Halo Bassinest Review

Halo Bassinest Bedside Sleeper
Halo, 2015

The Halo Bassinest is a bedside sleeper that swivels on a stand so that you can always reach baby easily. It has all of the advantages of a bedside sleeper with the smaller footprint and convenience of a bassinet. Let's start with a review of the features:

  • Sturdy stand has four points on the base
  • Height adjusts to fit beds from 22 inches to 34 inches tall
  • Includes a waterproof mattress
  • One fitted sheet is included, others are available for about $15
  • Can be used for newborns until about 5 months old
  • Maximum child weight - 30 pounds
  • Includes a nightlight, music and soothing sounds, and 3 vibration levels

The Bassinest is, simply put, one of the best options available right now for parents who want to cosleep with their baby but still want baby to have his or her own sleep space. Your baby is still right there beside you, and in the same room, which is considered safest for the first few months of life, but it's impossible to roll over onto baby with the Bassinest, and you don't have to hop out of bed to care for your little one at night.

What I really like about Bassinest versus some other bedside sleepers is that you can swivel the whole sleep space out of the way so it's easy to get out of bed. Many other bedside sleepers take up a large section of the side of the parents' bed. You have to crawl around it or roll to the other side of the bed.

As a newly post-partum mom, that may not be a comfortable option, and if you have a partner in the same bed, rolling over them every time is also not a great choice. The Bassinest solves this problem beautifully.

Speaking of beautiful, the sleek, modern look of the Bassinest is fantastic. It will fit in with almost any home decor, and it's easy to move around the house if you need to do so.

When you need to soothe your baby at night, it's easy to just reach over and pat a back or check a diaper, because baby is at eye level. You can switch on the music and vibration, or the nightlight, without ever leaving your bed. The electronics all have a 30 minute automatic shutoff so the batteries don't drain too quickly when you fall back to sleep. There's even a nursing timer and a little pocket for storing a few supplies.

If you want to nurse your baby in bed with you, there's a spring in the frame of the bassinet that allows you to press down to lower the side. That means you can easily slide baby over into bed with you for a bit.

One disadvantage of the Bassinest compared to some other bedside sleepers is that it doesn't transform into another baby item. Some other bedside sleepers can be used as a mini crib or a play yard when you're ready for baby to sleep a little further away.

Overall, though, the Bassinest performs really well as a safe alternative to bed sharing. The Premiere Series Bassinest sells for about $250, while a pared down Essentia Series model without the electronics costs about $200.

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