloween party game, party-goers of all ages try to pop balloons without their balloon popping. There are lots of variations available, depending on the age and size of your crowd. 

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    Pass It On Ghost Story

    Two kids telling secrets
    Blend Images - KidStock / Getty Images

    Your guests won't forget this spooky spin on "Telephone." In this Halloween party game, you'll see how your story changes in this pass-it-on version of a ghost story.