15 Hallway Lighting Ideas to Try

hallway light

ALine Studio

Feeling stumped as to how to best illuminate the hallways in your home? Well, it turns out there are quite a handful of routes you can go when it comes to choosing lighting for these areas. We've outlined 15 of our favorite hallway lighting approaches below, whether you're in the process of designing your entryway, an upstairs walkway, or another tricky spot in your home.

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    Hang a Simple Pendant

    metal chain pendant

    ALine Studio

    This pendant light matches the hallway's industrial aesthetic—hello, exposed brick! The fixture's black metal chain adds intrigue without going overboard.

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    Go For a Lantern Look

    lantern lighting

    Design Lines Signature

    Lantern style fixtures add charm to any home but are especially welcome in a farmhouse-inspired space. Whether you install just one or a few, you're bound to appreciate the coziness they'll add to any hallway.

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    Try a Sculptural Display

    sculptural lighting

    ALine Studio

    This light installation essentially doubles as art. If you're looking to go glam or make a major statement, a setup like this one is sure to steal the show.

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    Hang Some Sconces

    sconces in hallway

    Jane Beiles for Georgia Zikas Design

    Sconces aren't just for hanging beside the bed; they can look delightful in the hallway, too. These match the overhead fixture and add cohesiveness to the space, but you can definitely opt to hang a style that's different from your chandelier if you're looking to create a more eclectic setup.

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    Go Oversized

    coastal lighting

    Hilary Matt

    Why not go oversized with a larger than life pendant—or two? These rattan beauties add coastal flair to this airy hallway.

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    Or Think Petite

    tiny pendant light

    Kate Lester

    A narrow hallway of course isn't the best place for a wide chandelier—so in comes a small yet sweet pendant light. Pendant lights come in all styles and finishes, so while they aren't as bold as chandeliers, they can still be full of personality.

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    Get Artsy

    sculptural sconce

    Amy Bartlam for Kate Lester

    The sconces you pick don't have to be traditional by any means. This sconce resembles a mod piece of sculptural art yet serves a key function at the same time.

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    Mix Classic and Contemporary

    pendant light

    Rebecca Hay

    Don't be afraid to use your hallway as a place to juxtapose two different styles. For example, while the wall molding here veers traditional, a contemporary light fixture with a beautiful gold interior looks right at home. Why not allow yourself to enjoy the best of both worlds when it comes to design aesthetics?

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    Go Natural

    natural lighting

    Amy Bartlam for Kate Lester

    It's important that the lighting you choose plays to the space in which it will live. For example, a breezeway that features wooden paneling, like the room above, should include light fixtures that lean natural. These sculptural, wood toned pendant lights fit the bill perfectly!

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    Have Fun With Shapes

    fun pendant lights

    Ashley Webb Interiors

    Star-shaped geometric light fixtures add a playful touch to this hallway. Who said functional pieces can't be fun, after all?

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    Display a Table Lamp

    table lamp in hallway

    @four_inside_number_eighteen / Instagram

    Maybe you're in a rental unit that doesn't feature overhead lighting in the entryway, and you're unable to make electrical changes to your space. Well, all is not lost—simply brighten up this area with the help of a trusty table lamp. The style you choose is up to you, and if you need extra illumination, you could even opt for two fixtures—one on each end of your console table.

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    Say Yes to Clusters

    woven pendants

    @nestbyjess / Instagram

    Clustered pendants like these are excellent in that they provide lots of extra light and add intrigue to a space. These boho style pendants line a hallway in a West Coast AirBnb and contribute to the space's chill, contemporary vibe perfectly.

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    Make a Grand Entrance

    sculptural light fixture

    Studio KT

    A sculptural chandelier is bound to make all of your guests ooh and ahh. This one will command attention immediately thanks to its height and intricate shape, making it excellent for an entryway. Just note that something like this is of course best for rooms with ultra high ceilings—you won't want anyone hitting their head on your beautiful fixture!

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    Try a Combo

    sconce like candles

    Whittney Parkinson

    Sconces with candle inserts line the hallways of this beautiful restaurant space and add to its serene, coastal charm. Meanwhile, recessed lighting higher up provides further illumination.

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    Add a Medallion

    ceiling medallion

    JK Interior Living

    Be sure not to forget about the power of a ceiling medallion. This add-on can truly make a space look so much more luxe. Even if you're in a rental, you can find affordable, removable medallions for sale online and install them yourself. This technique is a foolproof way to zhush up your average pendant light and make your space feel a little more custom.