16 Hallway Storage Ideas to Try Yourself

Hallway storage ideas

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Hallways can sometimes feel like wasted space. They're awkward and skinny and typically serve as little more than a passage from one room to another.

However, hallways deserve much more credit than we give them. You can dress up a hallway with pretty prints, of course, but it's also ideal for shoe and sweater storage or even extra pantry space. If you have a closet to work with, the possibilities are even greater.

The trick is learning how to address your unique storage needs within the space allotted. So we've gathered 16 creative ways to transform your hallway into a pretty and practical storage solution.

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    Straighten Up Your Linen Closet

    Hallway storage ideas in linen closet

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    If your hallway comes with a simple linen closet, odds are you've already made the most of this space for storage. However, it's easy to neglect your linen closet over time, and eventually it becomes an unsightly mess of towels and toiletries. Start fixing up your hallway storage by organizing your linen closet into groups. Sort linens into piles of like items. Do the same with toiletries, dividing them into plastic bins.

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    Create a Stylish Built-In

    Built-in for hallway storage

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    Depending on the location of your hallway and your storage needs, you might benefit from a stylish built-in. This is an especially ideal solution for families, as each cubby can belong to a specific individual. Use this space for everything from shoes and backpacks to sweaters and baseball bats.

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    Make a Mini Mudroom

    Hallway shelf storage

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    If your hallway is situated near an exterior door, the most fitting storage solution for your home could be a mini mudroom. Create space for items like boots, umbrellas, dog leashes, and other everyday items with a simple adjustable shelf system. You can dress up the look with a set of pretty baskets or keep the storage ultra-practical with heavy-duty plastic bins that can withstand ample dirt and debris.

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    Construct a Hallway Pantry

    Hallway shelf storage for pantry items

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    Have you every considered transforming your hallway into extra pantry space? For families who spend lots of time cooking and gathering in the kitchen, an open-shelf hallway-style pantry system makes for an excellent addition to the home. Be sure to incorporate practical storage solutions like shelf risers and lazy Susans, as well as more aesthetic options like wicker and wire baskets.

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    Utilize Crates and Containers

    Linen closet for hallway storage

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    One of the quickest ways to organize your hallway closet, no matter its contents, is with a collection of crates and containers. You can pick out a set of stylish baskets from your favorite store, but basic, plastic bins will get the job done just fine. We recommend clearing the closet completely, organizing the items into groups, then returning each set of belongings back to the closet in labeled, storage containers.

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    Add a Minimal Shelf

    Hallway storage shelf with candles

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    Not every hallway has the square footage to accommodate a built-in pantry or a mini mudroom. If you're working with less real estate, why not add a petite shelf. You can use this space for smaller items like keys and credit cards and dress it up with a pretty portrait. This is also an excellent spot for a candle or diffuser to keep the entryway smelling great.

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    Hang Some Pretty Baskets

    Cute hallway storage shelf with hanging baskets

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    As an alternative to the minimal shelf proposed above, another way to increase storage space in your hallway is with hanging baskets. This idea is especially eye-catching and may allow for more storage than the shelf option, depending on the size baskets you select. Use them for cozy items like blankets and books or miscellaneous needs like gloves and hats.

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    Beautify With a Tiny Table

    Cute hallway storage shelf

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    One way to add a little extra storage to your hallway is with a small table situated at the end. This is a great way to add some aesthetic appeal to a boring hallway, while also addressing your storage needs. You can create a designated spot for spare change, for instance, or accessories like earbuds, but you can also spruce up the zone with a plant or framed photo.

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    Design a Practical Pit Stop

    Hallway storage built-in bench

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    If your hallway extends from the front door, there might be room to design a brief pit stop on your way in and out of the home. You can purchase a pre-made entryway hutch with hooks, a bench, and storage for shoes, or you can construct your own to fit the space. This attractive solution can meet multiple storage needs all at once.

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    Choose Functional Furniture

    Hallway storage with slender bench and shelf

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    Some hallways can make room for large built-in cubbies and entryway hutches, but others may require smaller storage options. Nevertheless, functional furniture exists in all shapes and sizes. This hallway, for example, features both a slender bench and table, perfect for taking off your shoes at the end of a long day and setting down your purse or wallet before continuing into the home.

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    Install a Pretty Set of Hooks

    Hallway storage with hooks and cute bench

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    Another way to add extra storage space to a skinny hallway is with a set of hooks that fit both your design style as well as your storage needs. This custom, wall-mounted coat rack provides a home for totes and jackets as well as a stylish divider between wallpaper and paint.

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    Add a Standing Mirror

    Cute hallway storage with mirror and hats

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    If you're the type who likes to check your outfit one last time on your way out the door, you'll love this hallway storage idea. Create a vanity-style space in your hallway with a full-length, floor mirror and some final outfit additions, like hats and jewelry. The addition of a mirror in your hallway can also create the illusion of more room.

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    Label Your Closet Storage

    Linen and luggage closet storage with baskets and labels

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    One of the most widely accepted tips from professional home organizers can be summarized in one word: labels. Whether you choose to fill your hallway closet with sheets and pillows, assorted cooking oils, or everything from medicines to tape measures, be sure to label your storage baskets and bins to stay organized.

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    Incorporate a Decorative Ladder

    Hallway storage ideas with mirror and blanket ladder and plant

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    Another simple storage idea for skinny hallways is to add a decorative ladder for your collection of comfy blankets. This is another option that is both stylish and functional. Additionally, if you're crafty and motivated, you can even create the ladder yourself with a set of dowels and nails.

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    Select a Sleek, Slender Cabinet

    Hallway cabinet storage idea with holiday decor

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    If you have the room, consider adding a cabinet or two to your hallway for storage underneath and pretty decor on top. Cabinets can be particularly useful for hallways, since they hide all your storage behind closed doors. Stick with a neutral wood tone or color palette for your cabinets, so as to not overwhelm the small space with bold colors or designs.

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    Create Clean Lines With Storage and Decor

    Hallway storage with narrow black shelf and gallery wall

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    Hallways are the perfect place the incorporate storage solutions alongside aesthetic additions, but it's important to make sure the two complement one another. This hallway, for example, pairs a skinny black floating shelf with a simple gallery wall of black-framed photos. The clean lines of the shelf and framed prints match beautifully, creating a cute and cohesive look as you enter the home.