Creative Trunk or Treat Themes for Halloween

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Not every family has a safe neighborhood to trick-or-treat around, so creative parents have come up with a multitude of other ways to allow their little ones to go door-to-door looking for goodies. From hitting up the floors of an apartment building to making your way through storefronts downtown, kids young and old can still get in on the Halloween spirit even if they don't call a cul-de-sac home.

Another idea we love: trunk or treat parties! Often organized by parents' groups, churches, or schools, a trunk or treat is when children go door-to-door—of cars!—to pick up candy. But this is no average parking lot—cars are dressed to the nines with themed decor to create spooky, festive, funky, and fun scenes. Steal one of these clever ideas for your next event.

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    It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

    trunk or treat halloween ideas


    Lynlee of created this fantastic tribute to the classic Halloween special, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for a trunk or treat event at her daughter's school. This may have been Lynlee's first attempt at creating a trunk or treat design, but you would never know it from the amazing results. The sweet Linus cutout perched among the pumpkins in the trunk with his "Welcome Great Pumpkin" sign would have been enough to portray the scene, but Lynlee's went the extra mile with attention to detail. Note the sleeping Snoopy and Woodstock and the ghost-costumed trick-or-treaters holding their paper bag loot sacks. One even has extra holes and a word bubble that reads, "I got a rock." 

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    Super Mario Brothers Scene

    trunk or treat car ideas

    Frog Princess Paperie

    Nintendo fans will love this next idea, dreamed up and designed by Paula at Frog Prince Paperie. The creator went all out for her church's trunk or treat celebration, decking her car to the nines with Super Mario-inspired touches from the classic Nintendo game series. Fans of the game will spot mainstay characters like Chomper, Boos, question mark boxes, and piranha plants (all made of cardboard!). Homemade costumes of Princess Peach, Toad, and, of course, Mario, complete the clever scene.

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    Double Double Toil and Trouble

    Witches Workshop Trunk or Treat

    Fans of William Shakespeare will enjoy this nod to the author's infamous play, "Macbeth," while kids will just enjoy collecting treats from the cackling witches in the spooky trunk. Either way, this Double Double Toil & Trouble trunk or treat design from Mariah at Giggles Galore is a hit. From the cauldron of witches brew and creepy birch trees to the bottles of spells and potions, this witches workshop is truly a creative work of art. 

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    Candy Cottage

    trunk or treat car decor ideas

    Intelligent Domestications

    When Shirley and Stacy of Intelligent Domestications found themselves with a large, empty appliance box right around Halloween time, this sweet cottage was born. Not only is this cardboard candy house adorable, but it's also accessible—the structure was created with a door on each side so kids could walk into the cottage and collect their treats through a window that rested against the candy-filled trunk. The "candy" on the exterior is made from ball pit balls that have been cut in half to resemble sugary gumdrops, and candy cane stripes line the edges of the home. This fairytale-inspired scene is great for a trunk or treat with younger children who may not love being spooked.

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    Drive-in Diner

    trunk or treat halloween ideas

    Sweeten Your Day Events

    Who says your trunk or treat decor has to be Halloween themed? For an event with her church, Jen from Sweeten Your Day Events created a 50's inspired drive-in "diner," complete with a classic checkered tablecloth, vinyl records, and a retro-inspired color palette. If you choose to mimic her idea, consider serving up vintage candy to go along with your theme.

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    Noah's Ark

    Noah's Ark Trunk or Treat

    If you have kids, chances are you have a boatload of stuffed animals as well. Maybe you even have enough to fill not just a boat, but a whole ark. But, really, you only need enough plush friends to fill a trunk if you want to decorate your vehicle like Allison of Celebrate Always did when she helped create this adorable Noah's Ark display for a trunk or treat event. 

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    Pirate Ship

    Pirate Trunk or Treat

    Ahoy maties! DJane of Momma Djane shares her tips about how to decorate for trunk or treat, using her awesome pirate-themed trunk or treat design as an example. Some favorite highlights of her design include the pirate ship backdrop, the pirate skeletons, and the treasure chest for storing the trunk-or-treat candy (surely a thrill for kids to dip into that chest and collect their loot!). Complete the vibe by dressing up in your best pirate garb and greeting revelers with an "Arrrrr!"

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    Harry Potter

    trunk or treat decor ideas

    Home Faith Family

    Hogwarts hits the road—or the parking lot—with this wonderfully clever Harry Potter trunk or treat theme from Home Faith Family. Transport children and adults alike to Hogsmeade with help from owls, broomsticks, floating candles, and decor reminiscent of the dining all at Hogwarts. All that's missing: the boy who lived himself.

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    Angry Birds Trunk or Treat

    Angry Birds Trunk or Treat

    Lauren of ten23 Designs designed this Angry Birds trunk or treat to not only look like the popular game but also to serve as an interactive game to add a bit of fun to the parking lot candy hunt. Kids could use balls to knock down the boxes and topple the pigs—talk about a fun treat!