Halloween Recipes and Menus


Mummy Franks. Linda Larsen

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; it comes at my favorite time of year, it's wonderfully cozy inside, the kids are so cute in their costumes, and there's lots of candy to nibble. What's not to like? Make sure you keep your porch light on, and have lots of purchased, safe candy to hand out to the kids. Before the trick-or-treating starts, give everyone a good dinner so they are well fueled for their adventures.


These Halloween recipes and menus and ideas for treats will help you make this holiday the best ever.

Happy Halloween!

These wonderful, yet quick and easy Halloween recipes are all guaranteed to tickle your kids. They're fun to make as a family - so gather everyone in the kitchen and have fun. Halloweenie Sandwiches and Fingernail Brittle are two of my favorites.

Halloween Supper Menus

You know the kids have to eat something wholesome and nutritious before they go out collecting candy. But tempting an excited child's appetite is difficult. Not with these recipes! They're quick and easy too.

Halloween: Creepy Crawly Foods

It's amazing how inventive you can be with food when trying to make scary treats. These recipes, including Litter Box Cake, Monster Munch, and Meringue Mushrooms, are delicious as well.

Fun Halloween Desserts

Desserts are a special part of Halloween. Make some decadent brownies filled with candy, a chocolate cake decorated with meringue mushrooms, or a crunchy caramel pumpkin!

Top 10 Halloween Recipes

These fun and easy recipes are wonderful to make for Halloween. They're perfect for parties, or make one a day in the days leading up to this fun holiday.

Halloween Weekend

These menus are all delicious, hearty, and quick and easy to make so you can spend your time on Halloween weekend (or the weekend before) making costumes and decorating the house.

Halloween and the First Snowfall

In Minnesota, we usually get our first snowfall in October. Sometimes it's just a coating - other times a blizzard! Settle in for the weekend even if it isn't snowing and enjoy these easy menus and recipes.

Halloween Candy Leftover Recipes

While it's true that leftover candy isn't technically a "leftover", it's fun to make something even more delicious with these fabulous treats. These quick and easy recipes range from a cake made (and frosted!) with melted candy to a surprisingly delicious side dish salad.